How to organise quallies, receipts & POPs

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  1. Katrina Adams says:

    Just having a read through of your blog and book to get my comping super organised and hopefully more efficient (and therefore, more wins hopefully), and have never thought to put albums on my phone for comping so I end up doing a lot of scrolling! Thanks for the great tips as always.

  2. Anna Lord says:

    Thanks Di, great advice as usual! With reference to separate receipts, I recently bought 4 packs of Rana pasta only to discover that each entry requires a separate receipt, to say I was miffed at losing 3 entries is an understatement!!

    • Di says:

      Dare I admit that I did this too, with my first Rana entry? I was really annoyed when I got home that I hadn’t had my usual thorough check of the T&Cs before spending!

  3. Thanks for sharing these great tips, Di!

    What do you do with the receipts when you buy multiple quallies at once that have different end dates? Do you buy them separately so you’ll have separate receipts?

    Just now my system isn’t organised well at all. It’s a plastic box under my bed with everything thrown in there haha! I will get more organised!

    • Di says:

      If I’m buying a few quallies I usually separate them at the checkout and get separate receipts (I’ll usually go to the self scan so as no to bother anyone!), but if I forget I’ll highlight both quallies and pencil in a closing date next to them on the receipt, then file in the latest month. I usually buy all Waitrose quallies at the same time as they usually have similar closing dates!

  4. Sarah prescott says:

    A very useful post. A have an A4 folder with sections Jan to Dec. I attach the receipt to a piece if paper with the expiry date and competition prizes that can be won. I don’t take photos of receipts unless they need emailing or uploading but I might start doing that. I also have a paper diary that I write competitions I want to enter later on or comps that I want to enter weekly. Also if there is a particular competition that I want to find out who the winner was.

    • Di says:

      Good plan – I do the same and list my comps to do, and comps to chase up – but electronically, so I can use clickable links to quickly get to the right place!

  5. Patricia Bell says:

    Great info, I’m going to start snapping my receipts now, fab idea..
    I put receipts in a envelope write Store/item on the front & file in a monthly order.. original source I have stuck post it notes on the bottle to save empty bottles!
    Thanks for all your advice!

    • Di says:

      Notes on the bottle, now that’s an idea! I could write on them with a Sharpie – DO NOT THROW AWAY!!!

  6. Derek Wilson says:

    Thanks for this, Di. I keep all my receipts on one of those ‘spikes’ that you used to see in offices, but it never occurred to me to use a file system organised by month – so much easier!

  7. Sheila Docherty says:

    Thanks Di! You’re so organised!

  8. Tina H says:

    Oh Di! Thanks for the tips. I’m so disorganised but you’ve really helped me sort that out. Stay lucky 🙂

  9. Alison Roome says:

    Great post Di and great tips no need to be more organised so think I’ll copy your file idea. I need a box for my original source bottles though. Paranoid someone will recycle them.

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