How to search Google for your name

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  1. sonseyface says:

    I saw your article some time ago and did a search just before going to bed one night. I was absolutely amazed. It listed that I’d won, £50, a silk orchid, a camcorder and three or four other prizes, all unclaimed – all from different competitions. There were even a couple that had gone past the claim date, but I did get all the rest above. Thank you so much, if I hadn’t seen your article I would have missed them all.

  2. Maggie Lee-Roberts says:

    I missed one last week as they had tagged my name with the wrong spelling. Luckily, they emailed me today as the prize was worth £125, including a £50 Hotel Chocolat voucher. Phew!

  3. Rebecca Nisbet says:

    that is really handy, iv searched for my name on there before and it came up with loads of things from years ago to people with similar names, this way is loads better.

  4. Dawn Fairman says:

    Thank you, Di! I’ve always been annoyed by out of date searches but now I know how to find recent ones thanks to you. 🙂

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