How to enter ‘Win a House’ competitions without buying a ticket

‘Win a house’ competitions have become more common in the UK over the last few years – and every couple of weeks I receive yet another email asking me to promote a new one on SuperLucky!

But I’m not a fan of lottery style promotions, so rather than telling you how fantastic it would be if you bought a £10 ticket and won a house, I’m sharing the details of how you can enter several of these ‘Win a House’ competitions for FREE* rather than buy a ticket…

(*well, the cost of a stamp…)

How to enter Win a House competitions without buying a ticket

How do ‘Win a House’ promotions work?

The seller is struggling to sell their property, and they believe that giving it away in an online raffle is a great way to do it, as they’ll get lots of publicity and people will be excited that they could possibly win a house – or church, or castle! – for a few quid. Sometimes the promoter might advertise that they’ll give a donation to charity when they reach their target.

But if a promoter charges people to enter a prize draw (like Lotto), that’s a lottery – and the Gambling Commission has strict rules about running lotteries.

To ensure a ‘Win a House’ competition isn’t an illegal lottery, the promoter needs to add an element of skill – usually a question to answer or a puzzle to complete. Everyone who answers correctly then goes into a prize draw.

Only a few of these home raffles have been successful in reaching their target number of ticket sales (see how lucky Marie Segar became the owner of a country manor in 2017!). Usually, a percentage of the cash raised from tickets sold is given away – minus the promoter’s administration fees, of course. The amount will depend on what the promoter states in the T&Cs (for example, ‘A cash draw will take place for 75% of the value of tickets sold after promotion costs’) – in some cases, a charity donation is guaranteed before the remaining prize fund is given to a winner.

The ‘WinAbode’ house raffle didn’t generate enough ticket sales – but they did give away a £102,141.10 prize to the winner!

Don’t forget that winning a property will also bring financial responsibilities – make sure you read the terms and conditions to check what’s included, and what’s not!

Home Raffles with FREE postal entry routes

Many ‘Win a House’ competitions offer a free postal entry route, but the details might not be immediately obvious. Rather than enter easily online, you’ll need to do a bit of writing and buy a stamp. But a stamp is still cheaper than a £5 ticket, so why not give it a go?

Here are details of the postal entry routes for some of the current ‘win a house’ promotions. You can usually only send one postal entry per competition, but check the rules first. Good luck! – win a castle in Scotland – win a house in London – win a maisonette in Guildford – win a house in Southampton

  • £5 a ticket (plus 98p Eventbrite fee) – closes 9th June 2018
  • Free entry route details are here (answer question and post first class – my suggested answer is THEIR) – win a bungalow in Halesowen

Home Raffles with no free entry route

There are also a number of home raffles where the skill question is harder, and there’s no free entry route offered – so there’s a risk that you may be answering incorrectly and wasting your money if you buy a ticket.

Win a Megahome for example, offers an amazing £3million Huf Haus for £25 an entry. The multiple choice question is about salmon fishing. If the minimum 130,000 entries aren’t received, the winner will receive 75% of the cash raised, which will likely be a fair sum! This one closes 31st July 2018.

If you prefer a Spot The Ball type promotion, try (£5 an entry – closes 2nd April 2019) or (£10 an entry – closes 15th November 2018).

Have you been tempted to enter one of these competitions, or do you think they’re a crazy idea? Let me know in the comments!

7 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for all this information – I’ve entered three of the competitions, wish me luck. 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    Thanks for putting all the info together. I am very tempted to enter but if you won what would your options be? Could you sell, rent it or would you have to move?

    • Di says:

      It would be entirely up to you! I think most people would choose to rent the property out if they won.

  3. Chrissie says:

    Thank you. For the London one it says ‘please send your name, email, telephone number and address’ , do you think they want the answers to the questions also?

  4. mica says:

    Thank you for sharing this information. Should you send a A4 self addressed envelope or would a small envelope be ok?

    • Di says:

      I’m not entirely sure what it will be used for Mica! I would probably include an A5 envelope with a second class stamp on!

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