How to use the JamDoughnut cashback app

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Have you heard of JamDoughnut? It’s a handy free app that helps you save money on your shopping – you buy a gift voucher code using the app, and earn a % of your purchase as cashback. Then simply use the code at the checkout (in store or online) when you pay for your shopping.

JamDoughnut features over a hundred brands, from B&M and Sports Direct to Ticketmaster and Deliveroo.

What I love is the range of supermarkets, currently including Sainsbury’s (4% cashback), Waitrose (5%), Iceland (4%), Morrisons (5%) and ASDA (4%). With the rising cost of groceries it’s an easy way to save while you shop, particularly for products on the compers shopping list!

Win cash prizes when you cash out!

As well as offering great cashback rates, JamDoughnut also run regular prize draws for the chance to win cash prizes! Every time you cash out between 1 May and 31 May 2022 you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a prize of £250, £150 or £50.

Read on for a guide to using the JamDoughnut app!

How to use the JamDoughnut app

Download JamDoughnut for free from:

When you register your details, use my referral code 5XTC and when you make your first gift card purchase, you’ll get a bonus 400 points (worth £4) plus a bonus 100 points (£1).

Browse the retailers on the app and buy a gift card code for a value of your choice. JamDoughnut is compatible with ApplePay so payment is quick and easy. The voucher code plus your credit (in the form of points) will both be added to your JamDoughnut wallet.

When you want to use the code at your chosen retailer, open the JamDoughnut app and tap the wallet icon to access your prepay codes. Scan the barcode or enter the voucher number at the checkout. Any credit left on the voucher will stay in your JamDoughnut wallet to be used in future. Once you’ve used all your voucher credit up, head to your wallet, swipe across to Archive the voucher and it will disappear from your wallet.

When you reach £10 in your wallet you’ll be able to cash out, by adding your bank account details. Payment is within 48 hours (90% of payments are within 24 hours).

Earn rewards & win prizes when you use the app

  • Refer a friend using your unique code, and when they cash out for the first time you will earn £4 of points 
  • Every month ten randomly chosen JamDoughnut users will get triple cashback when they cash out. 
  • Every time you cash out between 1 May and 31 May 2022 you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a prize of £250, £150 or £50 (each time you cash out it’s another entry into the prize draw, so cash out every time you reach £10 to maximise entries!)

I’ve been using JamDoughnut regularly for a few months and earned over £80 cashback (£48 from purchasing gift card codes for Asda, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Deliveroo, M&S, etc. plus £32 in referral cashback, which is credited when a referred user cashes out). It might seem like a bit of effort at first – but now buying a gift card with JamDoughnut in advance of my supermarket visit, and then simply scanning it when I shop has become second nature! It’s a dead easy way to save money on my weekly shop, and also have a chance to win some cash prizes too.

My tip would be to archive any used gift cards right away, otherwise you’ll still see them in your wallet and might try to use them again. Some gift cards (eg. Sainsbury’s) show you the remaining balance in the JamDoughnut app, but others only show the initial amount.

Let me know if you have any questions! I hope you enjoy the app as much as I do.

11 Responses

  1. John Ettery says:

    Brilliant App Di, i’ve used it a few times and saved a few bob, especially eating out, as they have the highest cashback, one small question, due to my lack of tech knowledge, I have an iphone, how do I delete a voucher once I have used it?

    • Di says:

      Go to your wallet, then on the voucher tap and hold, then swipe off to the right of the screen (it will show ‘archive’!)

  2. Tracy B says:

    Thank you Di! Looks great – I’ve signed up using your code x

  3. yvonne townsend says:

    Thanks for this Di – used your code

  4. Isabel says:

    Used this for a John Lewis purchase yesterday, got £8 back including my welcome bonus! Wouldn’t have known about this if you hadn’t posted, thank you!

  5. Julie Shaw says:

    Thank you for this Di! I used your referral code. Off to use my first code at Waitrose tomorrow. Great to find something for using in supermarkets.

  6. Kazzy Minton says:

    what a great idea … I am firmly IN and all actions completed <3

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