How to win a gold Brewdog can… just like I did!

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  1. Mei Suen says:

    Congratulations! It’s karma! For all the good you have shared! So pleased for you.

  2. Ellen Potter says:

    Wow amazing, congratulations, if anyone deserves this prize, it’s you

  3. Gill says:

    What a fantastic win, Di. We’ll do Everything! I can’t imagine how excited to must have been, in winning such a hugely valuable prize. Many congratulations!

    • Gill says:

      I don’t know how predictive text changed my well done, Di’ into ‘We’ll do Everything!’ or my ‘you’ into ‘to’ but hope you got the gist of my message. (Can’t see how to edit my original posting….sorry!

  4. Sheila Hodgson says:

    So nice to hear of a big and interesting win.
    I’m fascinated to see how comping might change this year with ongoing travel restrictions and less holiday prizes I’m hoping that some more original prizes pop up.

  5. Ann Sandover says:

    Wow that’s fantastic Di. I’m really please forward you. Well deserved I’d say.

  6. Avril Saunders says:


  7. Cheryl Sutton says:

    Truly amazing Win, Congratulations!

  8. Rebecca Beesley says:

    Amazing news – massive congrats!!!

  9. Frances Heaton says:

    Congratulations, well done winning such a unique and amazing prize.

  10. Jayne Adams says:

    Congratulations Di – an amazing win and prize!

  11. Kazzy Bee Mints says:

    I emailed BrewDog for clarity on this comp – they told me that you can only enter with ONE retailer but other members of your household can also enter … the exaact email said …

    “It is okay for your husband to enter too but you’re only allowed to enter with one retailer, apologies for the confusion”

    • Nicola Lester says:

      I contacted BrewDog via Twitter DM and got a completely different response ‍♀️

      They said…

      “ @Delilah64 Thanks for your patience! I’ve just been informed that you should be able to buy as much multipacks of Punk IPA as you want and from different groceries, as long as you proof your purchase, so if you buy more packs you’ll have more possibilities to get the golden can! The participation is not per person but per case purchase, therefore you and your son can participate as many times as you want as long as you do it with a different proof of purchase. I hope this information helps and have a great day! Cheers, Manuel”

      All very confusing.

      • Di says:

        I was told by Brewdog today that it’s simply ”one entry per purchase” – suggesting that you can enter at as many retailers and as many receipts as you like!

        • Nicola Lester says:

          Thanks for following up Di. Fingers firmly crossed that I can be as lucky as you 🙂

  12. Dan says:

    Amazing, have you had it valued? Any ideas of how to turn it into cash?!

    • Di says:

      Well it weighs 285grams and the current price of scrap gold is about £41 a gram, so it would be worth about £11,000 if you sold it! But I’ll be hanging on to it for while though… 🙂

      • D Taylor says:

        Thanks, I won too! A 440ml Lost Lager good can, from the Twitter/Insta comp!

        No idea how to cash it in though!?

        • Di says:

          Congratulations! I was wondering who had won that one! You can take anything gold to a High Street Jeweller to get it valued and they will probably offer to buy it too – let me know how you get on if you do!

  13. Marta Lewanska says:

    Massive congratulations Di,you so deserve it,thank you very much for your tips!Would you know if you can enter more than once?for example by from two retailers?can’t find it in T&cs

    • Di says:

      I would consider each retailer draw as a completely separate promotion, but I’ve emailed Brewdog to check if you can enter each retailer draw multiple times.

  14. Cath Gates says:

    What a fantastic win, and very much deserved with all the comping advice you share! Enjoy your special prize 🙂

  15. Simon Knuckey says:

    That’s an amazing win Di and I’m so pleased for you, all the effort you put into comping certainly pays off, it gives us all inspiration and motivation when we read this and your win will spur us all on in compland, many congrats again.

  16. Alex McKay says:

    Huge congratulations Di. I’m glad you’ve had a golden win. You deserve it for sharing all your comping tips and positivity. Thank you and enjoy your new golden ornament!

  17. Sally says:

    Oh Wow!

    I’m not really a comper – but dabble a bit and love this blog when I’m in the zone.
    Are you sure you won in Tesco – as the rules say it’s not even closed yet????

    • Di says:

      It was the Tesco Lost Lager comp – the Punk IPA comp is still running!

      • Sally says:

        Thanks! That explains it then!

        It can take a while and a degree in deciphering to read some of these rules!

        No idea that there were two running!

  18. Kelly-Marie Chrascina says:


    I was just about to buy a pack in Tesco but as you mentioned you won through Tesco, and reading the T&C’s, it looks like yours was the only one prize available from that retailer – if I’m reading correctly?

  19. Nick Board says:

    How did the premium comper in the country ,manage to find the needle in the haystack?

    • Di says:

      This wasn’t a Willy Wonka type golden ticket/needle in a haystack instant win promotion Nick – those are pretty much impossible for compers to win! This one was a prize draw at a specific retailer in a limited timeframe, where you had to buy a product that wasn’t stocked at all branches, and upload a photo of your receipt – so that meant far fewer entries. After 24 years of comping I know which promotions offer the best chance of a win!

  20. christine reid says:

    Well done what an amazing prize!

  21. Sonya Ritchie says:

    How fabulous Di now that’s a prize… Send me some lucky dust my love xx

  22. Jo Heath says:

    Congratulations Di, well done and thank you for sharing.

    • Charlotte Easton says:

      Huge congratulations – you’re an inspiration to us all! Now you just need to win a safe deposit box!

  23. Jo Taylor says:

    That’s amazing Di. You said you would win big cash this year, funny enough I put £25,000 win on my bingo card, I’m going to have to enter this one x

    • Di says:

      Well it’s not exactly cash, but it’s still amazing! Good luck with your biggie Jo – hope you’ve entered the two £100k Bauer Radio comps this week!

  24. Jean Vaughan says:

    What an incredible win. Many, many congratulations x

  25. KelleyP says:

    Wow, that’s an absolutely fantastic win Di, congratulations and well deserved for everything you do for the comping world and an inspiration to us all.

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