How to find, enter and win Twitter competitions

Do you use Twitter for comping? It’s a fantastic source of short-lived and low entry giveaways, but can be confusing for a new user, with replies, comments, retweets, quote tweets, and plenty more to get to grips with!

In collaboration with Compers News, I’ve created two video tutorials – plus a FREE e-book guide – which will help you to find, enter and win competitions on Twitter.

Twitter guide for beginners

Watch my beginners guide to Twitter, with guidance on: joining Twitter, setting up your profile, changing your username, privacy & settings, notifications, DMs and using Twitter search. Even if you’ve been tweeting for a while, you’ll hopefully find some handy tips!

How to find, enter and win competitions on Twitter

The second video shows how to enter competitions on Twitter, plus I share a few tips on finding comps, how to avoid a shadowban and using Tweetdeck.

Note that both videos are recorded on my Macbook, using a Chrome browser – and may differ from what you see on your own device!

Click below to download the 31 page e-book ‘A comper’s guide to Twitter: How to find, enter and win Twitter competitions’ as a PDF file

Watch the videos, read the ebook – and hopefully you’ll have lots of suggestions to improve your win rate on Twitter.

If you found this post useful, you might also enjoy my PDF guide – and videos – on How to find, enter and win Facebook competitions!

Any questions about comping on Twitter? Leave a comment below!

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  1. idris says:

    Do you have tips for contests that are drawing by means of a program

  2. Lou says:

    These are really helpful, thank you Di!

  3. would love a weekly email with tips comps and more

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