How to use the JamDoughnut cashback app

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Have you heard of JamDoughnut? It’s a handy free app that helps you save money on your shopping – you buy a gift voucher code using the app, and earn a % of your purchase as cashback. Then simply use the code at the checkout (in store or online) when you pay for your shopping. Currently you can buy the vouchers using Apple Pay and Google Pay – or you can claim a higher % cashback rate by using direct payments via your bank’s mobile app.

JamDoughnut features over a hundred brands, from B&M and Sports Direct to Ticketmaster and Deliveroo.

What I love is the range of supermarkets, currently including Sainsbury’s (up to 2.25% cashback), Waitrose (up to 3.5%), Iceland (up to 3.5%), Morrisons (up to 3.25%), Tesco (up to 3%) and ASDA (up to 3%). With the rising cost of groceries it’s an easy way to save while you shop, particularly for products on the compers shopping list!

You can also buy gift voucher codes on the app and send them to friends and family to use – my husband treated his entire Under 13 football team to lunch at Nando’s so I sent him two £100 Nando’s codes to use, saving him £14 (6.9% cashback rate).

JamDoughnut run regular prize draws for app users, so keep checking the app home screen for new promotions. They also have a live stream on weekdays at 1pm to give away prizes – check the TV icon on the app for details!

Win prizes!

Jam Doughnut have regular giveaways in the app so make sure you check it regularly! On the new Daily Doughnut screen, check for your referral code. Ten codes are shown every day, and if yours is there you can claim £10 of points!

How to use the JamDoughnut app

Download JamDoughnut for free for iOS and Google Play via my affiliate link at

If you search for it manually, do NOT put a space between Jam and Doughnut: it’s one word!

If you use my link or the referral code 5XTC and when you make your first gift card purchase, you’ll get a bonus of 200 points (worth £2). The Easter bonus for new members is 500 points (£5) until 1 April 2024!

Browse the retailers on the app and tap to purchase a gift card code for a value of your choice. JamDoughnut is compatible with ApplePay and Google Pay so payment is quick and easy – but you can get a higher cashback rate if you connect the app directly to your bank and transfer the money straight from your account via your online banking app (you can choose which account the money is debited from).

The voucher code plus your credit (in the form of points) will both be added to your JamDoughnut wallet – this is usually instant but can take a couple of minutes to load! It’s better to be prepared and get your voucher purchased before you get to the checkout in store.

When you want to use the code at your chosen retailer, open the JamDoughnut app and tap the wallet icon to access your prepay codes. Scan the barcode or enter the voucher number at the checkout. Any credit left on the voucher will stay in your JamDoughnut wallet to be used in future. Some brand vouchers will automatically update with the remaining balance, but for other brands (eg. Asda or Waitrose) you will need to manually add your latest spend so the balance updates.

Once you’ve used all your voucher credit up, head to your wallet, swipe across to Archive the voucher and it will disappear from your wallet.

When you reach £10 in your wallet you’ll be able to cash out, by adding your bank account details. JamDoughnut charge a flat rate of 30p per cash out. Payment is within 48 hours (90% of payments are within 24 hours). You must cash out within 12 months of earning your points, otherwise they will expire! If you have earned points from friends signing up, these expire within 3 months.

You can also choose to receive a voucher instead of cashing out to your bank account – this incurs no fee, and you’ll also get a % discount on the voucher!

Refer a friend using your unique code, and when they cash out for the first time you will earn £3 of points!

I’ve been using JamDoughnut regularly and earned over £1,000 cashback from purchasing gift card codes and referral cashback, which is credited when a referred user cashes out. It might seem like a bit of effort at first – but now buying a gift card with JamDoughnut in advance of my supermarket visit, and then simply scanning it when I shop has become second nature! It’s a super easy way to save money on my weekly shop, and also have a chance to win some prizes too.

My tip would be to archive any used gift cards right away, otherwise you’ll still see them in your wallet and might try to use them again. 

Let me know if you have any questions! I hope you enjoy the app as much as I do.

Disclaimer: I get bonus points if new users use my referral code or affiliate link when they join. 

38 Responses

  1. Lyndsey Thomas says:

    Can you use the vouchers for part payment, so for example I buy a voucher for £50 but my shop comes to £57, can I pay the difference on my usual bank card?

  2. Sallie snow says:

    Can I top up a gift card or do I have to purchase a new one if the money runs out?

  3. Susie says:

    How do you find vouchers you’ve archived? I think I might have archived one with something still on it

    • Di says:

      Just go to your wallet, and above your list of active codes there’s a small blue ‘view archive’ to tap

  4. Lynne Chapman says:

    When you buy a voucher, how long is it before they expire if you didn’t use it immediately? Thanks

  5. Md Allemran says:

    Jam dough no downloading because this country Yemen. my from Bangladesh
    No Yemen country any way other systems

  6. June says:

    May I ask if there’s refund system if I would like to refund the gift card amount?
    Another question, how about if I refund an item from supermarket shopping, how can I get back the refund money?

    • Di says:

      Hi June, I’ve checked with JamDoughnut on this one. Normally gift cards are not refundable, but if you contact JD they may be able to arrange it if the gift card is unused.

      If you get a shop refund they will usually refund to the gift card.

  7. Leonard Hall says:

    Once the money on the gift card has been used up, is there a way to see when and where it was spent

  8. Steve says:

    I need some clarification before I try using JamDoughnut for shopping at Sainsbury’s. My mobile does not nave NFC capability. To test it out I want buying a £20 Sainsbury’s credit and purchase something at £7 on the first shop, £12 the second, and £5 the third. From your article I understand that I get a bar code voucher which is scanned at the store. Initially it will have £20 credit, then £13, then £1 and on the final shop I will have to pay £4 on back card. Have I understood this correctly.

  9. Christine Shelley says:

    Ive downloaded the app to find that at the moment they are only using apple pay or google pay not bank , which isnt clear until you read the t & cs , So I cant use it at the moment , perhaps you should add it to your blog

  10. Julie Cooper says:

    The link to the App Store for jam doughnut is not working for me and I cannot find it when I manually type it in on iOS App Store. Is jam doughnut still going?

  11. Craig says:


    I’m thinking of using this to buy a living room suite on wayfair, could you use multiple £500 gift cards in one transaction?


  12. John Leonard says:

    Dear Di. I am about to use this app soon for the first time. So that I am confident when using it, can I ask these questions please? Am I right in thinking it is like having a wallet full of (re)loadable gift cards? And this: If I overspend what I loaded I will be asked at checkout to make up the difference with a credit card? And if I spend less than loaded I can spend the rest another time?

    • Di says:

      Yes, that’s all correct! Jamdoughnut now allow you to manually add what you’ve spent, so you’ll see in your wallet exactly how much remains on each card. Make sure you swipe and ARCHIVE those that you use completely. You can use several in one transaction, and then finish off your payment with a regular bank card if you need to.

      • John Leonard says:

        Thanks for your reply. I have another question. It is about the Update Balance feature for each gift card code. How does it work? For instance : if I have a code for £20 and update it to £10 will I lose £10 even though I have not spent it?

        • Di says:

          No, this function is only as a reminder to yourself! Nothing is taken off the card unless you scan it or use it at online checkout.

  13. John Ettery says:

    Brilliant App Di, i’ve used it a few times and saved a few bob, especially eating out, as they have the highest cashback, one small question, due to my lack of tech knowledge, I have an iphone, how do I delete a voucher once I have used it?

    • Di says:

      Go to your wallet, then on the voucher tap and hold, then swipe off to the right of the screen (it will show ‘archive’!)

  14. Tracy B says:

    Thank you Di! Looks great – I’ve signed up using your code x

  15. yvonne townsend says:

    Thanks for this Di – used your code

  16. Isabel says:

    Used this for a John Lewis purchase yesterday, got £8 back including my welcome bonus! Wouldn’t have known about this if you hadn’t posted, thank you!

  17. Julie Shaw says:

    Thank you for this Di! I used your referral code. Off to use my first code at Waitrose tomorrow. Great to find something for using in supermarkets.

  18. Kazzy Minton says:

    what a great idea … I am firmly IN and all actions completed <3

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