How to find, enter and win Facebook competitions

Are you new to comping on Facebook? Perhaps you’ve been comping for years but the prospect of joining Facebook terrifies you? Or maybe you’d just like to learn some tips and tricks to improve your success rate with Facebook comps?

In collaboration with Compers News, I’ve created two video tutorials – plus a FREE e-book guide – which will help you to find, enter and win competitions on Facebook.

Facebook guide for beginners

Watch my beginners guide to Facebook, with guidance on:
Joining Facebook, Privacy Settings, Editing your profile, Friends,
Facebook pages and groups, News Feed, Messages and Search. Even if you’ve been using Facebook for a while, you’ll still find some handy tips in this!

How to find, enter and win competitions on Facebook

The second video shows how to enter comps on Facebook, with tips on being more efficient. For beginners, I show how to enter each type of competition, then there’s guidance on different ways to find comps, finding out if you’ve won and more Facebook comping tips.

Note that both videos are recorded on my Macbook, using a Chrome browser – and may differ from what you see on your own device!

Click below to download the 26 page e-book ‘A comper’s guide to Facebook: How to find, enter and win Facebook competitions’ as a PDF file

A comper's guide to Facebook: How to find, enter and win Facebook competitions

Watch the videos, read the ebook – and hopefully you’ll have all the information you need to start winning prizes on Facebook!

Any questions? Leave a comment below!

11 Responses

  1. Hannah P says:

    This is so helpful! Applied to be a member of Lucky Learners last week but haven’t been accepted. Can you approve me? Your website is SO fab and useful Di, thank you

  2. when i found your guide i wondered find a result for my search “thank you”

  3. katie says:

    Hello, So regarding privacy settings, how hard is it for a page to see if your post is private or public? Do they get a notification that there post has been shared if your post is private?
    Thankyou katie x

    • Di says:

      They can only see your share if it’s public, either on your profile or in a group. They don’t see any shares that are set to only me, friends, friends of friends, or a certain list.

  4. Love them so much ❤️

  5. Ida Harding says:

    I watched your video, but am still unclear on privacy settings. When someone puts a comment on my FB, do my all the people listed as my “friends” see it also?

    • Di says:

      Yes, that’s right. If they want to send it privately they need to message you rather than post on your profile!

  6. Philip Donnelly says:

    Just thinking about starting competitions after talking to a friend. I wondered where to begin. So, when I found your guide I knew I had found the result to my search. Thank Di for the very informative guide. Happy comping!

  7. Karen Stirling says:

    Hi Di

    Watched these last night, some excellent information I never knew about. Thank you. However, when searching for ‘liked pages’ (in order to filter out posts from friends) I get an error message. Have you experienced this?

  8. Frances Heaton says:

    Thanks Di, learned a lot of interesting information.

  9. MyKindDeed says:

    We are just running our first facebook comp for amazon vouchers – if anyone would like to check it out – closes on 10th June 2018 🙂 – search My Kind Deed on facebook

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