How to send a postcard entry

I used to win HUGE prizes with my postcard entries (check my prize list to see some of them), but these days postal entry prize draws and comps are few and far between – so if you do spot one, make the most of it!

You can still find lots of postcard competitions listed in Compers News magazine, and a few on special boards within the Loquax forum and MoneySaving Expert forum. There are still postal entry routes for comps in some local magazines and papers, and kids comics and magazines are a good source. Big national publications like the Daily Express or puzzle magazines offer a choice of text entry or cheaper postal entry for some prize draws – people tend to presume the telephone entrants have a better chance of winning, but I still hear of holiday and car winners entering via the postal route.

And of course in the UK, most of the big cash prize ITV and Channel 5 competitions also have a postal entry route – read more about those in my posts How to enter ITV competions for free and Channel 5 Competitions: How to enter for free

For a postcard draw, you can send your entry on:

  • a plain postcard (promotion address on the front, your details on the back)
  • a picture postcard (promotion address on the right, yours on the left)
  • a homemade or recycled postcard

You can still find free picture postcards at bars and restaurants, and I’ve found some quirky blank vintage postcards at car boot sales and on eBay. Most of the postcards I send are the front of old greetings cards, or homemade from brightly coloured card. I used to send giant homemade funny shaped postcards covered in sticky foam, googly eyes and all sorts of tat, but these days I imagine they would cost a fortune to send, and cause mayhem if they got stuck in Royal Mail’s machines!

How to lay out your postcard correctly is a question new compers often ask. Here’s how I write mine:

How to send a postcard entry for a competition

Tips for writing your postcard entry

  • If you don’t need to include your postal address, don’t write it on! This means it can’t possibly be returned to you (for Channel 5 and ITV postal entries, just put your name and phone number as all winners are contacted by telephone)
  • Write on the postcard with a biro or fine permanent marker so your details don’t go missing if your postman is out in the rain!
  • Write your own address at an angle
  • Tuck your postcode away in the middle of the text – this will reduce the risk of your entry being returned to you because the machine has scanned the wrong postcode!
  • Save money by using a second class stamp (unless the comp closes the next day!)
  • Stickers, doodles and fancy stamps can liven up your entries – I have success with these for local comps or smaller publications where the recipient is a real person sitting at a desk rather than a mailbag at a PO Box.
  • Don’t forget to include the correct answer to the question (if there is a question!)

Some compers swear by using small address stickers on their postcards. Handling houses (big companies that handle the responses to promotions, usually via a PO Box address) probably approve, as it means less chance of errors, but smaller companies may be put off by such comping professionalism!

If there are a number of postcard entry draws in the same publication, sometimes you can send your postcards AIOE (all in one envelope) and just pay postage once for the envelope. It’s best to contact the magazine before you post your entries, to find out if this is acceptable – and it may move into the more expensive ‘large letter’ zone if it’s 5mm thick, so do check!

If you enter an entry form competition, you can either post your entry in an envelope or do as I do, and stick the form on a handmade postcard. Lots of compers will tell you about their successes with brightly coloured and gold envelopes and postcards. Most promoters if pressed will say it was a genuine ‘random’ draw, but us compers know better than that – I share some great stories on the topic of customising postal entries in my comping book “SuperLucky Secrets”!

Unfortunately the rising cost of stamps is a big consideration if you’re sending out postal entries. If there’s a price rise imminent, stock up on your stamps as soon as you can – and watch out for Superdrug discounts, they sometimes give you 5% off stamp books too.

Remember you can no longer use non-barcoded stamps and need to post them off to be swapped, although picture stamps are still OK to use! Find out more in my post Which stamps are OK to use?

Do you enter postcard comps? Ever won a big prize with a postcard? Let me know in the comments!

274 Responses

  1. AC says:

    Hi Di,
    How many postal comps do you reckon you need to enter to stand a chance of winning?

    • Di says:

      There are very few postcard entry comps these days, and most are for huge prizes (eg. ITV & Channel 5 with all the phone, online and text entries too) so unfortunately your chance of winning is very slim. Not like the old days! Personally, I only enter about one a month.

  2. Elaine says:

    I always worry about putting my details on a postcard for all to see, shouldn’t we be concerned about that?

  3. Brian Williams says:

    Do you know if you can send franked postcards? I have a franking machine you see

    • Di says:

      Good question! Terms & conditions usually specify a stamped postcard, and I don’t think franked mail would be classed as stamped, although with print-at-home postage more common now, perhaps it would!

      • Llewelyn Daniel says:

        As a retired post office employee, I can tell you for certain that the term “stamped postcard” means a postcard bearing a smamp or a franking machine impression or a postage purchased online label. They use the term so that some people don’t fhink that it is Freepost.

  4. Eve says:

    Hi, new to entering postal competitions. Is it best to enter on a postcard or writing details at the back of an envelope ? Imagine putting details on a slip of paper inside an envelope is a no-go !

    • Di says:

      For ITV, it’s OK to send your details on a piece of paper in an envelope – but in most cases it’s safest to send a postcard (can be home made!) with your details visible, just in case envelopes are discarded.


    I have won a few postcard comps over the years and do sometimes enter the tv comps where it s far cheaper than paying a premium rate text or phone call and live in hope . my daughter once won a famlly holiday to florida with a post card covered in dinasuar stickers as the entry question was about dinosaurs!

  6. Rosanna B says:

    I’ve just won a 3 day european holiday via postal entry 🙂 used to sit and enter postal comps for hours with my nanna, colouring in the postcards to make them stand out!

  7. matthew sutterby says:

    i just send a plain post card with name and number on.been doing these over a year now never won.dont even know if they go in the draw.must have spent over 250 pounds on stamps.

  8. Lorraine Benn says:

    I still do all the postcard competitions from TV as a stamp is much cheaper than entering by text or phone. I have always cut up old birthday cards and used those or cereal boxes.

  9. Bridget Daley says:

    Used to send plain white ones never won coloured ones never won, tried making my own and still never won would love to try again but stamps are so expensive now

  10. James king says:

    You’ll have better odds of winning on the lottery e.g. Thunderball £1 per ticket. ITV most likely get up to 6million ‘entries’ per draw and offer a small jackpot of 30-100k. Only a mug would enter these competitions.

    • I’m happy to be a mug James. A mug who goes on at least two free holidays a year! 😉

      • James king says:

        On small FREE competitions its ok but on big competitions e.g. ITV the odds are as bad as the lottery. The amount of money people spend per year on these competitions including the lottery would cover the cost of two free holidays per year.

    • Edward Walsh says:

      The National Lottery is a tax on stupidity and deffo bad value for money and I have never, ever entered. I do such as the TV comps via postcard entry as it is the cheaper option when online entries are not allowed and free cards can still be found nowadays.

  11. Margaret Riordan says:

    My pal Jane win an ITV £4,000 with a postcard entry!

  12. pam Lawrence says:

    Do you feel safe putting all your personal details out in the open for anyone in the postal system to see?

    • Personally I never feel concerned about this, because my business is registered to my home address so anyone can find my address and phone number easily if they want to! Most people’s full addresses can be found via too, social media has made it incredibly easy to find out an awful lot of information about strangers unfortunately!

  13. TRACY HANSON1 says:

    I had a prize via a postcard comp which was quite girlie. My postcard I used was BRIGHT PINK (very rarely get them that colour) but I was actually told that they liked my bright pink postcard when they sent the prize. Ebay is perfect for card, coloured envelopes and postcards. But 2 years ago I went on holiday and came home with a Morrison’s carrier stuffed to the top (almost needing another carrier) full of envelopes and they cost me £2 from the car boot.

  14. I always wondered if using unusual or brightly coloured postcards made a difference, I love the tip on the layout of the address too! Don’t get so many of these types of comps here in Ireland though.

  15. Phil Howe says:

    Vue Cinema always have a rack of free , fun
    ky movie related post cards so i grab a few when we go to see a film… not had a winner mind : (

  16. Jane Morfett says:

    i used to enter postcard comps some years ago and would use pink or yellow card. Won a few prizes i think but stamps to expensive these days.

  17. raj says:

    I won a Dr Who dvd using a Dr Who themed postcard!

  18. lindseyxxx says:

    I love the ritual of entering a postcard comp and dropping it in the postbox with a little good luck wish (it’s never worked though!)

    • TRACY HANSON1 says:

      I do that. Usually say “good luck” if no-one is within earshot but one day completely forgot and said it out loud when a woman was walking by. She wasn’t a regular comper but said on the odd occasion she entered via post she did the same lol.

  19. Sharon Bell says:

    When I first starting comping back in the 90s I won quite alot from postal entries modern technology not being what it is now, but recently I personally haven’t won a thing from a postcard recently! Altho do tend to do the same ones in my boyfriends name as well and cpl of months ago he won free return rail cards for anywhere in UK and also year 241 card so deffo still worth doing postal comps.

  20. Claire says:

    I haven’t tried postcard entries yet it’s something I keep thinking about

  21. Jill Boots says:

    I have won a couple of things via postcard. Would do more but postage is expensive. Some once said don’t go for the big comps go for the little ones with lots of prizes.

  22. I keep entering the ITV one by postcard but I don’t think they’ll ever pick a card with expensive phone and text entry options. Annoying u can’t do it free online now.
    Having worked in a mail room about 20 years ago for a big company I know we just used to pick one of the first postcards that arrived then bin all the rest!

  23. Monika says:

    I am yet to win from a postcard entry- fingers crossed x

  24. Neill Johnstone says:

    I’ve not won from a postcard yet, but my fingers remain crossed. Thanks for the tips!

  25. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    I have won from postcard entries in the past but nothing recently. I always write my address at a 90 degree angle. Stamps are always a welcome prize! 🙂

  26. Joanne O'Neill says:

    I am only new to comping but thank you for the tips! Perhaps I’ll win a postal competition with this prize!

  27. Debra Winfield says:

    My parents sent a postcard from Adelaide in Australia which had bronze pigs in various positions, this unusual sculpture is actually outside the shopping mall!

  28. Claire Woods says:

    I have just won a pair of glasses worth £150 from a postcard entry.

  29. Erica Price says:

    I haven’t done postcard entry for a while because of the cost of stamps. Would probably only do for a big prize now or expected low entry.

  30. Philip Boyle says:

    I won a mobile phone years ago but I haven’t done any postcard comps for a while, cost of stamps unfortunately.

  31. susan thornton says:

    I have had cash wins from postcards and like to choose really colourful ones when I enter x

  32. Sandra Oliver says:

    I do enjoy postcard competitions. I use address lables but they are the freebies that arrive from charity organisations.Di would using these be acceptable?
    I always write clearly to and from usually putting my details on sideways. If I have time I use a cat stamp in different colours to brighten up my entries. I use a santa one for Christmas competitions.
    I do save up and try to bulk buy my second class stamps very rare that I use first class.
    Plus I hide them away from my husband who is inclined to help himself to my precious stash rather than walk to the post office!

  33. Sue Jackson says:

    I haven’t done any postcard comps for a while, cost of stamps I suppose! Used to enter but haven’t had a win yet!

  34. Mary Lennon says:

    I used to enter loads of post card comps……but with the price of postage this could run in to a few £££’s. So glad to have the opportunity to win some stamps….great idea Di

  35. Lucky Dan says:

    I really want to win a post card comp. I hate the fact that itv pulled there online entries . Thanks for the comp x

  36. Sinéad Williams says:

    Never won from a postcard entry

  37. Claire Osman says:

    I am yet to win a postcard competition – the rise in cost of stamps put me off, so now i dont enter so many 🙂

  38. Daphne says:

    As far as I am aware I have yet to win a post card entry

  39. Linda Gough says:

    Would love to have my first ever comp win …….. tried a post card entry to a competition last year and three times the postman delivered it back to me so will try your 90 degree angle Lol .

  40. Gill Barwood says:

    I have won postcard comps, my best win was a holiday to a luxury hotel in Cyprus a couple of years ago. I am selective about postcard entries as the cost of entering is high, so concentrate on comps where I think there’ll be a low entry such as local comps, or comps with high value prizes( though these will be higher entry rate)

  41. Sandra Bald says:

    I’ve won a few prizes with my postcard entries mainly from local papers & magazines in the past. Don’t see so many about these days, even locally & with the cost of stamps I rarely do them these days. Be fab to win some stamps for any great postcard ones I do see;)

  42. Pauline Dring says:

    I have sent so many postcards over the years but I don’t think I have ever had a postcard entry win. One tip is to use a pen which won’t run if the card gets wet. I also make sure there isn’t anything printed underneath the address to confuse the PO machines. The free postcards often have promotional stuff printed on the bottom right. When I’m on holiday I keep a look out for ‘buy 20 postcards for a pound’ type offer and stock up on colourful cards

  43. Victoria Prince says:

    I did the odd postcard entry 10+ years ago, can’t remember if I ever won anything from them! I think that the biggest tip for postal competitions is to be careful how you write your own address and put it at 90 degrees to try and avoid your postcard coming back to you!

  44. Theresa Parker says:

    cool comp…I do a lot of comps…no luck so far …so the stamps would come in handy

  45. Val Pownall says:

    Used to do quite a lot of postcard comps before the price of stamps shot up. Think these stamps could bring someone lots of luck. I do still do some but only if it’s a fab prize. When I used to enter a lot I made a point of putting them in the postbox individually in case they all got stuck together in a lump! Or put other post inbetween them.

  46. Janet Humphrey says:

    I used to do a lot of competitions by postcards, a great place to find some free promotional ones are in cinema chains such as Showcase Cinemas and Odeon Cinemas (take a bag !_)

  47. Suzanne Drummond says:

    dont think i have had a post card win yet x

  48. Michelle Banks says:

    i have only just started with postcard comps, no luck yet, but heres hoping x

  49. Chrissie says:

    I used to enter loads,of postcard.comps many moons ago and won a few prizes, your blog has prompted me to have another go. Thank you

  50. Helen Clayton says:

    My best postcard win gave me a trip to Greece-there was a short slogan involved though-it was in the days when we had to ‘work’ for our entries!

  51. Juliette says:

    my best win from a postcard was a trip to Dubai with Essentials magazine. I had just got back from holiday and there was a LWE . Was the best holiday, the promoter allowed us to change it to accomodate our children too

  52. the stax says:

    A friend of mine gave me a box of picture postcards which I still use and still hope to win big with!

  53. Dawn Canning says:

    Hi Di-I actually won a box of 50 postcards a few months ago and have been wondering what to do with them. Your post has inspired me to have a go at a few postal competitions as I haven’t done any for years. To be honest it hadn’t even occurred to me. Duh.

  54. GCforever says:

    I’ve never won anything from postcard entries so stopped for a while but I may try again.

  55. Carroll Marsh says:

    Hi Di,I’ve had some lovely big wins using Postcards!The best one I Think was £800 of Farrow and ball vouchers and a Farrow and Ball designer came to our little House to give us 1 Hour of her expertise!She really Helped us Too! X

  56. Gemma Matthews says:

    My nan gave me a massive hoard of postcards that she found in her house, ive no idea where she accumulated them from but they are so useful to me, they are all of different Cornish beaches and harbours 🙂 im hoping they will win me a family beach holiday somewhere other than cornwall!

  57. lindsay chadburn says:

    i always buy plain postcards and have my daughters draw pictures on them relating to the competition, they have so much fun and we win lovely competition prizes too

  58. Susiegee says:

    When I first started comping I always entered by post, my postcards came from the cinemas where they used to have some lovely displays of Boomerang postcards featuring the latest film, movie, London icon etc and they were free, I still have boxes of them in the loft so could really do with using some as it seems a waste to throw them away. I won holidays, household goods, breaks, theatre trips and lots more with my array of postcards dread to think how much I spent on stamps.

  59. Christine Oprey says:

    Wow i could use some stamps for my postal competition entries. i have won prizes by entering online but have yet to win by using a postcard, most of my postal entries though are for big competition prizes such as ITV , so they probably have thousands of entries x

  60. Stewart Miller says:

    Wow what great stamps. I couldn’t possibly use those on competition entries though, they would have to go into my of my collections (i’m a collecaholic lol- just ask the wife!) Any thing unusual, out of the ordinary i keep it, and i have not got a set of these ones, but i do tend to keep “special stamps that maybe turn up on prizes and coins, i do love my coin collecting, even everyday in use coins, you would not believe how many different £1, £2 and 50p coin designs there have been (without even including the olympic 50p’s). I used to always send my postcards with fluorescent highlighter designs across them as i believe it made then stand out in a dark lucky dip bag lol- whether it actually worked or i was just lucky i can’t be sure of, but i’ve had reasonable success in the past. 😀

  61. great tip about homemade postcards know what the kids will be doing this weekend 🙂

  62. Alison Jolliffe says:

    I think this is so lovely, in the age of email and online entries, there is something really special about sending a postcard…and the fact your husband designed one for you is delightful!! I will enter more postcard competitions in the future 🙂

  63. Jayne K says:

    I don’t remember the last time I actually entered a postcard comp, but I do have a habit of writing them out now and again ………….. then forgetting to post them.

  64. Rachael Cunliffe says:

    I’ve entered and won a good few online comps but never even considered the postal ones so this was a very interesting read!

  65. emma j lowe says:

    some 20 or so years ago I used to enter postcard comps. I won a stairgate from one of the baby mags. I hadn’t received a letter to tell me of my win, the courier bloke just turned up. I nearly sent him away as I hadn’t ordered anything.

  66. Claire Farley says:

    Would love to win these – enjoying doing postal competitions and have actually won one so feeling inspired and could do with the boost to my comping Mojo 🙂

  67. Gwen Maynard says:

    I’ve just starter to enter this type of competition. I hadn’t done any since I was a child.

  68. Sarah-Dawn Pope says:

    Last time I won a postcard comp was when I was 19 and my mum bought me a subscription to the magazine called 19. I was very disappointed with this present. However, I did win a Blue Stratos wrist watch and a bottle of their aftershave. That was over 25 years ago and I don’t suppose you can get Blue Stratos or 19 any more.

  69. Barry Gorman says:

    Postal comps are the only type I haven’t won yet! Here’s hoping!

  70. chris2468 says:

    like many others here l enter a lot of P/C comps without success – but l’m a ‘glass half full’ girl

  71. Tania Atfield says:

    I’ve entered lots of postal comps but never won on one and just run out of stamps, fingers crossed I win one soon!

  72. Tracy Piercy says:

    I haven’t entered a postal competition since I was a child. But have recently been thinking about taking it up again. Some great advice on here

  73. Zowee Moore says:

    I’ve never entered postcard comps but I may start,especially now all the ITV comps no longer have online entry 🙁

  74. Amy Jo McLellan says:

    I haven’t entered postcard competitions in a long time but I used to always pick up free promotional postcards from places and send them en mass to magazines. There was one magazine (Poppy, I think it was called) where I won one every issue! Maybe I should start again, haha.

  75. Jo Heath says:

    Thank you for these tips! I now know why postcards sometimes get sent back to me, now I know to write it on sideways! I collect postcards from nice coffee shops and do a handdrawn doodle, but going to let my little ones help decorate them and sprinkle lucky dust on them! 😀

  76. Elspeth McMillan says:

    I try to match the postcard to the company /prize and make it as big and bright as possible. Not done so many recently as post is so expensive. I must get back into it 😀

  77. Amanda Richardson says:

    I decorate my postcards with little hand drawn doodles and of course always put my name and address sideways. no recent postcard wins for me, but have won some nice prizes with them in the past

  78. Deborah Foster says:

    Make home made p/c out bday cards and I underline the address it’s going to

  79. Lorraine Benn says:

    I cut up my cereal boxes into the largest size you can go without going into the large letter brand. Then paint them with bright paint or cover them in sheets of metalic card to make them extra thick. 🙂

    • Lisette Davidson says:

      great idea Lorraine, but I think you have to be careful with the 5mm rule so it doesn’t go into large letter too! xx good luck xx

  80. Sarah Scott says:

    I try and match the postcard pictures to the prize or company!

  81. Denise Tyas says:

    I have quite a collection of postcards and am always looking for opportunities to match cards to prizes. It’s such a shame so many go to handling houses where they’re probably hardly given a glance.

  82. Amanda Karen G. Goldston says:

    One of the best postcard wins was when my (then) 9 year old daughter decided she wanted a Wii. She had spotted one in a Girl magazine, helped herself to one of my postcards and a stamp, sent it off and was quite delighted when we got a knock on the door with a big parcel, containing a Wii. I did not know anything about it until it arrived!

  83. Helen Bennett says:

    I still enter postcard comps, my 7 year old daughter has won many prizes this way through magazines she reads. If a big comp on tv has a postcard entry I do that rather than ring or text. So much cheaper

  84. Gillian M McDonald says:

    I used to get all my postcards free from the Cinema and pubs, I have been quite successful over the years and still enter the odd few on a monthly basis,

  85. Tamsin Jane Dean says:

    I keep at the postcard ones, but yet to have a win from them not sure if the ever get seen as the comps put +3 days after the comp has closed, so not a fair way really

  86. Damian Thomas says:

    Having never entered a postcard comp yet I would put these to good use hopefully securing my first postcard win x

  87. mary heald says:

    I have had a couple of postcard wins of cheques which were lovely surprises as the cheques just turned up I the post!

  88. Rachel McLaughlin says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for this post! I love entering competitions but always shy away from postal competitions for no particular reason. Hopefully winning these stamps will get me started 😛

    So happy I found your blog!!

  89. Oli Marshall says:

    Because the stamps are so expensive, I tend to enter only competitions I really want to win (like money or gadgets) so, posting to win a holiday wouldn’t be on my list. I won’t deny that if I had more stamps (like these gorgeous ones) I would have a go at many types of postal competitions rather than just the money or the gadget competitions.

  90. Christine Lockley says:

    Love postcard comps, have won some lovely prizes over the years. Due to rising cost of postage I tend to only do those I really want or the really big prizes.

    Thanks for another blog post

  91. Lynda North says:

    Many years ago, around 1999 I think, I sent in a post card to the old Somerfield magazine and won a Whole Week at Henlow Grange for 2 of us. My 18 year old daughter and I had a great time, rising early to do the Water aerobics before breakfast right through to doing the evening activities. Those were the days of great comps and much cheaper postage!

  92. lois levy says:

    my most treasured win from a postcard entry was a week in a Sandalls resort in Jamaica especially as Lynford Christie turned up on the last day of our holiday.

  93. h_igoe says:

    My favourite win from a Postcard entry was a box full of expensive beauty products. It was such a treat to have such a lovely selection.

  94. fraugretel says:

    My absolute favourite win with a Postcard entry was my wedding photography with the local paper ! A girl in my office was getting married at the same time as me and I urged her to enter but she was in the ” I will never win ” brigade ! I was so thrilled and excited to win as I would never have been able to afford a photographer ! Yippeee !

  95. lynn heath says:

    I’ve had some lovely days out for me and the kids from postal entries to our local paper, I am a bit bonkers though as I have a lucky postbox I would walk right out of my way to make sure I post my entry into my favourite postbox, I just don’t trust the others!!!!!!!!!

  96. louise morgan says:

    Hello Di,i have been comping for the past 8 months and I would like to thank you for all the information on your blog it has helped me so much.I received some lovely post cards in my welcome pack from Compers News and have started to do postal entries,fingers crossed they will bring me some good luck.

  97. Vicky-Louise Robinson says:

    I have never won a single thing from a postcard entry & I have had loads returned to me no matter what I’ve done – even when I’ve written TO: & SENDER in really big letters so I’m convinced that the local sorting office are bonkers!

  98. Shelly Wenn says:

    Thanks for the advice about writing my own address at an angle, I always seem unlucky with the few postcard entries I have sent that they get returned to me! Nooo! Fingers crossed your advice is lucky for me.

  99. Cathy prescott says:

    Thanks for the advice, i=I’m going to start making my own postcards from now on. I only enter post comps i really want to win

  100. haxell says:

    I’ve cut down on postcard comps now postage is so expensive. I limit them to either large prizes or where there are lots of prizes/runners-up prizes. Cinemas are still a good source of free postcards.

    Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  101. Lorraine says:

    I pick up stashes of postcards from seaside towns out of season (you’re “superlucky” there too!) when they’re cheap, and then try to theme them to the promoter or prize. It’s not always easy, but it’s fun.

  102. Mcj ESmith says:

    Thanks for all the tips.

  103. Michelle Shelley Bruce says:

    I cut up old Christmas cards and use them for comps in November / Decmember the following year.

  104. helenyendall says:

    My best comping prize from a postcard was a case of wine, I think. But my comping buddy has won a couple of amazing comps from postcards: a luxury holiday in Portugal worth £5000 and a CAMPERVAN! So, they’re definitely worth doing and I don’t think you’re at a disadvantage if there are other, more expensive entry routes (eg: phone/text).

  105. Alison Thackray says:

    use old greetings cards, but try and match them to the competition prize. for example, if it’s to win a car, I might use a card with a car on it, or a fashion prize might be one with shoes or a handbag on.

  106. Nicola Holland says:

    I let my kids decorate one side of some card (postcard size) and then I complete the other side….a joint effort for good luck!

  107. Lynn Brown says:

    my tip is to be organised for Post card comps – with early collections from post boxes and some collecting not at the time it says, it pays to post far in advance to be sure it will arrive before the closing date.

  108. tracy kenny says:

    My tip for being lucky is very straight forward—perseverance

  109. Denise Jones says:

    I’ve just read your tip about having your own Postcode in the middle of your details. I’ll have to try this as over the years I have had numerous postcards sent back to MY address, even though I’ve always written it at an angle!!

  110. Sharon says:

    I’m fairly new to comping, so any tips are very helpful indeed.

  111. Pia Stephens says:

    Quite often we craft postcards with the boys, we squiggle and I try my best to not allow them to turn the cards around so that I have one side empty and can actually use them for comps 😀

  112. Jennifer Ball says:

    I used to have a lot of international penpals and we would always put local postcards in our letters/packages to show what the place where we lived looked like, back in the days before everything was on the internet! I still have some of various European cities, now they’re a sort of wishlist of places I’d like to visit!

  113. priscillastubbs says:

    I won a top of the range washing machine from a postcard entry. I enjoy postcard comps but haven’t won for some time

  114. Frances Heaton says:

    My favourite win from a competition win was tickets to our local Southport Flower show. We go each year and love the floral displays, events in the arena, and stalls. Great event.

  115. Heather Haigh says:

    I bought 100 postcards and decided I would enter comps with them and if I hadn’t won anything by the time I had used all 100 then I would give up on postal comps – the postage being so expensive now. I didn’t have a definite win but I did have an X-Box turn up with no idea of where that came from so I’m still no wiser as to whether it’s worth entering postal comps.

  116. Natalie Crossan says:

    I almost picked up some adorable Lego ones @ Legoland on Wednesday but stopped myself. I tend to stick to blank postcards but might try shiny gold… 😉

    • The problem is when you find/buy really nice postcards, you’re loathe to send them off anywhere. I have two Kylie ones I got in a 7 inch single in 1990, keep thinking I’ll post them off for a comp but 25 years on they’re still in my postcard box!!

      • Natalie Crossan says:

        Lmao! Kylie ones eh? Perhaps for her upcoming Hyde Park show? Some comps about for that one! 😛 x

  117. Diane Radford says:

    You have inspired me today, I made a homemade postcard for an entry into my daughters preschool magazine shoot. I used a old Birthday card and cut out her favourite characters from the magazine and stick them to the front. All ready to post tomorrow. Kinda feel it is worth the stamp after the fun I had making it,

  118. Tina Mansfield says:

    I only enter a few postcard competitions, but have found with local competitions that a bright red card or something which is a little different has won me some nice prises in the past. I use old greetings cards which make fun postcards and even decorate them with my sons stickers.

  119. Diane Wood says:

    oh, when I used plain postcards, I still put my details on the same side, probably why I haven’t won any yet!

  120. brisbane_billy says:

    Not won any postcard competitions yet but I only enter about 1 pe rmonth or I would spend some serious ££££ on stamps.

  121. Jean Cass says:

    I’ve had a few postcards returned by the lovely PO, now learnt to make sure I rotate them and write the address sidewards, these never come back! I’ve had a few tickets wins from PO so always a good chase to enter.

  122. Sarah T says:

    I have never entered any postcard competitions, but your post has inspired me to start looking for some, especially as I have a collection of unusual postcards lurking in a drawer that I have never used. Now I just need some stamps……

  123. Eleanor Wilde says:

    Only had one postcard returned and learned to put details in random order, this has not happened since, however still no luck winning anything this year, lean times i guess. However will still keep trying as stamps are still cheaper that a lot of rtext only entries £1.50+ per text! Good luck all x

  124. Denise Slater says:

    I’ve only had one postcard returned years ago, but none since using the method above. I ensure that the postcode isn’t the last thing written on left. I make sure my mobile, answer or email is last. Also, I have written the postcode in red before, as the Post Office machinery has issues with red.

  125. DanielleGraves says:

    When I’m writing out my postcard entries I always write the closing date in the box where you put your stamp, this means I can sort them into end date order and see which need posting straight away and which can wait a few days/weeks.

    I’ve had a few nice wins from postcard comps but my favourite have to be the ones my son has won from his Thomas Magazines. I buy him a magazine every few weeks and we write the postcard out and he draws a scribble on it and we post it off and he’s won 3 prizes so far in the last few months.

  126. Siobhan Lucy says:

    I just received a gorgeous postcards from a travelling friend that I haven’t seen for ages, it really made me smile 🙂

  127. Lucy Bishop says:

    Oooh – I love the postcards – what a clever hubby you have! Great post Di – I’ve never entered a postcard comp before but you’ve totally inspired me – I used to collect postcards and so I have hundreds of really brightly coloured ones – will just have to look out for some postcard comps now! Fingers crossed for a win – I love the stamps and postcards you’re offering! x

  128. amy leigh says:

    I am very creative and like adding my own special touches to my postcards

  129. lynn woodcock says:

    If I’m in postcard mood I write out lots then put the closing date where the stamp goes, so I can use my stamps on the most urgent ones until I can buy some more.

  130. Sarah Taylor-Fergusson says:

    I have just bought a supercheap book of plain white postcards from Amazon, the type old-fashioned stationer’s sell, so it’s too soon to tell you if the plain ones win, but there is nothing more satisfying than making a really lovely glossy homemade postcard from a beautiful recycled birthday or Christmas card, and if they’re slightly larger than the boring kind, so much the better. Call me a romantic but I love posting them in Royal Mail boxes as well! I have had one recent win with a postcard this year, a recycled card, and that was for a bestselling literary novel paperback which my elderly mother was delighted to receive as part of her Mother’s Day package from me and the grandchildren.

  131. Elizabeth Gurney says:

    It was postcard wins that got me into competitions when I was about 15 and used to enter all the teen magazine ones with postcards (I won several times from ‘Sugar’ if anyone remembers that!). I haven’t had any luck with postcard entries since but I will always keep trying! I’ve done everything you’ve talked about above, but as you say it comes down to how the entry is chosen such as is it a real human choosing etc.. keep at it though as you’ve got to be in it to win it remember!

  132. Jeanette says:

    The cost of stamps has definitely put me off postal entries.

    • Jim says:

      Hi Jeanette, I’m replying to your post from the future! Now, in 2023, a second class stamp is 75p! How much was it back in 2015? Jim.

  133. Rich Hill says:

    It’s the ever-increasing cost of stamps that put me off postal comps!

  134. Kelly Cleeton says:

    I like postcard comps and always buy stamps with pictures on! So many annoying times I have had my postcards returned to me! Not since I tried your format! I collect free postcards from the cinema and even when I was in Moscow earlier this year I grabbed a few on the way in to a restaurant. Hotel Lobby’s also have them sometimes, I managed to get about 10 during a stay in the Cotswolds last month.

  135. Irene Wright says:

    My favourite win from a postcard entry was an over-night stay in London on a Saturday night. Next morning the limo picked us(my husband & I) up from the hotel & took us to the studio where they make the programme, Sunday brunch. We met the visitors for that day which included Charlotte Church. Also watched the cookery part of the programme & tasted the wonderful food they produced. Afterwards we were whisked off to another Hotel for a lunch with a £150 tab. All transport, hotel charges & food was paid for. Wonderful prize for posting a post card I had obtained from the cinema & a 2nd class stamp.
    I always to the Post Card entry as first choice. It’s usually the cheapest (apart from e-mails or www.).
    Recently I purchased about 150 postcards from a car-boot sale for the princely sum of £5.00 & have already had another win from one of them – 6 tickets to see the show ‘Bugsy Malone’.

  136. Barbara Handley says:

    Just moved house and threw out a lot of postcards thinking they would be outdated now. Did not realise people still use them to enter competitions. Ah well another lesson learned!

  137. Derek Wilson says:

    Found loads of blank postcards at the back of a drawer while having a spring clean recently. Shame I didn’t find any stamps!

  138. Jojo says:

    I make my own postcards by cutting up cereal boxes.

  139. Dee Brook says:

    I am feeling inspired! Love the bridge stamps and hopefully they will win me some prizes- even if I do have to buy them myself! x

  140. Leanne Perrett says:

    i started comping when postcard comps had gone a bit out of fashion but my mum loved them and i think still does some today

  141. Kazzyb says:

    I have won several more local competitions with postcards, I try and find a postcard that matches the prize, for instance I won a VIP day at Cheltenham a couple of years ago and my postcard had a picture of a horse on the front I think that has been my best postcard win so far, it was a fantastic day too 🙂

  142. toadfinder says:

    A friend once sent me a postcard with a bit of the Berlin Wall embedded in it in a plastic bubble – I still have it somewhere!

    • Now that’s brilliant! My favourite were the ‘lenticular’ postcards from the 70s, I always used to see them on holiday in Malta ten years later!

  143. JamieLMDJs says:

    trying the postcard route. not found any free postcard locations recently, there used to be loads everywhere. any up to date location ideas? trying to make my own with cardboard boxes (cereal etc) but my cutting/sizing skills are poor – often too small, hope that doesn’t lessen my chances.

  144. Julia Plant says:

    I’ve only won one postcard comp and that was about 20 years ago. I recently did an experiment where for one month I concentrated on postcard comps – won nothing, and cost me a fair bit in stamps. I’m not convinced that they are the way forward, and probably wouldn’t bother unless it is something I am desperate to win.

  145. Emma Tustian says:

    I used to do so many postal competitions and used to win lots from them. I think because most people couldn’t be bothered. Nowadays they’re a lot harder to come by, and a lot of phone in competitions don’t have internet or postal entry options nowadays so I enter a lot less.

  146. Emma L says:

    I’ve only started doing postal competitions the last few months and haven’t won anything yet – however I like adding a bit of colour to my text too 🙂 E x

  147. Karen Kitchen says:

    My best win with a postcard competition was a £1000 gift card to spend at Debenhams – these sort of competitions are thin on the ground now

  148. Lynn Evans says:

    I’ve done a few of these over the years, local newspapers and a few magazines but as the teachers always told me at school….I must try harder!

  149. Deb J says:

    I have not done any postal comps for a little while, had not won anything and felt a little disheartened, but reading teh comments below, i think I need to start again

  150. Sara Davis says:

    I have never tried postcard comps but if I had ten stamps i definitely would give it a try 🙂

  151. John Pepworth says:

    I done lots of postcard comps, didn’t win anything.
    I stopped a while ago because of the price of a stamp.

  152. Nicola Jones says:

    I always have my postcards addressed and stamped so im never caught out time wise

  153. lindaspevick says:

    My best postcard entry was a weekend to Rome!

  154. Angela M says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to have won three holidays all using the postcard method of entry. Wish there was more of them around still. Angela Moore

  155. Stephanie Pitchers says:

    I entered a postal competition as a child which I found in a newspaper and I had to complete a maze. I decorated the envelope and found out the I won! The prize? A few large bags of crisps. I was completely made up. I need to get some stamps and get back on with postal comps. Thanks for the reminder.

  156. Caroline Willmott says:

    My best prize from a postcard comp was a huge box full of different types of yummy Guylian chocolates and a big bottle of chocolate liqueur. It went down really well 🙂

  157. Marie Evans says:

    I usually send brightly coloured postcards or recycled Birthday/Christmas cards if posting is the only option,But if they offer phone & text for the same comp i use a plain one as they have to add them all together not get them out a sack as they used to.And i always send 2nd class as postage is so expensive now.I also try & pick a card that is apt to the comp.

  158. Debbie Santowski Mac says:

    I have recently started using postcards but am choosy to the prizes as it can be expensive to enter every competition like this. I would be interested in how many people actually enter this type of competition.

  159. Loobs39 says:

    I haven’t attempted any competition wins using a postcard for a long time, but now that a large number of the TV comps can no longer be entered via computer, I think I may start again as it is the least expensive option. I remember reading about a lady who used to embroider her cards until she found out that they were catching on the sorting machine and causing all sorts of problems – probably best to use brightly coloured ones with no embroidery.

  160. juliebooth says:

    I have someone at work who gives me all her families old birthday and Christmas cards, and these are great for postcard entries as the cartoon ones are very funny.

  161. Lynn Hughes says:

    I have fluorescent card and cut it to a largish size then draw zigzag patterns to surround the “to” part of the address. I have won a meal out with the local paper via this method.

  162. rosierowe says:

    I haven’t had a win from a postal entry yet, but I found some very odd postcards at an “occult” shop and send them off, in the hope that they’ll stand out!! I shall keep trying though and thanks for the tips about finding postcards, aswell as making your own!

  163. debbie creasey says:

    I always do postcard comps although I am yet to win one! I also do what you do Di and write my address sideways as i did receive a few of my own postcards back when i wrote it the correct way, very annoying to say the least. I try to make my own postcards by making a postcard with a picture that corresponds to the competition i am entering, so for example i would use a dog picture if i am trying to win something for my dog and maybe a Brighton postcard for a local comp. another great idea is to take a funny photo and print it on postcard photo paper!

  164. Anne Johnston says:

    To be honest I haven’t entered postcard comps for ages but your blog has inspired me. Thanks again Di!

  165. Katrina Stevenson Coombs says:

    Fabulous post yet again Di! I have not done many postcard comps but I have had a win, I used a plain postcard but as it was a Halloween comp I drew little ghosts and spiders etc on it with the answer, totally forgot about it then a few weeks later I received a lovely Trick or Treating bundle with a bucket and sweets 🙂

  166. janettearnold says:

    My tip is when friends and family are away on holidaymaybe Uk or overseas ask them to buy a few cards for you.They might also find free ones in hotels or exhibitions.I like postcard entries and my latest win fro an entry was tickets to a foodie festival.ThIs was a pleasant day out over Bank Holiday.

    • That’s a good idea to bring a few extras back from hols – I actually really like the faded retro 70s & 80s cards that shops still have on display in Europe!

  167. Tammy Tudor says:

    Postcard competition entries are my favourite although I do wish stamps were cheaper 🙁

  168. Kathryn Hipkin says:

    Having looked through my prizes for this year and last year, I have found that the only ‘postcard’ wins I have had are from where I have put a few plain ones in one envelope and sent them off to Inside Soap or the Express Mentathlon.
    I think I won a book from Woman Alive magazine a couple of years ago with a postcard, can’t think of any big postcard wins I have had, though, and certainly not recently.
    Did used to love Catch magazine (from late 80s, early 90s), used to win loads of postcard comps from that one. Very sad when it folded and my prizes dried up – though I did win a nice bathtowel from it, that can be folded and used for drying too….

  169. Kim W says:

    Well I must say i am surprised that people are still using postcard entry as there are so many free web comps now. I can’t remember the last time I sent a postcard, I used to send about 20 a week. The best win from a postcard was from a major newspaper – a trip to Whistler ski resort, Canada for 2 for 11 days. It was amazing.

  170. Christine Taylor says:

    A plain white envelope can ‘stand out’ if you use a neon marker pen to outline the edges ! My best postcard win was a trip to Las Vegas from a postcard of Las Vegas that was bought on a previous trip that I won there !

  171. Lexy law says:

    My best win was a beautiful wall sticker for my daughters bedroom. It was a really expensive one in fact more than her bedroom furniture combined! I’ve never tried using quirky postcards but I will give it a go

  172. lou tring says:

    Don’t use any funny postcards with sexy men though! My friend sent me a postcard from Spain in 2009 with some naked men on it, and it only arrived last year! I think a lady at the post office was perhaps enjoying the view! Never won from postcard entry, but you never know…the next one I send might be the winning one!

  173. Jane Sanderson says:

    I try and match the theme to the prize and keep a stash of special postcards and old birthday/Xmas cards – eg sport-themed or locations such as London or New York

  174. Dawn Fairman says:

    I use old cereal boxes to make postcards from. 🙂

  175. Emma Nixon says:

    after reading the useful tips on your blog I am considering giving the postal competitions another try.

  176. Deborah Foster says:

    If its postcard only entry then its worth choosing one the stands out otherwise if its text, telephone or postcard entry i just send a plain one as its all added to one data base usually, to pick the winner.

  177. Emma Gardner says:

    Choose an interesting postcard that stands out when entering a postcard comp for a greater chance of winning.

  178. Katie Skeoch says:

    I won a fab Lego crane for my boys from a postcard comp! Don’t do them as much now but I may give them a go again now this post has reminded me!

  179. Catherine McAlinden says:

    I do the Royal Mail surveys, so I don’t have to pay for stamps! My best win was £150 of Playmobil. I won in the September, eventually turned up a few days before Christmas! My kids were happy!

  180. Julie Lorraine thomas says:

    I started entering competitions via postcards and still enjoy this method of entering comps. I’ve had many different wins from postcards from my best being a Sony Bravia TV and Blu Ray player and my oddest being a bulk bag of garden bark that had to be craned into the back garden!

  181. Anne says:

    When I enter a postcard competition, I draw a thick line along all four of its sides with a brightly coloured marker pen in the hope that an edge or a corner will stand out from the pile of postcards on the judges’ table. Unfortunately, I still haven’t won anything yet!

  182. Frances Heaton says:

    Thanks for the information Di.
    One of my favourite postcard entry wins was VIP tickets for the local Southport Flower Show.

    We enjoy seeing this great event every year, but the price of tickets was becoming more expensive. The win gave us a fabulous day out with lots of extras. Really enjoyed the day.

  183. champaklal lad says:

    great prize, stamps are so expensive these days

  184. Brenda Heads says:

    After reading this thread I am surprised how many of us are entering postcard comps and have never not won a prize yet. I do like going to the post box

  185. Angela Walton says:

    I do enter postcard competitions, but usually only if there is no free route or cheaper entry. I’ve always used little address labels with cute designs on and I always stick them at an angle with my telephone number and/or question answer underneath. I’ve only ever had one returned to me. I’ve won the odd little prize from postcard entries, a book usually but nothing huge. I live in hope that one of the biggies will come my way.

  186. Angela Walton says:

    I do enter postcard competitions, but usually only if there is no free route or cheaper entry. I’ve always used little address labels with cute designs on and I always stick them at an angle with my telephone number and/or question answer underneath. I’ve only ever had one returned to me. I’ve won the odd little prize from postcard entries, a book usually but nothing huge. I live in hope that one of the biggies will come my way

  187. Sarah Cooper says:

    My favourite win from a postcard win was my first ever win; an oil burner and a set of oils from Chat magazine. Fond memories of it as it led me on my journey of comping.

  188. Sophie Lester says:

    I have only recently starting doing postcard comps and had one that was returned to me by mistake a couple of weeks ago, so I have found this blog post very helpful. I have not had a win from one yet but fingers crossed! I always send bright colour postcards.

  189. foz says:

    I have been entering postcard comps for a while…yet to win though! I live in hope!

  190. Andrea Tinks says:

    My first ever win was from a postcard competition with odeon cinema many years ago (binoculars). I used to love postcard comps, but as you say they are getting less and less. I often have mine returned so i think thats a great idea to put address sideways and postcode more hidden. Will certainly do this in future.

  191. Lisette Davidson says:

    I remember winning a fantastic calligraphy set via a postcard entry some time ago, and it is still going strong! I always write my name and address sideways and I also use a Sharpie permanent fine marker pen which does not run in the rain – I have had lots of luck with local paper competitions in particular around Christmas when fewer people bother to enter!

  192. J Watts says:

    I always write my name and address sideways on and haven’t had any problems with them being returned – but no wins (yet!) either….I like looking for postcard pictures that “match” the comping theme – even if I know it is only a random draw – you never know.

  193. Jane wilson says:

    There is definitely something about going to the post box with an entry and posting it. I always wish good luck on myself as it drops into the box

  194. liz denial says:

    I use a self inking stamper with all my contact details. As I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis my hands are pretty useless for writing so it’s a great help although I must admit I only enter a few postal competitions for really big prizes. I have some very eye catching postcards which I received free with my NCA subscription although my cleaner, who goes to the post office for me, is always saying that her granddaughter always wants to keep them instead of posting them as they have the cutest animal pictures on them 🙂

  195. Keeley Shaw says:

    I like your idea of writing the home address at an angle, I will do this in future as have had so many postcards returned to my address by mistake, which has put me off doing many postal comps. I used to do quite a lot. my best win was a lawn mower. I would like to get back into doing a fair few postal comps as the chances of winning are probably quite good now everybody does facebook and twitter comps.

  196. Maxine Owen says:

    I use the MoneySavingExpert forum which lists postal comps. I also use the backs of cereal boxes to make my own postcards. I will try writing my address sideways in future, that is a good tip!

  197. leanne moore says:

    I use hand made bright coloured postcards .

  198. Rachel Griffiths says:

    I bought a large pack of yellow postcards in the hope that the bright colour would stand out. No such luck yet, i’m yet to win a bean via the postal route!

  199. Robert Price says:

    I use a self-inking addressed stamper to save the writing

  200. Ali Thorpe says:

    I go to the cinema a few times a month and always grab a few free postcards there as my cinema have a rack of them. When I have run out of those, I use homemade ones cut from cereal boxes, which are sturdy and bright. I don’t enter many postal giveaways any more due to the rise of stamp prices though but, if you can find small, local competitions, it’s probably worth a go.

  201. Tracy K Nixon says:

    I enter about 5 post card comps a month and have been doing so for the past 2 years. I have never won anything mind you but I live in hope. Thank you for yet another competition guide – very helpful as always!

  202. Elaine Dale says:

    I make my own sticky address labels on computer or rather my hubby does, saves time and also as my handwriting is terrible makes sure it’s legible

  203. ELISHA says:

    I had a birthday a few months back and I asked for stamps as a present, they thought I was joking and asking what I use soo many stamps for. So I had books and a sheet of stamps almost finished now!
    As for the postcards I use cereal boxes, I did buy plain coloured card and cut them into quarters, that was after I bought a pack of plain white from amazon. I have now gone back to plain white card for now until that finishes.
    Instead of writing my name, I print my name, address and the word answer (for an answer that is required for the comp) and copy on to A4 then I just cut them out a stick it on sideways to the postcard . I have won one and that was a tarot reading over the phone.

  204. Cath Parkin says:

    I enter between 5-10 postcard comps a month, but in the past 2 years I haven’t won anything from them! It’s just a bit of fun, but I wish stamps were cheaper! Good tip about writing address sideways, although oddly I had one sent back to me last week that had my address sideways. I use brightly coloured postcards but I don’t think it makes much difference.

  205. sam grabham says:

    I have won years ago with big promotors but not recently but local newspapers often run comps via this route and if you are near enough you can pop them directly thru the door saving the dreaded postage !

    • That’s a great moneysaving tip for local comps! One of our comp club members hand delivered to ETC mag on the closing date recently and won a prize!

  206. Chris says:

    I have never won from a postcard comp and I cannot see the point of jazzing up a card if it is only going to a handling house. I rarely do postal comps now due to the cost. However…. just had an idea…. how about you, Di, running a postcard comp to see who can send the most original entry? You might have to get a new letterbox though! Thanks for another great blog entry.

  207. rebecca beesley says:

    I tend not to bother with postcard comps unless it is something i REALLY want to win. I had an embarrassing experience once when i went to a lot of effort to make my own postcard shaped like a castle and it ended up back to me and i had to pick it up from the post office – I reckon there must have been confusion about who it was to and from so i will take note of your advice about writing my own address at an angle in future. x

    • When I’ve made funny shaped homemade postcards, I’ve sometimes folded over one end of the card and taped it back down to hide my address details, just to avoid confusion!

  208. lisa marie smith says:

    I think I’m going to give postcard comps a go something new for me totry.Thank you for the tips 🙂

  209. tracy kenny says:

    I always send picture postcards just in case they get sorted by humans and always put my little lucky doodle on the back (yes, it may be sad ) and over the years have had a good few wins.I am from the entry form comping days when you had to find an entry form, buy a qualifier and send in the receipt so just putting your name on a postcard is a joy really….and don’t you get tired of just clicking online ?!!!

    • Variety is the spice of life Tracy – there are so many ways to comp that don’t involve autofilling online forms ha ha! I love popping an entry into the post box!

  210. lynn savage says:

    I haven’t won anything with a postcard for ages, but I did win a lovely oven a few years ago.

  211. Andrea Goodheart says:

    I buy 12 second class stamps every week when I do my big shop but always stock up when the price is about to go up or Superdrug do their money-off promotion. I always make sure I’ve got some 1st class handy too in case I’m too close to a closing date. I’ve always written my address sideways and the closing date where the stamp goes so I don’t miss a closing date. I’ve only ever had one returned and that was years ago but I remember how disappointed I was! I have been lucky enough to win £5000 cash from Arrowwords by sending in a postcard so don’t begrudge the money I’ve paid for stamps over the years. I always use cut-up greetings cards although look out for colourful, free postcards if I call into the local uni as the Students’ Union bar always seem to have stacks! 😉

  212. Plastig Ffantastig says:

    I tried a few postcard comps in my early / mid teens (sadly didn’t win anything!) but back then I used to collect and swap postcards on something of an industrial scale. My bedroom walls were covered in postcards from all over the world. Don’t think my pocket money would have stretched to it with today’s postage prices though!

  213. Denise Tyas says:

    I cut out the name and address parts from all the junk mail I receive and stick them on postcards I send to handling houses which seem to be the majority these days. No luck yet but I live in hope!

  214. Christina Curtis says:

    I have only recently started to do the postcard ones on a regular basis. I got postcard, stamps and pens for my birthday as a funny Comping Gift! I love it – I like brightly coloured post card and if its for a holiday I tend to send the nice holiday scene ones and I have some funky stamps aswell as normal to give it a try. I am positive I will soon win my first postcard competition!

  215. Jodie P says:

    Always wondered the best approach to post card entries thanks for the post.

  216. David19881988 says:

    Great advice Di, the best of luck to you all

  217. I’ve never won anything from a postcard competition… maybe I sould follow your tips to the letter 🙂

  218. Kiran Parry says:

    I have only won small stuff such as DVDS and books and all my wins have been from Inside Soap.

  219. Catherine Killen says:

    I haven’t won with a postcard for ages and tend to concentrate online now but was browsing in Smiths the other day when I saw next to the adult colouring books a book of beautiful postcards to colour in- I don’t suppose I will be able to keep in the lines but I thought they might be good to do when my daughter wants me to sit and colour with her. I will just have to wait and see if they bring me luck now!

  220. hannah rachel welsh says:

    I’ve won nothing from postcards – yet! Been doing them about ten years!

  221. faith obidike says:

    I am yet to win with a postcard, I use old birthday cards and cut them to shape and add some stickers depending on what mood I’m in

  222. Rachie Littleme says:

    I have been entering postal comps since the start of the year, but no success as yet! I write my address sideways and have not had one returned to me, so it seems to work. I also write the closing date where the stamp goes to remind me when I need to post it.

  223. Sarah Scott says:

    I sometimes got the children to draw pictures on plain postcards ….not that it has over done me any good!! I live in hope! 🙂

  224. Rebecca Cleary says:

    I always write under where I attach the stamp the closing date for the comp just incase I haven’t enough stamps. Then I remember when to post them.
    Fab tip for the writing the address sideways – I have had a good few returned over the last few months as they have sent them to my address rather than the promoters 🙁

  225. Carole Hewitt says:

    I couldn’t understand why all my postcards kept coming back to me until I found out I should have been writing them this way. No wonder I have never won a postcard comp. oops.

  226. Lucy robinson says:

    I write my address sideways and now don’t get any returned. I also try and use brightly coloured postcards. Might try and add a few stickers to make me extra lucky. x

  227. Carol Peace says:

    I have had postcards returned to me as they have got te wrong add I lost confidence in them but thanks for the tips and I will try again.

  228. Tamalyn Roberts says:

    i love postcard comps, i enter a few every week and i just had a win with the daily express – a £150 spa voucher and a USN product bundle. these days i only enter for items i want as stamps are quite expensive and i like to make my own arty postcards to stand out a little xx

  229. Janice Papworth says:

    I won my biggest value prize with a postcard entry to Homes and Antiques magazine – £4500 to spend on new kitchen cupboards. I don’t think the postcard was anything special – I just got lucky!

  230. Naomi Howells says:

    Helpful article, thanks Di. It’s encouraging to know that people do actually win occasionally! I use to enter lots of postcard comps but I have cut down due to the cost. One thing I do to save money is to buy cheap envelopes from pound shops and cut them in half and use those rather than buy postcards.

  231. caz380z says:

    I love postcard comps. It feels very old school but I also love writing them out. I’m a bit odd like that, it’s like writing out new diaries and address books…… Yes I use none digital ones…… I just love it

  232. Zeleena Webb says:

    I have also filled in postcard comps that way too!! some times underline the To and from!

  233. Faye Amber Bryan says:

    I always fill my postcards in the same as Di does. I am yet to win from a postal comp though. Fingers crossed the bright envelopes I’ve decorated today will bring me some prizes 🙂

  234. Dee Griffiths says:

    I think that the postage has been a major factor in me not using postal service as the costs would add up significantly however a great tip for postcards is to recycle the birthday cards if possible and just use the front page

  235. Juliette says:

    my favourite win from a postcard was a holiday to Dubai with Essentials magazine. You had to answer a question. They wrote to me with the prize details and I had to respond within 2 weeks almost missed it as I was on holiday. Was the most amazing holiday ever and promoter allowed to downgrade so that we could bring the children. I filled in the postcard just like Di shows above after having a few returned to me

  236. Jo Heath says:

    I have entered a few postcard competitions, and one or two have been returned to me. I now know why! Thank you so much. I picked up some postcards from a coffee shop but definitely know to recycle cards and Ebay! Thanks Di x

  237. Samantha McDonough says:

    I’ve always thought about entering postcards comps but never been sure how to fill in the postcard. Now I know I’m going to recycle some cards and get entering. Thanks Di x

  238. Nickie says:

    I’ve never won on a postcard entry, and I’ve done a fair few over the years. I usually use postcards from the cinema, or old greeting card fronts. I guess it’s just a numbers game – eventually, right? I always write TO and FROM on it too, in the hope that if it does end up on its way back to me, the local postie will see the mistake and put it back in the system.

  239. Sarah says:

    I haven’t won with a Postcard yet but I have only been doing postal entries for about three months. I bought a large bunch of postcards from compers news to last me a while but I can’t help thinking that so many people probably have these exact same cards and that some promoters are probably wondering why they get so many of the same postcard :/

  240. vicky says:

    I use plain postcards and allow myself a book of 12 2nd class stamps each month and I choose which comps to enter. I could use more especially with itvs cheapest entry being a post card since they took the online entry away. Unfortunately I’m yet to win from a postcard 🙁

  241. emmasfabulous says:

    My biggest postcard win was a UK break from the Compers weekly newsletter last year. I buy my postcards from Compers News, they’re good value. I used to win quite a lot of toys etc from my old local newspaper with homemade postcards. I’d guillotine A4 card into quarters and then get my daughter to draw and put stickers on them. Worked well for the kids’ mags too. They’re mostly email nowadays for my son 🙂


    Homemade yellow postcards edged with black have won me a few competitions – the best being an all-inclusive weekend break to Scottish Highlands

  243. Laura Pritchard says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever won from a postcard entry & I rarely enter them now due to the cost of stamps. My top tip is to collect postcards from the rack of free promotional movie postcards in cinema (partiularly Odeon) foyers….free & interesting to look at, but perhaps don’t be too obvious that you’re taking 20 instead of 1!!!!

  244. Kaye Willan says:

    I am a volunteer for The Charity Contact The Elderly, and they send me free postcards, they are extra large A5 size and have a cartoon joke on the front ! I haven’t won yet but hope they make me lucky !

  245. Laura Pyper says:

    Haven’t had a win from a postcard yet !! Thanks for you tips.I’m thinking positive so I’m sure I will get my first postcard win soon 🙂

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