How to run an Instagram giveaway

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  1. Lisa Black says:

    Brilliant read thank you so much Di.


  2. Gary Owen says:

    Thanks for writing this. The giveaway prize is really important. We’ve had the best luck using specific prizes for our target customers rather than generic prizes like gift cards.

    You can automate the tracking/winner picking process. But one thing I’d add is something we learned the hard way: be careful what winner/comment picker you use. Most of them DO NOT use the official Instagram API and scrape content instead (violates Instagram’s Terms of Service) and can get your account banned. The only free and officially approved one we found is Popsmash, which also tracks stats and other stuff. So whatever you use, do your research first because ‘no login required’ sounds great but could get your Instagram account banned.

  3. Mary says:

    Thank you sooooo much! You totally saved my life 🙂 It is the only free comment picker I could find in hours!

  4. Lesia says:

    Hi. how do you move accounts names to your spreadsheet? every name manually one by one type from iPhone screen to a spreadsheet?

    • Di says:

      Is this for bonus story/regram entries? You’ll need to type them in manually – it’s very time consuming!

  5. Helen says:

    Hello, this is really helpful, thank you. If you are running a giveaway in partnership with another Instagram account, how does that work when you come to randomly select a winner? Do we both post the exact same post on each of our profiles?

    • Di says:

      Yes, I would publish the same post (make it clear people can enter once on each account).
      Then use for both links, and look at the entry lists alongside each other. Add the total entries together, use to choose a number from those, and find it on the list (eg. 56 entries on post 1, 44 on post 2 – gives you a number between 1 and 100 = 89. Entry 89 is comment number 33 on the second post. Does that make sense?

  6. Linda Chau says:

    Hi!! Thank you for breaking this down! It was very helpful! I did have a question however – why did you use when there was a randomize function on getcombot? I see you’re able to increase the number range and randomize your selection… so why use the other site?

    • Di says:

      You can’t increase the range on GetComBot beyond the number of comments on the post (you can type a bigger number in the box, but it will ignore it!), so in order to include the regrams and story mentions (which have to be tracked manually) I needed to use to choose from a larger number range.

  7. Lucy Westwood says:

    Hi how long did it take for getcombit to send the email? I had been a few hours and I’m yet to receive a response

  8. great tips as always Di! Thank you

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