How to enter Instagram competitions

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  1. Peter Rob says:

    New to this Super Lucky Di, I’m using a Samsung Android and when I hold the power and return buttons a white flash and a camera click is heard when regramming a photo, however it disappears in to cyber space?

    • Now, I’m not very good with Android devices – but have you tried taking the screenshot, and then immediately swiping down from the top of the screen to see notifications? It might be there?

  2. Mark Johnstone says:

    SuperLucky I think I’ve got some very handy tips for Instagram giveaways you might be not aware of. It can all be done via a browser. Just remember this one word. Yastagram! This very handy site does re-posting. I also use as can right click to copy the picture and manage your likes and custom feeds to track favorite promoters for giveaways etc 🙂

    Some Instagram competitions are easier done using an app for most I find it easier on the PC as can bookmark the page, quickly save and upload the pic for re-posting. Note the Instagram site I don’t think can right click to save the image thou I can bookmark the giveaway with a follow and like. Then switch to the other sites to complete the rest. 🙂

    • Thanks for the tips Mark! I rarely enter Instagram re-gram comps but this is useful information, and it might be worth me writing a ‘How to use Instagram on your computer’ post now there’s a way to do it! Also looks very handy for creating custom feeds from compers who I don’t follow!

  3. Alison Walker-Hyde says:

    Just watched this a few times – going to give my first Instagram comp a bash now!

  4. Julie Feathers says:

    Thanks Di for this I have done my first regram

  5. Vicky says:

    your link to how to find instagram comps is not working for me

  6. Maggie Lee-Roberts says:

    I object to having to follow so many people on Instagram and now I can’t see my friends’ photos as I’m swamped with hundreds of posts from people I’ve had to follow to take part in a competition. It’s spoiled Instagram for me, but there may be that big win…..

    • It would be good if you could set up lists like on Facebook – then you could check out photos from a VIP/friends list without all the other guff! I don’t follow too many accounts and always unfollow if I see too many boring baby photos! (shhh, don’t tell the bloggers!)

  7. chrriss88 says:

    Instagram has always been a mystery to me so thanks Di for this tutorial x

  8. Julia Plant says:

    Thanks Di. searching out instagram competitions is much harder than with other media. Many are low entry too – definitely worth the effort. I’ve had some nice wins with creative or themed photos on Ig. I’ve never won a REGRAM comp and don’t know anyone who has. As Di points out, they are an ugly interruptions to newsfeed and maybe better avoided?

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