How to find Slogan & Tiebreaker Competitions

Those of us who have been comping for more than five years are often found mourning the demise of the tiebreaker (or slogan) competition. Back in the day, a trip to Sainsbury’s could result in up to ten different entry form competitions – all of them requiring a slogan in 12 words or less. Regular compers had got the rhyming couplet down to a fine art – in fact back in the noughties, my slogans won me prizes as amazing as a car and THREE trips to New York! These days, there are still traditional slogan comps about, but they’re few and far between. Unfortunately, when you read the Terms & Conditions a lot of tiebreaker comps actually state ‘winner drawn at random’ – so the term tiebreaker is actually completely inappropriate! Although having seen some excellent winners of ‘random’ draws, personally I do think it’s still worth making the effort, as the promoter may be influenced by a good answer!


Here are some ideas on how to find those elusive tiebreakers.

Comping magazines & websites

You can find slogan competitions listed in Compers News magazine and on the PrizeFinder skill-based section, as well as on the MSE Competition Time forum (use ‘effort’ in the search box to narrow down results) but to find low entry ones, your best bet is look for them yourself on the web.

Searching Google & Twitter

Search for tiebreakers on Google, Google+ and Twitter. Try combinations of search terms – words like “tiebreaker”, “slogan” or phrases in quotes like “best answer wins”, “our favourite answer”, “apt and original”, “20 words or less”, “complete the sentence” and “why you should win” should give you a selection of results, but I’m sure you can think of more! If Googling, restrict your search to UK pages and the last week or month.


It’s pretty impossible to search Facebook – although hopefully the #tiebreaker hashtag might catch on in future! – but if you’re on there regularly and like lots of pages, you’ll see that certain companies run regular tiebreaker competitions, where you need to leave a comment to enter. Lots of Facebook and Twitter comps are short-lived and only open for a day or so – find those and you’ll have a great chance of a win. It goes without saying of course, that you should Like my SuperLucky Facebook page – I share every tiebreaker competition I spot on there. Did you know if you select ‘Liked’ on a Facebook cover photo, then choose ‘Get Notifications’ you’ll never miss a post from that page? Use it for pages that run regular creative and tiebreaker comps!

Stalk other compers (in the nicest possible way!)

It’s always worth having lots of comping friends for the purpose of finding new comps! Keep an eye on the ‘ticker’ on the right of your Facebook page; you’ll learn to spot posts where your friends are commenting on a tiebreaker competition and can follow them over there. When you spot a tiebreaker competition on Twitter, search on the competition hashtag or replies to see the answers – there are some talented compers who write excellent tiebreakers. Follow these compers, or add them to a list, and if they tweet something that looks like a slogan, check out the tweet they’re replying to!

Please leave me a comment if you have any more tips at finding tiebreaker competitions as I’d love to track down a few more to share with you!
Also see… my top tips on how to WIN tiebreaker competitions!

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  1. J Congrave says:

    Thank you, Di, for your painstaking fulsome reply. I appreciate the time you took to be so informative.

  2. J Congrave says:

    No-one has yet answered the questions I originally asked, viz: (1) why oh why oh WHY have tiebreaker comps virtually vanished…? (2) when, if ever, are they likely to resurface…? Surely there’s •someone• out there who can knowledgeably/authoritatively provide answers – yes/no? What about you, Di?

    • Di says:

      Of course I can answer J! For on pack promotions pre-2010 or so, if you had to purchase an item to enter a prize draw (‘a game of chance’), there had to be either a skill question asked to decide the winner, or a no purchase necessary route of entry. But the law changed about ten or so years ago (sorry, can’t recall exactly when!) removing the requirement for the skill or NPN entry (not the case in NI though, where the NPN entry route is still available). So there’s no need for the tiebreaker question any more. It takes money and time to employ a group of independent judges – and also with social media so active now, when the winning entry is announced there’s often negative feedback from people who don’t think it was the best entry! It’s much easier and cheaper for promoters to just draw at random from all entries! I can’t see them making a comeback any time soon I’m afraid – brands want exciting content now – videos, photos, selfies, etc. The 12 word slogan isn’t as exciting for them to share with their fans on social media!

  3. J Congrave says:

    Why oh why oh WHY have tiebreaker comps disappeared ????? Do you think they’ll ever come back…?

  4. Joanna Krakowiak says:

    Thank you, I love doing tiebreaker comps! I’m having some major trouble with the Asda Superdad one though! I wrote a poem, did a word count (63 words) but when I tried to submit my entry, I kept getting a ‘field required’ message above the box where I’d written the poem! The entry form says ‘no more than 150 words’ but I then read the T&Cs which say ‘no more than 50 words’?! So…I managed to get it down to 48 words and tried again but still the same message keeps coming up, as if there were nothing in the box! Frustrating! Is anyone else having a similar problem?

    • Deborah Swain says:

      yes me too! I emailed Asda to tell them but just had an automated reply, still waiting for a ‘proper’ reply!

      • Joanna Krakowiak says:

        Thanks Deborah, at least it’s not just me… thought I was losing the plot! 😉 I’ve asked them on their FB page for a way to contact them as there is no message or post facility on there, maybe they’ll reply…

  5. Alan C says:

    This is great stuff! I managed to win £300 of Odeon vouchers and a blu-ray in one of the early Dentyl fortnightly draws. On the Pork Farms FB page, there is a £1 off coupon for their pork pies so could be a free entry for a few people out there

  6. Janet Kam says:

    Such a shame there aren’t enough of these types of competitions

  7. Diane Wareing says:

    I have only started comping again on January 13th this year after many years absence. However, the first thing I noticed was the lack of tiebreaker comps! I wish more companies would do them. Thanks for the information.

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