How to enter the ITV Winsday Draw

ITV give away loads of prizes in their premium rate prize draws, but did you know there’s also a weekly Winsday Draw on the ITV site which you can enter for free by watching ads on the ITV website?

Each Wednesday at 3pm ITV draw over 5,000 winners – most of the prizes are bonus tokens and entry credits to enter further prize draws, but you do have a chance to win a cash prize ranging from £5 up to £500. Several members of my Lucky Learners Facebook group are regularly picking up cash wins by entering the Winsday Draw, so I thought it was worth me answering your questions about Winsday in a blog post!

In order to enter the Winsday draw (and the other comps on the ITV website) you’ll have to register with your mobile number – but you don’t need to opt in to receive any texts. Sign up on the ITV website using my referral link and we will both get 20 free tokens!

How to enter the Winsday Draw

If you pay to enter any of the ITV competitions onine, or by phone or text, you’ll automatically earn a entry ticket for the Winsday draw, and can earn bonus Winsday tickets if you buy a bundle of draw entries. Unfortunately, sending a postal entry for an ITV draw will not earn you a ticket!

How to earn FREE tickets for the Winsday Draw

You can earn free tickets for the Winsday Draw by going to Then, press play to watch the adverts – you can’t navigate away from the screen, so it’s best to use a second device and keep the ads running on that while you get on with something else. The videos will not work if you use ad blocker software. When you see a blue ticket pop up, you have 10 seconds to tap on it to claim it so you’ll need to keep looking!

What are the Winsday Draw prizes?

There are at least 5,000 prizes awarded each week:

  • Cash prizes ranging from £5 up to £500 (you can choose whether to redeem part or all of your cash prize as entry credits)
  • Bonus Tokens – use these to enter the prize draws at (there’s a time limit to answer the question for these draws!)
  • Entry Credits – these can be used to enter any of ITV’s paid online competitions

How many tickets can I have for each draw?

You can earn up to 6 free tickets for each weekly draw from watching the video ad stream, and up to 6 tickets from entering the paid competitions, so 12 tickets in total (this limit dropped from 30 entries to 6 entries per week on 12 June 2024). Check your profile to see how many tickets you’ve earnt.

When is the Winsday Draw?

The Winsday draw takes place at 3pm every Wednesday, and entries are open from 1am Wednesday until 12.59am the following Wednesday.

How do I know if I’ve won a prize?

Check your ITV account after 3pm on a Wednesday to see if you’ve won a prize. You can drag your tickets one by one to check them – or just do an Autocheck! Cash prizes are paid by PayPal.

Is it worth the effort to enter the Winsday Draw?

It’s time consuming and boring to pay full attention to the repetitive video stream – but efficient compers tell me they usually have the ad stream playing on a second device while they do daily entries or a simple job, so it’s not too much bother. The tickets pop up approximately every 2 minutes, and are on screen for ten seconds so you’ll have plenty of chance to spot them. In my opinion it’s not a sensible use of limited comping time – but if you’ve got a couple of devices to use, then it might be worth a go!

You can find T&Cs for the Winsday Draw on the ITV website and there’s a comprehensive FAQ at Winsday is open to UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man residents aged 18+. Good luck!

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3 Responses

  1. Sabra says:

    I enter every week and watch the free videos i dont want to pay to enter their competitions i see this as some kind of gambling so i stick to strictly free competitions and watching the videos and getting those free tickets is easier and i have not won anything apart from 5 tokens which is not even enough to use anyway. But thats how these things work i guess they say 5000 prizes but i dont see it

  2. James Darby says:

    Hi, I find it’s very rare to win things through the ITV winsday. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Di says:

      I would agree – I’ve had several readers win cash prizes but they enter regularly. I think a lot of people do enter the comps at because it’s so widely publicised on TV, so you’ll always be up against a lot of competition!

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