How to find, enter and win Twitter competitions

Do you use Twitter for comping? It’s a fantastic source of short-lived and low entry giveaways, but can be confusing for a new user, with replies, comments, retweets, quote tweets, and plenty more to get to grips with!

In collaboration with Compers News, I’ve created two video tutorials – plus a FREE e-book guide – which will help you to find, enter and win competitions on Twitter.

Twitter guide for beginners

Watch my beginners guide to Twitter, with guidance on: joining Twitter, setting up your profile, changing your username, privacy & settings, notifications, DMs and using Twitter search. Even if you’ve been tweeting for a while, you’ll hopefully find some handy tips!

How to find, enter and win competitions on Twitter

The second video shows how to enter competitions on Twitter, plus I share a few tips on finding comps, how to avoid a shadowban and using Tweetdeck.

Note that both videos are recorded on my Macbook, using a Chrome browser – and may differ from what you see on your own device!

Click below to download the 31 page e-book ‘A comper’s guide to Twitter: How to find, enter and win Twitter competitions’ as a PDF file

Watch the videos, read the ebook – and hopefully you’ll have lots of suggestions to improve your win rate on Twitter.

If you found this post useful, you might also enjoy my PDF guide – and videos – on How to find, enter and win Facebook competitions!

Any questions about comping on Twitter? Leave a comment below!

10 Responses

  1. Brenda Jones says:

    When a twitter competition asks you to like and share, do they mean hit the share button rather than the retweet button? This has always confused me because if you use the share button you get all kinds of options to share to various places including twitter. I just retweet but it does make me wonder if I entry is valid because I retweeted rather than “shared”

    • Di says:

      When you see this requirement, it’s usually because the competition has originally been posted on Facebook and/or Instagram, where you would share. The same text is posted to Twitter, where it makes less sense. They want you to retweet!

  2. Linda says:

    Do you think it’s a waste of money joining simply prizes

    • Di says:

      Yes! If you want to subscribe to a magazine, then Compers News offers a lot more, including a private members forum. But to be honest there isn’t much in either magazine that you won’t find for free online!

  3. Jodette Marvin says:

    I’ve been scammed twice so far and had scammers get in touch with me through Instagram now I am on Twitter how do I know that they’re real there’s a play lucky I’m sorry I had to learn disability a lucky day app and it’s lucky day six 794 something like that how do I know that he’s the one of the real lucky days cuz he wants personal information for my winnings he says

    • Di says:

      Check the social media profile of anyone who contacts you – if there’s no website listed there, it’s usually a scam. Ask them for an email address to send your information to (rather than by DM), and check the address after the @ online to see if it’s a valid business website. If anyone asks you to make a payment or give card details, don’t do it.

  4. idris says:

    Do you have tips for contests that are drawing by means of a program

  5. Lou says:

    These are really helpful, thank you Di!

  6. would love a weekly email with tips comps and more

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