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Every week I’m sharing some lovely winners stories from SuperLucky readers. This week we’re praising promoters who helped make prizes perfect for the lucky winners! 

Some people might have to add a child onto their prize trip – but Rachel had a canine friend to take!

“I won a trip to Inverness last January, with travel, hotel and some nice extras like whale watching thrown in… I happily claimed the prize, and arranged a date in September for the holiday.

However, in March my life got turned upside down when my other half and I fell in love with a rescue dog, so we took him on… only to find he had a few behavioural problems, including not being able to be left in kennels, which rather put the kibosh on our holiday!

I contacted the promoter to explain the situation, and asked if there might be any wriggle room. Luckily I tumbled upon a dog lover at the company who totally understood, and rearranged everything so we could bring our dog with us – instead of flying we were given a generous petrol allowance and they paid the hotel’s extra pet charges too – now that’s what I call good service! They even gave us extra spending money because dogs weren’t allowed on the whale watching trip.

We all had a great time, including Sputnik on what was probably his first ever holiday – the hotel staff made a huge fuss of him, even sneaking him the odd leftover titbit from the breakfast buffet… turns out he likes smoked salmon!”

Rebecca won a fabulous prize – for writing about diarrhoea!

“We won an overnight stay at LegoLand with Dioralyte, in a competition to share a diarrhoea story! I told them the true story of how having sickness and diarrhoea actually triggered my labour when I was pregnant with my son and how it ended up spreading to all the midwives that visited! Although the official prize was not the actual Legoland hotel, it was a hotel nearby and was for a family of 4, the PR agency kindly let us pay for the extra person as we are a family of 5. We paid a little extra to stay at the actual Legoland hotel but it was worth it. It is definitely worth asking if changes can be made!”

Check out Rebecca’s Legoland blog post.


Paul will be setting off shortly on a rollercoaster ride of a lifetime thanks to Capital FM!

“I have been entering competitions for a few years but I took your advice last year and made a prize wish list. My list had all kinds of different things on it ranging from gadgets for me, toys for my son, to family days out. There always has to be bigger things on a wish list, so there were the usual things like a new car and a holiday – but my list also included an “international business trip” with my best mate of 30+ years. We are both theme park enthusiasts and always talked about going overseas together to visit some new parks, with “international business trip” being our code for not taking our families with us! 

I’ve entered all kinds of different competitions to try to fulfil our ambition (prize draws, photo effort etc.) but was never successful – that was until April 2016 when I received some great news! I was at work at the time so didn’t have my mobile with me, when I went for lunch I saw that somebody had left a voicemail. It was a lady from Capital FM who wanted to congratulate me on winning a competition with Air Canada!

I could remember entering this competition on the Capital FM website, as the answer was Justin Bieber – and I was never a fan of his. When I spoke to the lady from Capital FM and she confirmed that I’d won a 7 day holiday to Canada I was ecstatic – suddenly I was Justin’s biggest fan!!

The full prize was flights to Canada, including 7 days 4* accommodation for 2 people, travel insurance and visas, along with £500 spending money – this was amazing news!

After discussing my theme park obsession with the guy from the company who arranges the holidays, he said that he might be able to amend the accommodation for us so that we could go on an Canada/USA theme park road trip – with him booking accommodation at various locations across the USA to match our travel plans.

In short, everything is now booked for us to fly into Canada at the end of May 2017 to set off on a road trip down into the USA before returning to explore the sights of Canada (including Niagara Falls). We have hotels booked in different places every night and will visit 6 massive theme parks along the way! Did I mention that he also extended it to a 10 day trip for us as is wasn’t possible to have 4* accommodation at all of our destinations?

This is easily my favourite 2016 win, and it goes to show that it’s always worth discussing the prize with the prize provider. I know that the T&C’s usually state that prizes are as stated, but you never know, sometimes it might just be worth asking…”

Jess politely pointed out a promoter’s mistake, and ended up with a unique prize!

“I won a weekend away in a VW camper van with Autohaus – entrants had to name their new camper van on Facebook, and my suggestion was Aubrey, my daughter’s name. They announced a different winner, who had also chosen the name Aubrey! I emailed to say that I should have been a winner too (in a polite way!) and they kindly agreed to let me have a weekend away. However they were fully booked when I contacted them, so I was offered a cash alternative. Even so, this was one of my favourite wins just because there is now a campervan with my daughters name!”

I’ve had some great experiences with promoters myself – I’ve been able to change prizes to take parents along, pass prizes on to my family and also take cash alternatives in some cases! It’s always worth asking!

Have you dealt with a promoter or agency who’ve been extra helpful? Give them a shout out in the comments!

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  1. Clara Cort says:

    I had a very good experience with too when I won their #Oneinamillion promotion last year. The competition had a generous budget (£20 grand), and when my chosen destination and date was confirmed (off-season, for my husband’s birthday specially), they upgraded our flights to Thailand onto first class, on Emirates!!! And added travel insurance, and also booked a taxi to the airport both ways, plus air-conditioned Mercedes pick-up in Phuket, so we don’t have to spend any money on transport (these extras were not part of the prize originally). It was the best thing I’ve ever won and has certainly helped a lot along the way.

  2. rebecca beesley says:

    thanks so much for the mention. Lovely to hear the other wonderful stories too. How cute is that dog! x

    • So cute! Thanks for sharing your story Rebecca, it did make me laugh! (I had to spellcheck diarrhoea a few times too!)

    • toadfinder says:

      Aw thanks Rebecca, he’s a funny looking beast but we love him 🙂 Your story is hilarious – you truly know how to turn a negative into a positive!

  3. Kathryn Hipkin says:

    I won the Europa Notebooks top prize of a holiday to Las Vegas (had entered in hopes of a runners up prize of a London theatre break!).
    Anyway, we have 2 children who were then 7 and 10 and the older one has Autism Spectrum Disorder. As we couldn’t leave him for 5 days, we asked the promoter if we could pay to take the children along and explained why.
    The promoters were amazing (I think because one of them had a disabled daughter themselves) and very very kindly changed the prize to a Virgin holiday voucher, which enabled us to have the most amazing holiday in San Francisco!
    I was even more delighted when they still included the original spending money of £1000 and £200 towards seeing a show in Vegas so we had £1200 to spend as part of the prize.
    It really was fabulous, the best prize I’ve ever won and my little girl had her 8th birthday in San Francisco. I had to be inventive with a birthday present then – luckily she was into Frozen and I was able to pack an Ana costume amongst my own clothes and hide it that way.
    Really really appreciated that the promoters did all that for us (when I first got the notification I had won the comp, it was a phone call that I received at work. I had chronic toothache, could hardly speak and had to ask them to email everything so that my husband would be able to talk to them instead! I think they did realise I’m not that miserable all the time tho!)

  4. Gemma Thompson says:

    My motto is if you don’t ask you don’t get! When I won a trip to the ladies Wimbledon final it was supposed to be for the Friday and Saturday nights from Belfast. I was actually on holiday in L.A. and flying into Dublin on the Saturday. I thought I was going to miss out on this amazing prize! However the promoter booked me a flight from Dublin to meet my flight from L.A. and arranged the hotel for the Saturday and Sunday nights instead..I was so happy!! Always worth asking 🙂

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