How to unlike pages on Facebook

Did you know that Facebook limits the number of pages a user can Like? Facebook Help pages claim the limit is 5,000 pages but some users are able to like many more pages than that (I reckon I’m on about 6,000!)

If you enter a lot of giveaways then you’re probably liking a few new Facebook pages every single day, and that means you might well be approaching your limit. You might already have had a pop-up warning that you’re unable to like any more pages!

To clear out the clutter, why not have a Facebook spring clean and Unlike some pages – for example, businesses that have closed down, apps that no longer exist, or pages you’re just not interested in any more. In this post I’ll show you how to unlike pages on Facebook individually – and also a quicker way to unlike Facebook pages in bulk. 

How to unlike a page on

  • Go to the page by clicking on the page name in your News Feed, or searching for it
  • Click on the blue Liked button at the top of the page – it will change to a grey Like button

How to unlike a page using the Facebook app

  • Go to the page by tapping on the page name in your News Feed, or tapping the Search icon and typing its name into the search bar
  • To the right of the page name, tap Liked
  • Tap Unlike in the pop up box
  • It will change from blue Liked back to a grey Like
Unlike a Facebook page on mobile

How to unlike Facebook pages in bulk

But what if you want to unlike lots of pages as quickly as possible – or if you don’t know exactly which pages you want to unlike?

There have been third party apps and browser extensions created to unlike pages in bulk, but some (like the widely used Unlike It) no longer exist, and others just don’t seem to work! So unfortunately, the best way to unlike pages fast is to do it directly on Facebook.

To access a list of all your liked pages, go to your Facebook profile page and under your cover photo, click More and then Likes.

The pages you like will appear with the most recent first, and you can hover over each one and click Liked on the page preview to unlike it. But this is time consuming – plus, if you’ve liked these pages recently, you probably don’t want to unlike them yet!

Instead, here’s how to use the Facebook Activity log to unlike multiple pages as efficiently as possible.

Unlike multiple pages using the Activity Log

The most practical way to unlike lots of pages on Facebook is to do it chronologically – some of the pages you liked ten years ago probably aren’t even used any more, and your interests may have changed too. My tip is to start back when you joined Facebook, and scroll through your list of page likes unliking as many as you dare!

How to unlike multiple pages on

  • On your profile, click and then select Activity Log
  • On the left hand menu, click on the word Filter at the top
  • Choose a year (and month, if appropriate)
  • From the list that appears, choose Pages, Page Likes and Interests then Save Changes
  • You’ll see a list of your page likes from that year on the left of the screen
  • From the list of pages, hover to the right of the name till you see and click Unlike
  • Repeat this by scrolling down and clicking to unlike as many pages as you want – they will disappear from your list.
  • If you can’t remember what a page is, click its name to see a preview – or right-click (or ctrl-click) on the name to open the page in a new window. This is actually a good opportunity to check pages to see if they’re still being used, or have any current giveaways running, before you decide to unlike!

How to unlike multiple pages on the Facebook app

  • Tap your photo to go to your profile
  • Tap . . . (under your profile picture, to the right) to access your settings, and then select Activity Log
  • At the top, tap Filters then Categories > Your Connections > Pages, Page Likes and Interests
  • If you want to start with older pages, tap Filters again and then Date to change the start and end dates for your search. Tap Done to see the list.
  • Tap the . . . beside a page – then choose unlike from the pop up to unlike it.

How to unlike a Facebook page that no longer exists

Occasionally, Facebook pages are deleted – but your Like is still showing on your profile! It’s not possible to unlike these pages using the new Facebook, but you may be able to do it if you go back to the classic Facebook layout in your Chrome browser.

To do this, install the Chrome extension Old Layout For Facebook, add it to your browser bar and witch it on to revert to the old layout. From your Facebook profile click More. You can select your Likes and attempt to Unlike the pages that way.

Hopefully that’s helped you to tidy up your page likes!

For more advice on Facebook, check out my Facebook tips category.

14 Responses

  1. Tom Morrison says:

    I’m finding that when I am unliking multiple Facebook pages on my PC, using the above method, they are reappearing in the year list, Say for instance I delete a load in 2013 and then go back to facebook for a break, as its pretty tedious, when I return to carry on deleting the pages I previously deleted are still there? I’ve spent hours and hours doing this from 2013 to 2015 and nothing stays deleted?


  2. Claudi says:

    Great help and overview, esp. since FB occasionally changes the look and functions, which is really annoying. I found the explanation for the activity protocol most helpful.

  3. Laurel Rohrer says:

    Tried the extension on Chrome and it didn’t work.

  4. Laura Pritchard says:

    OMG, you’re a lifesaver – I couldn’t work out how to unlike my oldest pages on the new layout and this has solved my issues!

  5. Tricia A Thompson says:

    This doesn’t answer how do I removed liked pages that no longer exist on Facebook.

  6. Gordana Hrvojevic says:

    to Lauren, i myself am trying to find that answer, it’s lookin like you can not unlike old likes that do not exist anymore but they still come up in your likes, it’s very frustrating.

  7. Lauren says:

    What about deleting pages you’ve liked that have subsequently been deleted. If I try going to them to unlike, then I just get an error message to say the page has been deleted and I can’t actually remove it. If I just hover my curser over it, nothing pops up. Any suggestions?

  8. Tracey Hallmark says:

    Brilliant thanks going bia activity log as you have set out above is by far the quickest way of unliking I’ve used to date great advice thank you x

  9. Rachel Arnup says:

    Good info thanks. I have that “no earlier than December” problem when I try to use the Activity log to delete. I have been managing my Unlikes by checking my Memories each day & searching for defunct pages in that way though. Also there are a couple of Unlike groups on Facebook, “Unlike It” and “Competition Unlikes” which also show defunct pages too.

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