How to spot a scam text message

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  1. Vusi says: can I protecty personal information after I apply to Google iPhone scam what must ido

  2. Norest says:

    Hie l have recieve a txt massage saying my number have won 500.000 pounds from bbcawards2020 and l have contact on ticket number (9-3-4/13) via

  3. Elizabeth A Goode says:

    Is there any way to stop the ads that are apparently proliferating because of having answered (and paid for) some???

    • Di says:

      Is this adverts coming by text message Elizabeth? If it’s from the same number you can block the number – and you can also copy the original message and text it to 7726 (which spells out SPAM) – this tells your provider it’s spam. The advice is never to text STOP as that encourages more automated messages.

  4. Tyrone says:

    Hello I got a text message from a name called clients saying hey with my name saying we would like to thank you for always paying on time by giving you this small gift and then I had to click on a link so I did and it came up with my broadband I’m with saying that I’ve been chosen to receive a free gift worth £200 or more all I had to do is fill out a servey and pick what I wanted so I did then it told me I’d have to pay £1 shipping fee so I paid that and it said congratulations your I phone 11 pro will be with you in 3 working days I was wondering if it’s a scam or now

  5. I got this message
    “ Jacqueline – this is your last reminder from Boots to confirm your 4th place item of our anniversary draw (22/10):”
    It has no name, phone number, email or contact info so I’m presuming it’s a scam. How can I block receiving them?

  6. Hi iv recently won 2 prizes with Tesco in their text to win comps, i did enter them with received the message from the same number, problem is that i replied to the link both times but haven’t heard anything back since. Can anyone advise how long it takes to hear back from them, its been a few days.

  7. Carol says:

    Text message Scam from Amazon claiming won third prize in their anniversary prize draw from 07540751933

  8. Deltahalo241 says:

    Just had one like this on my phone, supposedly from Tesco, said I won second prize in their monthly competition. First red flag for me was that I don’t shop at Tesco and haven’t entered any competitions recently


    I had the same one as Julie Feathers. I take it the Tesco text is not genuine.

  10. Julie Feathers says:

    just got one from Tesco supposidly won 4th place asking to fill in 3 questions and offering an Iphone have to pay £2 delivery click

  11. Stephanie Crimes says:

    This is one of my biggest fears, being a fairly new comper. Thankfully I’ve had nothing suspicious so far!

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