How to use Twitter lists

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  1. Steve says:

    Thank you, Di, for checking. How frustrating that Twitter keeps changing things. Seems that I’m now stuck with the Lists atop my Homepage (the swipe Lists) bc I can’t rearrange them or even delete them! Bothersome also because I liked the swipe right-to-left directly to camera feature that Twitter rolled out a few months before the pinned Lists, then the pinned Lists took away the swipe camera . Now we’re stuck with the worst of all worlds. Thanks again, you’re clearly a Twitter-Tweetdeck power user like me, Di…appreciate your looking into it for me. Steve.

  2. Steve says:

    Hi, Di. Thanks for this article. I love Lists. Suddenly, however, I no longer see the pin symbols in the Twitter official app. Seems I can no longer pin or rearrange my Lists, although the Lists I had as swipes atop my Homepage are still there. Can you check your app, is it just me or did Twitter just change the app again? Thanks for checking. Steve 9/10/19

    • Di says:

      It looks like the latest update has removed the ability to pin lists! I can’t understand why, it was super helpful!

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