How to enter Rafflecopter giveaways

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  1. wsop updates says:

    Very good article. I’m dealing with many of these issues as well..

  2. Ali Fanstone says:

    I keep getting this message on every option of all the rafflecopters I have tried today

    Aw, shucks. We didn’t get your entry.
    Plz try again.
    why would that be? I hope Im not banned from rafflecopters for some reason

  3. Aly Chiman says:

    Rafflecopter is great for giveaways for the blogger and the entrant. I think its one of the most useful tools when it comes to giveaways. Thanks for posting about using rafflecopter in such depth in this post as I want to maximize my own use of it.

  4. Mounira j says:

    That’s useful ! thank you!

  5. Brandon Bynum says:

    Hello, I liked this walk through. I’ve been entering contests for a few weeks and have noticed something happening to the raffle copter widgets. After I do all the tasks and get the entries I leave and come back the next day to do the daily entries. I see my entry numbers have gone down! When I left they were something like 20/20 but the next day when I come back it says 12/20, I redo all the ones that are active and go back to 20/20…but again the next day it’s back down again to 12/20…there’s something I don’t understand!! But I’m lost! Do you know if this is normal or is something wrong with the widget?

  6. Tokyo Joe says:

    Im confused on the free entry part because theres a space to type by im not sure what to type. Theres no question, it just says free entry and click but then theres a space to type?

  7. Tracy K Nixon says:

    Di, I wonder if you can help? For the past two days when I tweet from a rafflecopter and click on the ‘view it now’, I get taken to a blank page on twitter saying ‘Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!’ whereas I used to always be taken to my tweet. If I look on my Twitter feed, I see my tweet so can copy and paste it from there but it is a faff! Has this happened to you lately? I use Chrome and haven’t changed any settings? Thank you.

    • To be honest, I’m always too slow to do this and usually have my Tweets in another window when I do Rafflecopters so I can copy the link! Could you screenshot the error message and tweet to @Rafflecopter, they’re usually helpful!

  8. Simon 101 says:

    One thing that puzzles me about Rafflecopter is the figure at the top showing the total number of entries I have. It doesn’t seem to take into account entries from repeatable items done on previous days.

    So if I enter an RC comp with 10 entries, and one of them is a daily tweet, when I come back the next day it will say I have 9 entries.

    I find this really disconcerting; the way it comes across is that they’ve just thrown away the previous daily entries. I’m sure they haven’t, but that’s how it looks.

    Do you have any insight into why they do it this way? (I emailed them and asked the question directly, but they just fobbed me off)

  9. Julie Ward says:

    When it says complete does it mean complete all. Am I thick or what. I don’t tweet, twitter etc am I wasting my time. Some comps are so long winded

    • Ah, now that depends on the blogger and they should explain in the terms or the blog post! In most cases, only the blog comment must be completed, and the other entries are just bonus entries in the draw – so if you only have an email address you’ll just get the single entry for the blog comment rather than 3 entries for following on Twitter and tweeting for example.

  10. Thank you Di, very useful for beginners like me. H x

  11. Atish Ranjan says:

    I have one issue with Rafflecopter free version. If I put something like tweet this giveaway, and even a entrant doesn’ do it, and just click on Enter or I have done it.. Then it is counted. Isn’t there some validation that if that user don’t do the task his entry won’t be accepted?

    • You have to validate this yourself Atish – so if your random winner had a tweet as their entry, you need to go to your data, and check to see they left a tweet link in the Rafflecopter widget. If they did, and it’s valid, then they’re a valid winner. If there’s no valid link to a tweet, you invalidate that entry and redraw. It’s much easier with Gleam – the tweet is validated at the point of entry (some bloggers don’t like this though, but I think if the tweet is sent at the point of entry, it doesn’t matter if it’s subsequently deleted). Hope that makes sense.

  12. Sandra Watts says:

    Where you say…

    Follow on Twitter

    This is straightforward – click Follow, you will get a Twitter pop up window prompting you to log in. Click to Follow the relevant account, and leave your Twitter name in the box on the widget. If you already follow that user, the button won’t be clickable – so simply leave your Twitter name.

    Well I am having problem where I follow the person on twitter and the button is still clickable, in other words it does not seem to be recognizing that I follow them so I have to go through all the motions of checking each one which is a pain in the butt. How do I get it to know and remember who I follow?

    • Thanks for your question Sandra. Unfortunately I wrote this post 18 months ago and the new, updated version of Rafflecopter is quite different – as you say, regardless of whether you already follow, you still have to click the button and go through the motions to check! But as you start entering more blog giveaways you will start to remember which bloggers you’ve followed – I tend to go to one site and enter all their giveaways at once so I know I can click all the buttons to say I follow them!

  13. christycee says:

    Thanks! This was interesting, I didn’t really understand how it regulated the authenticity of the entries but understand now that they’re really checking it after a winner is announced.

  14. Such a brilliant, helpful post. Don’t some of them require DNA samples? 😉 Really helpful, thank you 🙂

  15. Kelly Martin says:

    I have not used rafflecopter yet for give-aways as I was not a fan as comper but using punchtab I have noticed many entrants do not complete what they say they complete. Just today I had to re-pick 5 times to get my winner as the previous 4 had not completed the steps, and some of them are well known compers, so I was surprised. Did someone, somewhere tell compers it was okay to just say they were doing steps and not actually follow it through? As a blogger its so important to get that interaction going and it kinda makes me want to hold less give-aways.

  16. Rebecca Phillips says:

    Thanks Di, I’m noticing a few people entering my Rafflecopter comps don’t know how to leave the tweet URL. I’m linking this post to all of my giveaways 🙂

  17. Maya Russell says:

    Thanks for the guide. I always think that even though the draw is ‘random’, the promoter can still put your name back in & draw someone else out, if they think you’ve won something before, or just don’t like you, for example!

    • That could be the case with any type of random prize draw though, if the promoter isn’t fair and honest. At least Rafflecopter makes it a bit more difficult for the winner to be fixed by automating the draw!

  18. Ang_ThisisLife says:

    Whatever Jane Willis said 🙂 Thanks for putting this guide up! x

  19. georgina davies says:

    How do you mention on instagram and re gram, i don’t know what to do on these options!? 🙂

  20. Stevie says:

    Often when I submit my comment via blog comment I’m returned to the rafflecopter entry page and have to log in again.
    I have a basic adblock and facebook disconnect.
    Am I missing something obvious?

    • I’ve noticed this before – have you tried commenting on the blog BEFORE clicking ‘I commented’? I find that when I scroll back up, I’m still logged into the widget. If I click ‘I Commented’ before leaving a comment, the page refreshes and makes me log in again.

      • Stevie says:

        Yes, I comment on the the blog first and then the page reloads and then I’m asked to log in again. This only happens on blog comments though. I wondered if I have some daft blocker on.

  21. Lorraine says:

    I’m always amazed when I’ve run rafflecopter comps how many entrants don’t manage the tweet correctly. I always make sure the content fits, and clearly state not to edit, but I’ve had people take out the link to the post (instant disqualification), or not work out how to copy the link, and either link to something else, copy the tweet text or the URL for the “intent = tweet” page, all of which get them taken straight out of the spreadsheet. I am a harsh woman, I know.

    • I’ve had occasions with raffle-copter draws where I’ve tweeted but as you are only allowed 140 characters in your tweet and its been double that amount and been refused the tweet and I have had to edit it!
      In that case as it is the promoters fault for not checking the limit correctly, surely as the entrant being penalized is unfair!

  22. Jane Willis says:

    Excellent post Di, and a much needed one too. In a recent Rafflecopter comp I ran, HALF of the entries were disqualified for saying they had tweeted or commented when they hadn’t. So if you see a daunting looking number of entries on a Rafflecopter widget, just remember, a lot of those won’t make it into the final hat!

    Some bloggers still don’t seem to understand it themselves though, and ask entrants to leave a comment for each entry like they used to in the pre-Rafflecopter days, or even commit the cardinal sin of asking entrants to leave their email address as a comment “So I can contact the winner” – not understanding that Rafflecopter will look after all of that for them. So maybe you need to do another post about how to use Rafflecopter, but this time for bloggers!

    • Jane Willis says:

      Oh and on the subject of people thinking they haven’t a chance if they only make one entry and don’t have Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin’, Pinterest etc to do the whole lot – a recent one I ran gave people quite a lot of ways to enter, so they could get up to something like 16 entries. But the winner had made just ONE – correct – entry. 16 wrong ones don’t do you anywhere near as much good as one correct one!

      • There was one comp I ran which had about 4000 entries, and the winner only did a single entry from the 10 available. It’s better to have your name in the hat once than not at all!

    • You’re absolutely right Jane – I regularly click the widget’s T&Cs link to find it blank! I have a few posts for bloggers planned – including Rafflecopter and a post on the essential T&Cs that must be included for ANY prize promotion. It’s just finding the time to do it….!

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