Hunt the Golden Creme Egg for the chance to win £5,000!

Are you ready to join the hunt for the Golden Creme Egg?

Once more Cadbury are awarding cash prizes to the lucky folk who track down the very special Creme Eggs that can be found in shops around the UK! This year the hunt is on for golden eggs, celebrating fifty years since the launch of the Cadbury Creme Egg.

200 winning Golden Goobilee eggs will be placed in major supermarkets and convenience stores in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland between Boxing Day and 4th April 2021. If you find one there will be an insert inside to tell you how to claim your cash prize of up to £5000, and you’ll have until 4th June to claim!

Of course, millions of us buy Creme Eggs every year so the chance of you finding an egg is tiny, but this promotion adds a bit of Willy Wonka inspired fun to your shopping trip, and imagine how exciting it would be to peel that wrapper off to reveal golden chocolate…

Where to find the Golden Eggs

The golden eggs are placed directly onto store displays and shelves – discreetly of course! – by the team at PromoVeritas – this could be any time between now and the 4th April 2021.

Here’s where you’ll find the 200 golden eggs – and what cash prizes can be won in each of the different stores. You will only find winning golden eggs in stores that have the promotional displays!

  • INDEPENDENT RETAILERS (independents & convenience stores) – 30 golden eggs (1 x £5,000, 9 x £500 and 20 x £50)
  • ONE STOP – 7 winning eggs (1 x £5,000, 1 x £500 and 5 x £50)
  • BOOKER/ BRP8 winning eggs (1 x £5,000, 3 x £500 and 4 x £50)
  • BOOTHS – 1 x £500 winning egg
  • ICELAND – 1 x £500 winning egg
  • M&S – 9 winning eggs (1 x £5,000, 4 x £500 and 4 x £50)
  • SAINSBURY’S – 30 winning eggs (1 x £5,000, 9 x £500 and 20 x £50)
  • ASDA – 30 winning eggs (1 x £5,000, 9 x £500 and 20 x £50)
  • TESCO – 30 winning eggs (1 x £5,000, 9 x £500 and 20 x £50)
  • CO-OP – 30 winning eggs (1 x £5,000, 9 x £500 and 20 x £50)
  • WAITROSE – 20 winning eggs (1 x £5,000, 9 x £500 and 10 x £50)

How to claim a cash prize

If you find a Golden Goobilee egg there will be a winning voucher inside the packaging with a phone number to call. When you call, you will be asked a series of verification questions including the unique code on the wrapper, the retailer it was purchased from, plus the date and location of purchase.

You must be 16 to claim your prize – if an under 16 finds a winning egg, a parent or guardian will need to claim on their behalf. There’s a postal entry route for residents of Northern Ireland, and details are in the terms and conditions.

Find full details about the promotion at luck in the egg hunt!

4 Responses

  1. Louise Ash says:

    I agree the odds are ridiculously high for this competition but I don’t think people who are doing this realise it or care. Unfortunately any boxes I have seen have been tampered with, you can see the foil has been pulled back, as the boxes were in front of the tills I did wonder if it could have possibly been a staff member with the opportunity as anyone else standing there doing it would be noticed.

  2. Louise Ash says:

    I can’t believe that Cadbury are running this competition this year. Every year they have done this all of the eggs get unwrapped while on the shelves. A great way to spread germs! Surely they can do it another way?!!

    • Di says:

      Very good point Louise – although I’ve noticed that the promo Creme Egg displays are placed close to the checkouts this time round, so I would hope that would be enough discouragement to any hopeful wrapper peelers!

    • Lyfe says:

      Considering Cadbury must make millions of these eggs, I’m honestly surprised someone would even try and unwrap. Not only is it illegal as they’re tampering with things that don’t belong to them, they have very low odds of finding a winning egg.

      This seems like one of those promotions you probably shouldn’t get invested in but if you’re lucky, great.

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