How to win football tickets

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  1. KelleyP says:

    Hi Di, thank you for posting this great information. I had a match in the Cadbury’s Match & Win and have been informed I’ve won Match Tickets, I’m not quite sure how it will work but I’m hoping for Man City tickets (having supported them for over 50 years) and if so that’s another item ticked off my Bingo prize wish list card.

    • Di says:

      That’s fantastic! Hope you get your Man City tickets.

      • KelleyP says:

        Hi Di, I’m happy to report I’ve got my Man City tickets. Although the email Cadbury’s sent emphasized that it was on a first come first served basis, there were quite a few teams and games to go for. I clicked on all the links, chose the game I wanted to attend and completed the relevant sections and finally got an email saying “Back of the net!
        Congratulations your tickets for the below match are now confirmed” so I’m presuming I’ve got them. Obviously with the proviso that the timings/date of the game I have chosen could change, i.e. presently it’s at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon, which is unlikely to stay at that. All I would say and a Compers News Chatterbox reader kindly pointed out, it really is first come first served, so if someone gets a winning email for tickets to keep looking out for the follow up email to book them as quickly as possible. Thank you again for posting and good luck to you for Brighton and other compers entering this competion. I’ll keep trying for the VIP hospitality prize!!

  2. Jane says:

    My boys are into rugby. Any ideas on how to win rugby tickets? Thanks

    • Di says:

      Follow the tips here Jane – but researching and following rugby team, league and cup sponsors! Also a Google search for “Win Six Nations tickets” for example!

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