I won £3,000 of prizes in November!

After October’s epic 54 minute unboxing I’m shocked that I’ve had even more boxes to open in November – in fact, this month’s video features an amazing £3,000 of prizes, including two biggies ticked off my wishlist. I don’t usually reveal any prizes in the YouTube video thumbnail, but I was so excited to finally win a KitchenAid I couldn’t resist!

November goals

As for the monthly goals listed in my BootComp planner, I managed all 4 of them this month. I entered more comps than usual in the first couple of weeks of November and it paid off!

  • Enter 800 comps ✅
  • Win 15 prizes ✅
  • Get on the radio for a comp ✅ (you’ll hear about this in the December unboxing as I haven’t received the prize yet!)
  • Win a games console  ✅

Check out the unboxing video to see all the prizes I won this month (and scroll down for the spoilers…)

November prize list

  • Inagaky canvas & Sapporo beer – Instagram prize draw
  • Asahi glass – Asda purchase necessary prize draw
  • Higgidy Pies & Gun Beer – Instagram prize draw
  • Pair of Vue cinema tickets – Doritos Dippers & Tesco TTW
  • 90 minute massage – Victoria Grace Massage Therapy Instagram prize draw
  • Set of 5 Ninja Foodi pans – Premier Foods purchase necessary prize draw
  • Carling shirts – Carling instant win penalty game
  • £75 John Lewis voucher – Skoda Online Live Tour competition
  • 4 x family games – Coiled Spring Instagram prize draw
  • Pier Pressure Escape Rooms voucher – Old Speckled Hen photo prize draw
  • £100 Nivea bundle & £100 Smiffys voucher – Nivea Instagram prize draw
  • £100 of Korean food & £50 Yori London voucher – Cook with Kimchi Instagram competition

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk bar – Cadbury Secret Santa
  • £100 to spend at Blossoms restaurant in Brighton – Blossoms Instagram prize draw
  • Pair of Sailor Jerry party tickets – Sailor Jerry purchase necessary prize draw (check out the new comp at www.sailorjerryparty.co.uk, ending 16.2.24)
  • Upcircle Shampoo, Conditioner, Perfume & Lip Balm, Bundle of sustainable AndKeep home products, Botl lunchbox and bottle, Vent for Change stationery, and £50 to spend at www.cottontwist.co.uk – @andkeepshopping Instagram prize draw
  • Bonne Maman Advent CalendarTesco Text to win
  • Embr Labs wristband & 2 months supply of Revive Collagen – @revivecollagen Instagram prize draw
  • KitchenAid mixerStork Margarine purchase necessary prize draw (ends 11.12)
  • XBox Series XTesco & Doritos text-to-win prize draw (ends 15.12)
  • Bee BombRegina Rewards instant win (ends 31.12)
  • Two Christmas burgers – Oowee Vegan Instagram prize draw
  • Three bottles of Ron de Santiago rum – Drink Supermarket Instagram prize draw

Was November lucky for you? Let me know in the comments!

If you enjoy reading about people’s comping success, then please join us in the Lucky Learners Facebook group where group members share their wonderful weekly and monthly wins – you can also watch a playlist of prize unboxing videos on YouTube!

Wishing you a successful December – don’t forget to check out my Advent competition tips!

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9 Responses

  1. Lucky me says:

    Do you win some prizes due to your popularity ?

    Social media is a disaster for me though am not a heavy poster nor have a following. (I do post photos / non comping stuff)

    I’d like to think it was a random draw and not popularity contest.

    • Di says:

      I think for some giveaways I may be favoured because I’m a comper and have a big following – but on the other hand, some brands would never choose me as a winner for the same reason! I do think most instagram prize draws for big brands are done fairly using a comment picker tool though.

  2. Jeanette says:

    What a month Di, congrats. I envy you for the Korean food treats. My November was OK. I won a huge Gourmet Box with Purina with a variety of selected menu creations (cat food), you just had to spin a wheel and the game is still on. My employee was over the moon when I gave it to him. I won with REWE producttest Swiffer 3D XXL starter set – clean duster, cosmetic samples and last but not least I received a little package via Ishq Bollywood magazine (2 pins , a poster, postcards and a DVD called Mom with english subtitles. They even asked me what my interests were and I said that I love DVDs and they sended my the Mom DVD (i asked if they have the DVD). Check this movie out it is brutal but it shows how far a mother would go for her child (in this chase step-child). Have a fab December. All the best.

  3. KelleyP says:

    Wow, what an unboxing, congratulations on all your wins Di. I had a quieter month re wins but I did win a £25 Spontex Saisnbury’s gift card and an Asahi Rugby hoodie which has arrived and is lovely.

  4. Gill says:

    Wow! You have had a great month, Di. I look forward to watching your unboxing each month and am in awe of your the winning ability.
    I wonder if I’m the only one, who also watches your unboxing, thinking ‘Oh, that would be a great box for selling stuff on eBay!!

    • Di says:

      Oh yes, my loft is full of sturdy boxes stuffed with bubble wrap and jiffy bags for my eBay sales, with Ry turning 14 this month it will be time to clear out some of his old toys and books from under his bed!!

  5. Sarah R says:

    Amazing month Di! I also managed to tick off a prize from my wishlist which was the airfyer with McCain..I won on the last day! I also won £20 with Maltesers,a Guiness jumper, Coca Cola bauble, Asahi glass, my first tiktok win of some teeth whitening strips and a Minions mug. Fingers crossed for some Christmas wins!

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