List of instant wins & daily draws

Here’s a list of current UK FREE instant win competitions, daily prize draws and lotteries – it’s updated every few days. Instant wins are probably the most exciting type of prize promotion, and are so easy to enter. I’ve won thousands of pounds of prizes in instant win comps, including holidays, event tickets and TVs!

If you also want to enter purchase-necessary instant wins and daily draws, you might be interested in joining Lucky Legends, the SuperLucky members club. This gives you access to the popular Compers Shopping List which gives you a list of UK products which you can buy in order to enter a competition or prize draw.

The best type of instant win promotion, which offers the highest chance of a prize, is an open winning moments promotion. Most of the comps listed below are this format, and you can find out more in my post What is a winning moment promotion?

I also have a blog post about the worst types of instant win format, because the chance of winning is tiny – seeded ‘golden ticket’ style promotions, winning combination ‘guess the number’ type competitions, and instant win algorithms. Find out more in my post ‘Which instant win formats have the worst chance of winning?’

With instant win games you’ll win a prize if you enter at a winning moment – with the daily draws, enter your details each day for a chance to win the daily prize, with lotteries you register and then need to check daily. The promotions are in closing date order with the ongoing ones at the end of each section.

Let me know in the comments if you spot a new instant win comp to add, or if any have finished – and of course, tell me if you’re a lucky winner. 

List of instant wins and daily draws

Instant win competitions

You can enter these promotions once a day, and will find out immediately if you’re an instant winner: 

Limited entry instant wins:

  • Homepride (5 entries per household) – ends 30.7
  • Crocs (one entry per month) – ends 31.7
  • Vita Coco (one entry only) – ends 31.8
  • Old Mout Cider (one entry per week) – ends 31.8
  • Jamshed (one entry per day, 10 entries max) – ends 31.12
  • OXO (one entry per week) – ends 30.1.25

Daily entry prize draws

For these, you can enter every day, and winners are chosen in a daily draw – you won’t find out if you’ve won instantly, but will usually receive an email in a day or two.

Great British Raffle daily draws

Great British Raffle is a new app with daily prize draws to win £10 vouchers (£50 on a Friday!) – earn entries by listening to adverts! Use my referral code 19 when you join, and you’ll get 20 tickets in the next daily draw as a head start. You can download for Android, or Apple users can play in a web browser.

Pepsi Pass instant win

Head to on a mobile device and log in to Pepsi Pass, then earn tokens and redeem them for instant win entries! Each month there are new ways to earn tokens and new prizes to win.

App instant wins & prize draws

There are games and instant wins on the Coca-Cola app you can play every day for FREE for the chance to win prizes. Find out more in my post Win prizes with the Coca-Cola app.

Current free to enter promotions on the Coke app are:

  • Greggs x Oasis – play the instant win once a day to win one of 40,000 Greggs Meal Deals (ends 19.8.24)
  • Diet Coke Fashion Crush – play the Candy Crush style game up to 5 times a day to earn gems to enter weekly prize draws to win Diet Coke merch (ends 28.2.25)
  • NEW! Diet Coke By You – play the instant win twice a day to win personalised Diet Coke cans or a £5,000 shopping spree (ends 9.9.24)
  • NEW! Sprite Heat Hacks – play the games up to 5 times a day to earn Sprite coins to enter the prize draws (ends 31.7.25)

If you enjoy Magazine Dailies check out my guide to free daily entry magazine competitions – don’t bother with the lucky number instant wins on the magazine sites though, as your chance of winning is around half a million-to-1!

Bauer Radio has two excellent daily prize draws, which you can enter for free by telephone multiple times daily. The competitions, Cash Register and Make Me A Winner, are only temporary and run for a month or so each time. Find out more in my posts How to enter Cash Register (for free!) and How to enter Make Me A Winner for free.

FREE Lotteries

Register your details with these sites and then check the website daily to see if you’re the winner of a prize (I set my favourites to open automatically when I open my web browser each day). The winning daily entry is chosen from all registered users – if it’s you, there will be a button to claim.

These sites are funded by advertising and although you can subscribe to a daily reminder email, you don’t have to. Some prizes will roll over to the next day if unclaimed.

Pick My Postcode (previously Free Postcode Lottery) is well established and has several daily cash prizes up for grabs. PMP have given away over £1.5 million in prizes, and recently someone won their highest prize ever of £8,660.21! All you need to do is register your details at* and check daily to see if your postcode is a winner!

In Your Area have a daily scratchcard with a prize of a £20 Amazon voucher (it rolls over to a maximum prize of £140 if not won) – to be eligible to win, you must have visited your local In Your Area feed in the previous 3 days. Log in and play the scratchcard at

Here are links to some other daily lottery sites:

*Some of these links are affiliate or referral links, if you register with the sites I may get the chance to win extra bonuses. Thanks!

I haven’t included in this post:

  • daily entries for a single prize (see the Blog Giveaways lists and free entry daily magazine competitions for these comps)
  • instant wins where the ‘prize’ is just an entry into a prize draw
  • promotions where T&Cs state a purchase is required (regardless of whether a receipt is needed to claim the prize)

I’ll do my best to find and add new promotions as often as I can!

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556 Responses

  1. Lucky Me says:

    Thanks for sharing. Odd, the Cold Sandwich code worked for a filled baguette BUT code not worked for drink. (Manager let me have the drink) Were separate transactions.
    Win A Dinner was easy adding £10 to phone wallet and spending through.

    • Di says:

      The Greggs Oasis code didn’t work for me either! Sandwich code was fine.

      • Lucky Me says:

        Hello, hope U get one that works!!!

        Managed to win again + both codes (SW / Oasis Punch) were individually accepted @ Petrol stn Greggs this time!

  2. jodie says:

    Hi Di, I won a pair of Crocs on the Magners comp in May – gave them my address on the online form but heard nothing since. No confirmation email and no prize. Do you know any way to contact them? Thanks

  3. Hi Di
    Entered your instant competition last Saturday ( spinning the bottle with Spar) it was in a courtesy of Heineken – I hit the jackpot and I screenshot the screen that it says congratulations but so far nobody has contacted me yet!! I didn’t even get a confirmation email from them , what shall I do ??

  4. Natasha says:

    Since the 5th of this month I’ve won twice on win a dinner i took your advice about 2 months ago about entering the instant wins late & its working 3 instant wins in 10 days thank you so much Di x

  5. Loubie123 says:

    Hi Di
    New instant win from Asda- until all prizes run out. 1 entry per day-

  6. Natasha says:

    Thank you for posting the homepride link I’ve just won a family day out

  7. Jacob Heald says:

    Anyone else having trouble with the spar verifying page ?

  8. Naomi says:

    hi there – has anyone else received an email supposedly from Coca-cola to say you’ve won tickets to Euro 2024?
    it looks very authentic but at the same time there’s questions there you wouldn’t expect from a legit win

  9. Suki Singh says:

    Been a while for a win but postman rang door this morning and handed me a parcel… I’d won a Cluedo game in the Sharwoods and had no clue (ironcially)… he he

  10. Juliette Giles says:

    The OPI link is invalid

  11. T&Cs for the Hungry Horse Spin & Win say ” Entries are restricted to one entry per person. In the event of multiple entries being received from the same person or account, only the first entry will be accepted.” (hidden right down in clause 17) but you’ve got it as “enter once a day”.

  12. Lena says:

    Hi Di, just a quick note. The barilla one is limited to one entry per person/phone number. Lena

  13. Viks says:

    Thanks for your links, I won £500 first try on Glens Vodka. First time I’ve ever won anything!

  14. Natasha says:

    Di walkers have a promotion running on 6/05/24 till 14/07/24 its Instant win prizes 1x£500 every 90 minute It looks like a game has it says click to kick the football & find out if you’ve won instantly.

    • Di says:

      I’ll be putting up a blog post about this one soon! It’s purchase necessary with unique codes on the packets again,.

  15. Jonny Price says:

    Hi Di In the Glens vodka instant win how are some folks doing it in 3 seconds do you reckon??

  16. Naomi Lacey says:

    hi Di , thanks for all the helpful suggestions! , just to say that the Coca Cola comp is called Endless Catcher not Endless Summer- that’s the title of a 1960’s surf movie !
    So far since last month i’ve won a Barbie and lots of goodies from Spar ! thanks again!

  17. Lindsey Taylor says:

    Hi Di
    Ive just come across your amazing website and am now inspired to get back into entering competitions. I started about twenty years ago and won some amazing holidays and lots of items but stopped about 10 years ago.
    I have requested to join the Facebook Group but not yet heard if accepted. Couldnt see if this is on the site but posting here in case it isnt.

    • Di says:

      Thanks Lindsey – I haven’t included Arla on the list as it’s daily entry to go into a monthly draw (rather than daily entry for daily draws)! I’ve just added you to Lucky learners

      • Lindsey Taylor says:

        Thank You. I look forward to getting stuck in and involved with the Lucky Learners.

  18. KelleyP says:

    Thank you for posting the Instant wins Di. I seem to be developing a habit for winning the more unusual prizes. I’ve recently won a hammock in the Magners promotion & finally won a prize in the Carling competition, this pm. A video message from a football legend! I was hoping for the FA cup tickets!!

  19. Hayley says:

    Thanks for all the competitions. Seem to be lucky and unlucky lately, won £10 off the siren beer but it wouldn’t let me use the code, won a basketball in the Hennessy competition but they never sent me a confirmation email although I’d only entered once and then won on the cost cutters maltesers comp and they haven’t sent me a confirmation email either!

    • Di says:

      I assume you’ve checked your junk/spam Hayley – I would be a bit concerned about not receiving the emails, and maybe set up a new email for your comping?

      • Hayley says:

        Hi:) yep I checked I’ve never had it happen before so twice in one week is quite odd, I’ve taken your advice and set up a new email anyway so fingers crossed it won’t happen again!

      • hayley foreman says:

        Hi, just thought I would add an update about the comps, it’s wasn’t an email issue I got a confirmation email from the cost cutters competition I just hadn’t waited long enough. I emailed about the Hennessy comp and they just got back to me to say unfortunately I didn’t win because you had to be subscribed to their newsletter:( at least I know now and got 1 out of 2!

  20. Anon says:

    BEWARE – The Pizza Company Ghostbusters terms and conditions are concerning – clause 25 and clause 26. Clause 25 says:
    “25. By accepting a prize, the winner agrees to release and hold harmless the Promoter and Columbia Tristar Marketing Group, Inc. and their subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers, distributors, agencies and each of their respective parent companies and each such company’s officers, directors, employees and agents (collectively, the “Released Parties”) from and against any claim or cause of action, including, but not limited to, damage to or loss of property, arising out of participation in the promotion or receipt of, use or misuse of any prize.”

    • Di says:

      Why is this concerning? It’s rather extreme, but it often pops up in T&Cs, depending on the legal team who have written them.

      • Anon says:

        I am not a lawyer. My interpretation of this clause is that by accepting a prize you are releasing the “Released Parties” from responsibility towards any loss or damage to your home (and it’s not limited to just your home) as a result of accepting the prize … why would you agree to this and accept a prize? They have your address. So as they have your address does this mean that if you accept a prize any of the “Released Parties” can do what they like to your property (or anything else) and not be responsible for it in a court of law?

        • Di says:

          It’s connected to the winner’s use of the prize. For example, if I win the Ghostbusters slime pot, my son drops it on the floor and I slip on it, falling and breaking a chair, I can’t blame the Pizza Company for sending me that slime! Once the winner has received the prize, the Pizza Company aren’t responsible for anything bad that happens as a result of the winner having won the prize (and no, they are not going to burn your house down because they have your address!)

  21. Caroline Kelly says:

    Anyone else feel like the maltesers bunny is just mocking them at this point! Lol

    • Sarah Rayner says:

      Yer, I’m sure there is a subliminal message in those ears somewhere! lol

    • Grace says:

      I entered that malteser bunny competition for a week but I won on the 7th try I won the weekend getaway my first competition win

  22. Rachel Arnup says:

    WD40 Spin the Wheel Instant Win for Amazon Vouchers. Says one entry but you get 3 tries to win:

    • Di says:

      Thanks Rachel – I’m waiting to get a link to the T&Cs from WD40 on this one because the wrong ones are linked from the website. I’d like to know how many prizes there are, plus the end date!

  23. sue taylor says:

    Has anyone actually had a proper on the current Asda scan to win promotion? I’ve had about ten goes at this and only “won” a 50p or £1 voucher off coupon (for something I’m probably not going to buy). It feels like a scam to get you to buy items for the home, rather than a promotion where you can win, as they say, “up to £100 in your cashpot”. Feeling very disappointed with this one!

    • Di says:

      If you look at the prize breakdown in the T&Cs the chance of winning a “real” £10 or £100 cash prize is only about 1-in-5,000 I’m afraid!

  24. Amanda N says:

    Thanks so much for posting these! In the last couple of days I’ve won a £10 supermarket voucher and a UK short break

  25. Loubie says:

    Coca Cola have a new instant win, on the app, for a domino’s pizza voucher. No need to play the game 2 entries per person per day.

  26. Christine Purcell says:

    Hi Di. For some reason the Spar Scratchcard one seems to have finished early. It’s saying campaign closed.

  27. Mairi says:

    Thank you, I just won a £30 just eat voucher with Maltesers Bunny instant win,

  28. Luci Fortune says:

    I’ve just won a £10 supermarket voucher on win a dinner give a dinner. My first win of 2024! Thank you so much for posting this Di

  29. Steven Craig Morse says:

    Anyone having issues with the Pizza company spin to win. Not allowing me to enter now. Keeps asking for the captcha, wheel not loading. I have tried numerous browsers too. 🙁 ?

  30. Sarah R says:

    Hi Di…sorry for this unrelated message…but I received an email from a company stating that they want to use an image I entered into their competition for their social media page. They confirmed I would only receive a mention and no form of an actual prize. Is this the norm for some companies?

    • Di says:

      It’s rare but it does happen! Sometimes the clause is in T&Cs and they will use your entry without even telling you!

      If the T&Cs did NOT state that the promoter could use all entries across social media, I wouldn’t give them permission to be honest! I think it’s really cheeky!

  31. Erica says:

    I’ve won a *provisional £100 win on the Stella Waitrode competion. Tgey said they will contact me in 3 days. What does this mean?

    • Di says:

      Congrats! They will check your entry was valid (ie. You didn’t enter lots of times with different email addresses!) and will receive an email confirmation of your win

      • Erica says:

        Its asked for a receipt which predated the contest so I think I needed to purchase something unfortunately

        • Laurie Connelly says:

          I won £100 John Lewis voucher. They sent me an email to say I was a provisional winner and then a few days later sent me an email to confirm my date of birth and name, no purchase necessary and ive since recieve and already spent my voucher.

      • Erica says:

        I’ve just checked the website and it says no purchase necessary, so I will add that to the reply email

        • Di says:

          That’s strange – PromoVeritas are usually on the ball with their promotions. You’re supposed to scan the QR code in store (rather than visit the website directly) but it’s definitely no purchase necessary!

  32. Jo says:

    I entered several competitions last week and your link to the Maltesers instant win comp came up trumps – I won a £50 e-gift card! Thank you for putting together all the info, especially for those of us new at comping

  33. Annalie Hoseason says:

    The idiot on Facebook, pretending to be you, left me notifications including one saying, “You’ve earned a rising fan badge for engaging with Di Coke.”
    I’ve reported them to Facebook for pretending to be you and giving me a rising fan badge.

  34. SARAH G says:

    The Molton Brown Marvellous Match up game has been live for a few days now. You can enter daily with daily prizes.

    • Di says:

      Thanks Sarah, I’ve deliberately not included this one because the instant wins aren’t prizes – they’re money off vouchers:

      • 20% off your next purchase (in-store or online)
      • Spend £60 and enjoy a complimentary Eau de Toilette (worth £80)
      • Spend £60 and enjoy £35 off your next purchase
      • Spend £35 and enjoy a complimentary 7.5ml Travel Fragrance (worth £16)

      So really you’re just playing to get entry into the grand prize draw (which is, however, a lovely prize!)

      • Sarah G says:

        wow didn’t realise the daily prizes were so rubbish! That’ll teach me for not checking what the prizes are! Good job you are on the ball

  35. Rachel Arnup says:

    Heinz Beans. One Entry only. Chance to Instant Win the New Range or go into a Second Chance Draw.

  36. Rachel Arnup says:

    Pavers have got a Scratch & Win Daily here:
    Every Win gets a code for Free Delivery & goes into a draw to win a Free Pair of Shoes. Not sure if it’s suitable for this page or not!

    • Di says:

      Thanks Rachel! I don’t include instant wins where the ‘win’ is a prize draw entry or just a discount!

  37. Emma Farrell says: have a few games but I think the Coca Cola might also be instant win?

    • Di says:

      Thanks Emma – I’ve added it to the list!

      • KelleyP says:

        Thanks for posting the Carling game Di, a bucket hat win for me, very pleased to get a winning moment.

    • Becky says:

      Has anyone else not received their prizes from We Love Sport and Coca Cola? I now won 2 x lots of free cokes and a 50% off food voucher. But still not received anything through email. Not a massive lose but annoys me when they advise these competitions and don’t deliver.

    • Lucy says:

      Hello Di – I have been playing the coco-cola air slam game. If you win you can ‘share to a friend’ & if they play you get a bonus point. Each time I try this, I do not get the bonus points however – it never works! Might be a device issue but it’s a shame! Any advice?

  38. Jacquie Simpson says:

    Hi Di, Forgive me if I am in wrong section, but in your newsletter you listed pot noodle as free to enter competition. Keep getting error when after filling in form correctly and even buying pot noodle from Tesco. Why is this please? Should Pot Noodle be bought from Asda and then scanned?

  39. Rachel Arnup says:

    One entry only instant win for Comfort and Surf Peony & Rose here:
    If you don’t win you go into a draw for a Unilever home care hamper worth £50+

  40. Annalie Hoseason says:

    I just thought I’d let you know that last month, before breakfast, I won a Bumblebee and Optimus driving experience (from the transformers instant win competition). I was so surprised. Because, I thought I’d never win anything on it.

  41. mark says:

    The biggest pickmypostcde win is now £8,660.21

  42. Vicki says:

    I got a coupon for the magnums and tried it in Tesco but the barcode and barcode number kept moving. They said they didn’t accept them and had the same problem I brought them in the end and as it took so long they had melted by the time I got to the car. My son was distraught. What should I do?

    • Suki Singh says:

      I complained to Asda & Unilever the last time and sadly they were not bothered at all. Given the choice I now shop at Co-Op who accept these and the SupportHer Mars coupons. Shop with my feet. Hope your lad is okay. I have a lots of Spar winning coupons that I am not going to get to try so if you want them and its possible to DM me on the Luckylearner Facebook page as Sky Singh. If its not allowed then sorry Di 🙂

  43. Suki says:

    Won a coupon on the Unilever Magnum Spin To Win comp this morning and went to Asda just now to use it. It was declined after three staff incuding a amnageress tried. Sadly a fourth staff member decided to get involved and accused me of presenting a scam coupon. Then she berated me asking how can a machine to read a flashing barcode and it was a scam, So please be careful trying them at Asda

  44. Anne Gross says:

    Is anyone else having trouble with the Heineken promotion? It worked OK at first, but I won a food discount yesterday, and a free beer today, but no emails have been delivered. Yes, I have checked in spam. There is nowhere on the site to contact them that I can find. Is anyone else having this problem?

    • Lisa says:

      I’ve experienced the same. I think you’re only allowed to win one prize?

      • Anne Gross says:

        No, I have already won a few, emails came through fine. My husband finally won on Saturday, his first, and he didn’t get an email. I guess their system is broken. but there is no way to tell them that I can see.

    • Michaela Smith says:

      Me too! No winning emails either.

    • Lynn Gibbins says:

      My emails have suddenly all come through at once after my first win. Hang on in there.

    • Emma says:

      Hi. I wondered about this too as I won a couple of times about 2 weeks ago. Only just received my winning vouchers today by email so just give it some time.

  45. Robert says:

    Caught the £200 daily win in the Spar 10K Getaway. Many thhanks.

  46. Juliette Giles says:

    Is anyone else having problems scratching the on the Transformers game!!!

  47. Juliette Giles says:

    I don’t like the skittles game even if you match the flavour you still don’t win, what is the point !!

    • Di says:

      The idea is that by the end of the promotion they get an idea of the public’s favourite flavour – there’s no ‘correct’ answer. I know lots of winners so keep trying!

  48. SusieT says:

    Don’t get too excited if you win a Love Island phone case with Emmi!
    My win just arrived. Clear plastic with personalised name looks like scrawl done with felt pen Had to laugh!!

    • Naomi says:

      I won that lucky it doesn’t fit my phone model so won’t be claiming that

    • Hayley says:

      Got a voucher for the siren craft brew, tried to use it but it won’t work, doesn’t say it’s invalid it just disappears after try to apply it.

  49. Suki says:

    Been trying the New Crazy Horse comp since yesterday but always says its ended so might not be a glitch and has finished. Pity as prizes looked great.

  50. Jacquie Simpson says:

    Thank you Di so much! I am an avid follower of your instant wins. Do not understand Hobgoblin game, but can’t complain too much cos have just won £100 in Skittles insants, yay!
    Burning question by the way, when is your new book due?

    • Di says:

      I’m writing the book at the moment Jacquie, it’s taking longer than expected because I keep going on holiday – oh dear!!

    • Suki Singh says:

      Well done Jacquie on the Skittles comp. I am still trying. But I can confirm the Hobgoblin one I won a pint glass and it is so nice… they sell for £8.50 they are that good.

  51. Elizabeth Harris says:

    I found this . I am not very good at finding instant wins though and was wondering if you could please share some tips on how to find them? I absolutely love your content! Thank you

    • Di says:

      Thanks Elizabeth – I’ve added to the list!
      I occasionally just do a Google search on ‘instant win’ but to be honest most of the time other compers will get in touch to let me know about the instant wins they find!

  52. Sarah Lawrence says:

    Hi Di, I tried the Candy kittens spin today and it states that you can only enter once (I entered yesterday). So it looks like you cannot enter daily.

  53. Heather Cain says:

    I think everyone wins this spin to win a bundle of cleaning products. I win a small prize, sent the link to my daughter and she won a better bundle than I did. You can only enter once.

  54. Hayley says:

    Top cashback treat on AliExpress

  55. Ian Taylor says:

    Has anyone found any Ts & Cs for the Flamin’ Grill game?

    • Di says:

      You can view them in a pop up when you’ve successfully done your conga – but you can’t find them any other way.

      • Ian says:

        Got them thanks. Just one entry per person into the main draw and not dependent on leaderboard position, thankfully!

  56. Andrea Goodheart says:

    Just remembered this!

    • Di says:

      I’ve not listed this one because if you win, you only get a prize draw entry rather than actually winning a prize which is a shame!

  57. misa says:

    i just had my jumpers arrive

  58. Nicole says:

    Just had my football tops from carling arrive 😀

    • Satvinder Billa says:

      Are they of all different sizes as I didn’t get a choice when I win.

    • Heather Cain says:

      Oh wow I am still waiting. Hopefully it wont be long. Its the only thing I have won so far in the run up to christmas. I am waiting on a bottle of wine i won last month.

  59. Heather Cain says:

    I emailed Carling about the non rotation and my win that I couldn’t claim because of it. They just emailed back to say yes they can see I won and are sending me 4 black Umbro shirts
    Thanks for all the advice everyone

    • Kelley 26 Parker says:

      My Husband has received a winning email, “Congrats you’ve scored a prize”, 4 limited edition Carling Umbro football shirts in different sizes (no choice) after I’d raised the issue re the screen not going beyond tap to reveal. Ironically, I entered this, managed to get through the winning screen and am waiting for an email but very happy to have won the shirts. Thank you for everyone’s advice and help.

    • Jonathon Price says:

      They did the same for me so good for Carling but the comp mechanic continues to be very dodgy indeed!

  60. Jane says:

    I just turned on auto rotate on my phone settings for the Carling shootout, works fine then for me.

  61. Hannah says:

    The Guinness Christmas jumper is only 4 attempts per mobile number, heads up in case anyone wants to hold off till nearer the end

  62. ka H. says:

    Super pleased – just won on the Carling shoot out instant win – an Umbro Football shirt – word of warning I entered on laptop, and it took me a while to figure out how to rotate screen to claim prize.

    • Sarah R says:

      I’m currently having the same issue! Just won on my laptop but don’t know how to claim it

      • Sarah R says:

        I figured it out & won football shirts for myself & 3 friends..very pleased! Thank you as always Di!

      • ka H says:

        Settings and change to portrait setting on mine in Windows 11

        • Sarah R says:

          I pressed Ctrl+Alt+ an arrow key

        • Suki Singh says:

          Thanks for this. I won three times but never able to get anywhere past the screen with the mobile rotate screen. Tried again now and won a football top for me and three friends. Brilliant.

      • Gutted – won – changed settings – it said -Click for prize; and I did but just wouldn’t let me go any further. Really miffed. Can I contact anyone Di?

        • KelleyP says:

          The same has just happened to me, it said “You’ve won a prize” & then tap to reveal, please wait comes up for a nano second, then it goes back to tap to reveal!

          • AJ says:

            I’m experiencing exactly the same problem!

          • KelleyP says:

            I’ve printed out a copy of the winning image and I’ve found a Carling phone number to ring on their website, you can also contact them via facebook, instagram or twitter but I’m not on social media. There’s no email address!!

        • Jules says:

          Same here – is there a glitch in the system?

        • HEATHER CAIN says:

          I just used the email that someone else suggested and emailed them as I had the same issue but had not seen how to rotate the screen before coming off the page unfortunately.. hope I hear something from them. I screenshotted the landing page where I needed to rotate but had not screenshotted the actual page where it said WINNERS

    • Jonathon Price says:

      how did you do it, I can’t rotate my desktop!

      • Jonathon Price says:

        I managed to rotate and now have Tap to Reveal and nothing happens like lots of others!

        • KelleyP says:

          Definitely sounds like a glitch, I have emailed but waiting for a reply & I think others have contacted via social media, so we’ll see.

          • Suki Singh says:

            Okay, after winning a top for me and 3 friends my buddy tried and also won but when he clicked on the tap it wouldnt go to next screen. So defintely a glitch. The game is also much easier to win on than the other day when it was impossible to score. They must have made it easier but gone too far and now everyone is winning and the system has failed. WOnder if I will even get my prizes.

          • Di says:

            The algorithm decides whether you win or lose so how you play the game makes no difference at all, which is a bit daft!

          • KelleyP says:

            I’ve just tried again, got a winning screen again, still no luck when I press tap to reveal, any ideas Di what I’m doing wrong?

          • Di says:

            No idea on this one – I can’t play properly due to the screen rotation issue! It’s an algorithmic instant win so the chance of winning should be quite low, so I’m guessing all these shirt wins are a mistake.

          • KelleyP says:

            Thanks Di, I’ve emailed twice now, so I’ll wait and see, probably write it off.

          • KelleyP says:

            I’ve finally won 4 shirts!! Thank you for everyone’s help.

    • Rachel Arnup says:

      Well I just won on this today and when I tapped to reveal, all it gave me was a 15% discount code, same as when I played but didn’t win yesterday! Total shambles by the looks of it! 🙁

  63. Laura says:

    Guinness Christmas jumper first time trying! Yay!

  64. Rachel Arnup says:

    Lily O’Briens instant win is back:

  65. Heather Cain says:

    Is this any good to add as a daily?

    I found it today, didn’t win, but says it is daily entry til end of October

  66. Eden says:

    Thanks Di,
    I won £30 that will go into my bank account on the Snickers & Poundland.
    On the last day of it being open as well.

  67. kevin says:

    The armani code one says it’s already given out all the prizes 🙁

  68. Kellie says:

    The navigator wouldn’t let me scratch it off when I refreshed it said the code had already been used. Is there a knack to scratching it?

  69. AJ says:

    The Echo Falls one doesn’t seem to be taking my entries anymore. I don’t know if it always said this but I’ve noticed it says “Max 1 entry/person/day. Max 10 entries in total per person. “

    • Di says:

      Ah, apologies – I hadn’t included that info on the list! Yes, it’s always been set to ten entries max.

      • AJ says:

        Ah no problem! It felt like I entered more often than that before it cut me off. But good to know it was always there! Thank you.

  70. Won says:

    I won a supporther coupon but it doesn’t work for me what about you?

    • Lynn Gibbins says:

      Tried mine in Sainsbury’s. ThinkI have about 8 of them. Didn’t work in there though. Wonder if they do work!

      • S says:

        Same issue. Didn’t work in Sainsburys-they said they only accept the original. I explained that the prize comes as a pdf but they still wouldn’t take it.
        It worked OK in coop though!

  71. Loubie says:

    A daily to win headphones and other grolsch branded items.

    • Di says:

      Thanks Loubie – this one is officially Purchase Necessary, so I wouldn’t include it on this list – however it does seem that winners aren’t being asked for any proof of purchase.

    • Andrew W says:

      I just won some in-ear headphones

  72. Rachel Arnup says:
    A daily play to win here, you register & then get 3 chances a day to play a simple Hi-Low card game. Prizes vary monthly.

  73. Sarah R says:

    I won £30 on the Snickers & Poundland promotion 😀

  74. Moira Tampsett says:

    This is a brilliant website Di. I want to thank you very much for my win on I’ve won a £50 voucher to spend on – the best prize all year! Cheers!

  75. Karen Wells says:

    Just opened this weeks Lucky Di email, saw the link to the Brew Dog instant win, created an account, entered and won a T Shirt, wow! Quickest I’ve ever won a prize in a comp lol.

  76. Laura says:

    Just won a cricket bat and ball to go with my Continental tyres football 🙂

  77. Suki says:

    Anyone else still waiting for their prizes in the Continental Tyres Grip Nation comp? Its been 7 weeks and still nothing and no communication either.

    • KelleyP says:

      I received the ball I had won but never received the fan pack. Never mind, plenty of flags here and a big congratulations to England.

    • Brenda Evison says:

      I got mine a couple of weeks ago and my cricket bat and ball came today from kp everyone ..well done

  78. Sarah R says:

    Hi Di,
    Have you heard of any issues with the 7up Uber Eats promo? I got my dad onto it & he won a voucher..but it seems to have taken money from the voucher & also his personal bank account..which I don’t understand why they have to have a secondary payment method anyway if he just wants to use the voucher.

  79. Holly Faupel says:

    Thanks Di, I won a cricket bat and ball from KP and an Uber Eats gift card from 7up <3

  80. Marta says:

    new spin to win from First Car

  81. Chezza says:

    Won a year supply of wrigleys chewing gum,got delivered Saturday,thanks

  82. Julie says:

    Just found and reading
    Beginners guide to comping Great!!!

  83. Louise says:

    Thanks Di!
    I’ve won a cricket set, £25 Uber eats voucher and a years supply of extra chewing gum! All thanks to your website Very happy, thank you! 🙂

  84. Suki says:

    My brother just tried and he won a mini ball with Contintental too

    • SusieT says:

      I won a mini football and received e mail confirmation on 15 June. Despite e mail back to them few days ago, still not acknowledled, I have not received my prize or the promised supporters pack. Bit sad as tournament is about to start. Any received their prizes yet?

      • KelleyP says:

        The same here, no sign of the balls or the supporters pack. I’ll have to email them as well.

        • Steven Morse says:

          Hi. I messaged them on Facebook and had a reply the same day.
          The ball and the supporters pack arrived within a week after the initial message.

          • SusieT says:

            Have sent 2 messages on FB and email. Only automated replies. Think the tournament will be over before supporters packs and football sent Out!!

      • Jacky Westoby says:

        Hi Suzie, I got my mini ball two days ago, won it about 2 weeks ago, I think. Also won a cricket set, which came a few weeks ago, and a Ribena Monopoly game ages ago, which they emailed me about, and said it’d come at the end of July, which it did-although my partner also won the same game, and there’s no sign of it yet.

  85. Suki says:

    Super freaky as my brother tried and won a mini ball straight after me. What a purple patch 🙂 🙂 🙂

  86. Suki says:

    Just won a ootbal on Continental Tyres comp minutes later 🙂 🙂

  87. Suki says:

    Just won a Jurassic World bottle on the Shreddies comp 🙂

  88. Michael says:

    Yesterday I won £100 with the KP Everyone in competition. Thanks for the link Di!

    • Di says:

      And I won a cricket set! Congrats Michael.

    • SUki says:

      I didnt win anything for two weeks then in 30 minutes won the water bottle, a football, a mini ball and a £35 voucher with a cider company . And now back to no wins. That was a pleasant freaky period. Wondering if it was anything to do with the tim eof day?

  89. Nia says:

    Win £25 Uber Eats Voucher & 2 Litre 7up on the 7up Comp & Size 5 lioness football on continental. Thanks Di!

  90. Sabir says:

    Hi Di , I need some help. I entered the “Continental grip the nation” competition to win the size 5 lioness ball and i won however i havent been sent any links or some such to recieve the prize. What do i do? Would love for your reply.

    Thank you.

    • Di says:

      Nobody has received their football prizes yet for this one Sabir – there’s a chat post in Lucky learners if it helps!

      • jodie says:

        I got my mini football & supporters pack (lion masks & Continental banners) delivered a few days ago. Looks like they are starting to post them out now.

      • Sophie says:

        I also won a size 5 ball and did not need to confirm any address in a email and my ball turned up a couple weeks later.

        • Sarah R says:

          I have been waiting nearly 2 months for the cricket set and a month for the football

          • Steven says:

            Sarah, Imessaged continental tyres on facebook and they said that my football had been lost in transit and they were going to send me another one.
            I have also won the cricket set but i believe these are being sent at the end of the promotion. I hope that helps.

          • Sarah R says:

            I just emailed continental. But with the cricket set it said it would arrive in 45 days…which it has been more than that

      • sarah says:

        di has anyone won the new win cuz like i didn’t

  91. Karen says:

    Got lucky on the Extra Fruity gum instant win last night – Not sure what flavour I picked was watching the TV and doing the instants at the same time. Really pleased to see the congrats screen – the grandchildren will love the prize.

  92. Sarah R says:

    Morning compers! I won a bat and ball, football,bag with Muller,couple packs of choc

  93. Mr Steven Morse says:

    Morning all, I always try and do the dailies every day. Mixed it up a little bit the other night and entered the wrigleys comp at 1.30am. I won a years supply of Strawberry chewing gum. 🙂
    Great site Di, keep providing those links. xx

    • Di says:

      Great news Steven! If I wake in the night I do try and get the instants done then if I can – much more chance of a win!

  94. Suki says:

    Won a cricket bat with KP so well chuffed

  95. Lynne OConnor says:

    You might want to consider removing or adding a warning to Free National Lotto. I won at the beginning of April but have never been paid despite several reassuring messages via social media about chasing it for me. I’ve subsequently heard from many others dating back to last year who haven’t been paid either

  96. Suki says:

    Won a bottle of 7 Up last week and £25 uber Eats voucher this morning. Thanx Di. Love ya loads Comp Queen 🙂

  97. Sarah R says:

    Skittles Squishy Cloudz have a text to win but I don’t know whether its 1 entry per person or you can enter more than once.40 buyagift vouchers available to be won..saw it briefly in my local Poundland on the window

  98. Bianca says:

    DHL has a new daily entry game for Easter.

  99. Lucinda says:

    Just want to say a big thank you to you! I have used your website for a few years now and won quite a few things, so far I won on the belvita costa vouchers, cadburys football love to shop vouchers glens vodka a signed football, coca cola, VR headset, and this morning the ready brek 🙂 thank you again! You are amazing

  100. Helen Louise Nineham says:

    Daily here- prizes change monthly.

    • Di says:

      Thanks Helen! I don’t include daily entries for a single prize on the list here but will leave here in the comments so people see it!

    • KelleyP says:

      Thank you!!

    • Rachel Arnup says:

      Thanks so much for posting this Helen Louise Nineham, I’ve just had an email that I’m a winner of last months comp a Birra Moretti bundle!

  101. Naina Clayton says:

    Hi Di

    Yeo Valley are taking a short break, doesn’t say when they will be back on.

  102. Lisa says:

    Yesterday I won a VR Headset with Coke and today I’ve won a £500 Easy Jet voucher with Walker’s. Thank you so much, Di.

    • Di says:

      That’s great news Lisa! I’m still plugging away with both of these but no wins yet!!

    • Sarah R says:

      Wow that’s great..congrats! I’ve entered so many times already and nothing lol. But i’m not that lucky with comps.

      • Lisa says:

        Thank you. I won a £5 Costa voucher yesterday and a Merlin pass today, both with Belvita, so keep trying, Sarah

        • Sarah R says:

          I also won a £5 Costa voucher. That’s my “highest” win so far haha. But yes, hearing about other people’s wins is motivating 🙂

  103. Hazel Lemar says:

    Hi, regarding Glen’s Vodka dailies, I’m now getting an error message after I’ve completed my spot the ball guesses every day. Does this mean I’m not being entered do you think?

    “Oops! An Error Occurred
    The server returned a “500 Internal Server Error”.
    Something is broken. Please let us know what you were doing when this error occurred. We will fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience”

    • Di says:

      I’d recommend trying using a different browser first, to see if you have the same issue – or a different email address?

  104. Sarah says:

    Hi Di…Molten Brown are doing a new daily basket catch competition..I just played it on facebook.

  105. New daily spin for 1001. I just won a self care hamper.

  106. Sarah Fawcett says:

    Morning Di, according to the terms on the Lee Kum Lee comp you can only enter once –
    2.1.2 One entry per person, email address and mobile number. One prize per person based upon first name, last name, mobile number and email address.
    I’ve just tried to enter again today and got the following message
    Repeat entry

    We’re sorry, it looks like you’ve exceeded the maximum entry limit.

    Please see full terms and conditions here.

  107. Sarah says:

    Hello…newbie here 🙂 I’m not particularly lucky with competitions..especially instant wins. But today I purchased the Uncle Ben’s, Cadbury choc and Lindt. I also entered some of the tesco text to win. Fingers crossed! But I did match 3 on the DHL and didn’t win an instant prize….just been entered into the prize draw

  108. Sarah Gray says:

    Hi there, for some reason the Free national lotto page is saying no webpage found. anyone else having the same issue today?

  109. Rachel Arnup says:

    A New Year Instant Win from Costcutter:

  110. Tony Weston says:

    My lucky patch is now suspended. Yesterday my antivirus said its security was out of date. I believe the site is finished.

  111. Ian Taylor says:

    Just won £100 gift card with my first attempt at the Wrigleys Comp! Thanks Di and Happy New Year!

  112. Alison Brooks says:

    My Lucky Patch seems to have disappeared? Anyone else have problems or info?

  113. Linda says:

    Yeo Valley is back for daily spins

  114. Natalie Watkins says:

    Thanks for sharing Di I’ve just won £50 voucher for Isawitfirst with Wrigley’s extra well chuffed first win of 2022! Hopefully the first of many 😉 x

  115. Andrea Goodheart says:

    Looks like the Bobs Books one has finished even though closing date is 31/12

    • Di says:

      Thanks Marta, I’ve added this one to the list. It looks like it’s only one entry per person rather than a daily.

  116. Lynn Gibbins says:

    I’ve just caught the elusive Molton Brown Robin. Beyond excited. Been playing the MB game for the last few years.

  117. Rachel Arnup says:

    A daily game from Astonish here:

    Not sure whether you will want to add it or not though.

    Play the game to get a discount (one use only), the TOP SCORE daily wins a £25 Astonish voucher (it’s a shame but UNFORTUNATELY that will mean the cheaters will win those!) and there is a RANDOM draw from all entries at the end to win £300 John Lewis voucher.

    • Di says:

      Thanks Rachel! I did play this one myself but as you say, a small daily prize that goes to the top score is a waste of everyone’s time!

  118. Michaela Smith says:

    Won on the Walkers instant win a couple of days ago and still haven’t heard from them about how to claim my prize. Just an email saying to keep a watch on my inbox. Not sure what the hold up is for a 6 pack of snacks voucher..surely it should be pretty much instant.

    • Sarah Gray says:

      Hiya – I had the same. Apparently they do the email with the codes in batches on a Friday so if you dont get your email today it will be next Friday. I won last Friday and got my email today with my code. 🙂

    • KelleyP says:

      Hi Di, a win on the Peroni Comp, a bottle opener, I entered at just gone midday today. Re the Walker’s crisps Halloween Comp, I had to contact customer services who helped me to see that the winning code was embedded in the email content if I clicked on the picture but it wasn’t immediately visible.

      • Di says:

        Oh that’s helpful to know Kelley! I’ve not won yet so not experienced a winning email – I’ll add your info to the blog post.

  119. Emily Clark says:

    Hey Di, Seabrook crisps only give away 10% off codes in their instant win. Do you think it is considered a comp? I played it for ages without realizing this but it says it in small print underneath. I don´t know if I´ĺl ever use the 10% off codes that I won haha

    • Di says:

      Ah, they used to give away boxes of crisps as prizes! That’s a bit rubbish – I’ve removed from the list as a 10% off voucher isn’t a prize! Thanks for pointing it out.

    • Anya says:

      The same things happened to me too.

  120. Hazel Lemar says:

    Hi Di, I’ve been searching for a promotional Peroni package or bottles but haven’t been able to track any down yet. Do you know which packs or bottles the promotion shows up on? Thanks.

    • Di says:

      I’ve seen it mainly on the larger boxes of bottles, the promotion has been running for a while but I’m sure the promo boxes should still be around in shops! It’s actually one of those promotions where T&Cs don’t state that proof of purchase will actually be required from winners, so you may want to risk heading straight to (this is where the QR code takes you).

  121. Martin garrod says:

    My latest win is a Bacardi cocktail kit and m and m’s kit
    Thanks Di x

  122. Amanda Holloway says:

    I’ve won a Bluetooth speaker on the Magners instant win. Thanks Di.

  123. Elena says:

    Hi Di,
    I love your website.
    I took part in the One Stop instant win competitions and a barcode appeared telling me I won something but I haven’t received any emails.
    Do you know if it’s just a matter of going to the shop and showing a pic of the barcode or if something went wrong?
    Thank you 🙂

  124. Emily Clark says:

    Not sure if people know this but Dorito’s make-your play is only one prize per person. I won the dice voucher a second time and they wouldn’t send over the voucher for that reason when I asked. So not worth keeping trying once you’ve won a smaller prize

  125. Jess M says:

    Just found this one today to instantly WIN a Lay-Z-Bed or Explorer Portable BBQ

    You can play three times a day

  126. Katie Mccartney says:

    Hiya I seem to be having trouble with the new instant haviaiana win I click on the link and nothing comes up, just wondering if anyone else has the same problem. X

  127. Rachel Arnup says:

    Just a message in case anyone is using the link to the YARDLEY competition from my original comment.

    I think it is already logged in with my details, because since I posted, I’ve been getting emails to say that I’ve had “no win today” & also when I go onto the page it is saying I have already played & I haven’t.

    I’m not too worried, it’s just that if another “win” comes up it will come to me rather than whoever is actually playing.

    I think you may need to used the “clean” link that Di has put in the list above. Sorry. x

    • Di says:

      Thanks for the warning Rachel – I’ve edited your comment so the link doesn’t include your bit at the end!

      • Rachel Arnup says:

        Thanks Di, it’s continuing to happen I’m afraid so I think someone must have “saved” the link & is reusing it. Today I’ve had an email to say I’ve had a “win”. I feel bad claiming the prize for myself so I’m going to try & get in contact with the person via the Lucky Learners Group on FB.

        • james says:

          Hi Rachel, I think that was me this morning, I must have bookmarked your link but don’t worry you can keep the prize… I think it was body spray, iv had a good few wins lately, I gave now bookmarked Di’s link…. enjoy!

          • Rachel Arnup says:

            Hi James. Yes it was a body spray, thanks so much for letting me keep it, may comping Karma grant you a good win! xxx

          • Di says:

            Aha! So you got to the bottom of it. Is it just one person Rachel, or is it continuing?

  128. Rachel Arnup says:

    There is a Yardley instant win! You can enter once a day until 8th March. I’ve just won a Seed Pantry Seed Kit!

  129. MALCOLM POYSER says:

    Re the brevita comps the asda one look like a single entry comp whereas the co op one has several date, does that mean you can enter each one seperately and also do you need to keep a seperate receipt for each date ?

    • Di says:

      You can enter the main Belvita promotion weekly, and although T&Cs ( aren’t clear I would assume you need a different receipt for every week you enter. You can enter multiple monthly draws for Co-op/Sainsburys/Ocado too, with separate purchases. But as you say, there’s only one bonus prize for Asda – but I think all your weekly entries would give you extra entries into that grand draw! It does say “Maximum 1 entry per person per week across all retailers” – so you could alternate your purchases from different shops each week to cover as many draws as possible!

  130. Cheryl Lockett says:

    I won £5 on Free National Lotto on 11/11/2020. I claimed and had a banner to say I’d won. Although I won I have yet to receive my money and it isn’t showing in my account. I have contacted them twice asking when my prize will be paid but I have not had a response. Has anyone else had a similar experience, any ideas who I need to contact in order to sort this out.

  131. james says:

    Molton brown have an instant game out, sorry can’t seem to get the link

    • Di says:

      Thanks James – I’ve added it, although I can’t find T&Cs so not sure of the exact prizes or when it ends!

  132. Stella Holvey says:

    Thanks Di

    Kind regards

  133. Stella Holvey says:

    Morning Di

    Yeo valley daily spin are taking a small break so no spin today, it doesn’t say for how long just Sorry

  134. James says:

    Goodfellas pizza have an instant win comp with £10000!

  135. James says:

    Nescafe comp won’t submit for me, anyone else having difficulty with this?

    • Di says:

      Someone mentioned this to me on Facebook! Try a different browser or device – is it a problem with the captcha box?

  136. Rachel Arnup says: A new instant win from ACE Cleaning

  137. Aimee says:

    Has anybody won on Vype Instagram competition with a private account? It says account must be public in T+C’s but I use my personal account so hate having visible pictures, wonder why you have to be public?

    • Di says:

      It’s very weird! I can’t work out whether prizes are actually won instantly, or if it’s prize draws?

  138. Marissa says:

    Has anyone else landed on the winning merchandise on Costcutter ‘Spin the Spatula?’ Each time I do nothing happens – I just have to spin again until I get to ‘Better Luck Next Time’

  139. Diane Duggan says:

    I would be really grateful if anyone could tell me where I can find competitions for washing machines and fridge freezers/freezers. They’re really hard to find.

  140. James says:

    Hi Di, i won Budweiser cap, football, duffel bag and a bag! On the costcutter spin to win comp, i entered before 5am, i was a baker for 20 years so im used to getting up early im the morning, anything iv won has mostly been around this time, so thanks for the tips!

  141. Natasha says:

    I won once won Seabrook and they emailed me a free packet of crisps but had to print voucher.

  142. Rachel Arnup says:

    Chicago Town Instant Win Pizza Vouchers here: It seems it is a daily because I have entered today & yesterday & there is noting that I could see in the T’s & C’s that said one entry per person!

  143. James says:

    Hi di, Kelloggs have an instant win comp at the moment, heres the link

    • Di says:

      Thanks James! For this one a code is needed from the box and I don’t share the codes on SuperLucky as T&Cs state you must buy the product. I did win 3 months Spotify on this one last week though!

  144. K L Buckley says:

    I agree. I have a row of letters on the carton but cannot find where to enter it. The one place I tried entering, it told me that it was not a valid number for that contest! I won’t try ever again.

  145. janice mohareb says:

    What a website, its terrible trying to put my number to see if I have won a prize and it is not letting me. I feel it is one big scam

  146. Check Out a new free lottery site. Looks pretty good to me.

    • Di says:

      The privacy policy doesn’t look good for this one – after registering they use your details for “providing offers we believe may be of interest to you.”

  147. mag says:

    hI i HAVE WON a seABROOKE SPIN, BUT still no email with prize, what is the prize btw? thank you for your blog, supportive

    • Di says:

      I think it’s a box of crisps – did you screenshot the win, could you contact them via social media to check?

    • Rachel Arnup says:

      I’ve won 2 or 3 times on Seabrook and it has just been a 10% off discount code each time! Don’t know if I have just been unlucky though!

  148. Vada Oliver says:

    Waiting on larry and sergy

  149. Stella Holvey says:

    I have just won new Vileda Turbo Mop and bucket set, I think it has reopened for 2 weeks I am thrilled.

  150. Rebecca Woolnough says:

    Hi, hope you are all keeping safe. Top cash is back

  151. Dawn says:

    They have started a new daily comp for mothers day on W7 makeup.

  152. Sacha stacey says:

    Vileda spin in win is back ends 5th April

  153. Bekki says:

    There’s a new Zoflora spin to win

  154. Di says:

    Thanks! The T&Cs for the W7 one aren’t correct – they say it runs from November 2019 to November 2016! And the Costcutter one doesn’t seem to have any T&Cs either. I’m guessing the both probably end on 14th Feb though!

  155. Di says:

    Thanks Linda!

  156. Clare Kent says:

    Not sure if this counts, but has a daily £20 Amazon scratchcard on your area feed that rolls over if not claimed. You need to sign up and authenticate your email to play.

  157. John says:

    How important is it to give all personal information (in general, as well) on these lottery sites? For those of us who would rather not give them our date of birth/full name/address etc.

    • Di says:

      With the lottery sites they’re keen for you to sign up for daily email notifications, so you don’t forget to visit (and view the adverts which is how they make their money!). But you shouldn’t have to give any more details other than name and email really. If you’re not keen on giving out personal details, competitions on Twitter and Instagram are ideal because you don’t need to give out any information – and don’t even need to use your real name!

  158. Sacha stacey says:

    Molton brown Christmas baubles instant win is back

  159. Sacha stacey says:

    Molton brown Christmas baubles instant win is back

  160. Bekki Woolnough says:

    Soap & Glory have a new game out

  161. Clare Kent says:

    Crew clothing is not a daily.
    T&C “2. LIMIT OF THREE SPINS PER INDIVIDUAL ENTRY DURING GAME PERIOD. Contestants are limited to three spins per individual and per email address. “

  162. Hayley Haywood says:

    Thanks Di i just won a free w7 on the rocks pallets x

  163. Russ Turner says:

    You style yourself super lucky but my guess is that you had to put in a hell of a lot of effort to get your wins. I am brand new (not in age though) and would greatly appreciate any advice from you especially where to begin there is so much info available.

    Many thanks

    • Di says:

      Yes Russ – you need to work hard if you want to be a successful winner! We all create our own luck – looking for lucky opportunities and learning to see when one competition offers a better chance of winning than another! But that does take a lot of practice. If you start with my ‘Get Started’ page that should help – good luck!

  164. Sacha stacey says:

    Zoflora have a daily win competition

  165. Rachel Arnup says:

    W7 Makeup have a daily spin to win:

  166. songmics doing a early advent calender to win instant prizes

  167. Di says:

    thanks Rachel!

  168. helena denton says:

    hawkins bazaar doing a spin instant win could money of £ £50

  169. Mrs Rebecca MacBain says:

    Think foster grant and feel good have ended now? xxx

  170. Rachel Arnup says:

    One here from Oddsmonkey. Mostly discounts on their product, but there are also some Cash/Amazon prizes to be won too!

    • Di says:

      Thanks Rachel – there’s only 11 prizes and as it’s a betting site I’m not keen on sending my readers over there. I’ll leave the link here in the comments though – it ends 30.9!

  171. Rachel Arnup says:

    A new one from Vileda here: Mostly win an entry into the competition, but there are some random Instant Win Prizes too!

  172. Rachel Arnup says:

    A new Instant Win & a Daily Draw here from Cravendale

  173. Naomi Eidem says:

    Eylire has an instant
    Win comp

  174. Rachel Arnup says:

    Here’s another Instant Win from Marigold Gloves. Mostly win an entry into the competition, but there are some random Instant Win Prizes too!

  175. Di says:


  176. Rachel Arnup says:

    A new instant win from Uniball here:

  177. Katrina says:

    Hi,just received Nars Lipliner I won,,my daughter is delighted with it as I gifted to her to cheer her up..ty so much! <3

  178. Sara Straw says:

    Hi – I can’t get the NARS link to work – is it just me?

  179. New spin and win on zoflora website daily spins

  180. Rachel Arnup says:

    Another Vileda one… Spin to Win a Turbo Mop or entry into the £250 draw.

  181. Di says:

    Thanks Laura – I’ve added it!

  182. Sacha Stacey says:

    Vileda have instants competition on

  183. Sacha stacey says:

    Soap and glory have instant win game on not sure end date

  184. Di says:

    Nice one for gamers – thanks Hannah, I’ve added to the list!

  185. Lucy Anthony says:

    Top cashback Autumn treats has returned

  186. Gillian says:

    Belvoir Bagatelle is back

  187. gina barker says:

    I’m new to comping and won my first prize after only a few weeks, (pair of pjs from cyber jammies) also kipling instant win using a code inside the box. I didn’t realise how addictive it would be!
    I wanted to ask how do you enter via rafflecopter and gleam as there seem to be a lot of comps this way? there doesn’t seem to be enough comps to enter without using these or twitter or Instagram which I don’t use.

    • Cat says:

      I have won a few Rafflecopter/Gleam – they are fairly easy to do, and I like them because you can see the total number of entries. Quite a few have ‘visit this page for 1 entry’, ‘view this picture on Instagram for 1 entry’, ‘watch this video for 1 entry’ etc. You don’t need any social media accounts to do these entries, even the ‘view this photo on x’ ones, you only need an account for those that say ‘follow/like/RT/share/subscribe’ etc. Sometimes you can get 1 entry by leaving a blog post, subscribing to a newsletter or answering a question. Obviously you will get more entries the more social media accounts you have, but I have won one where I only had 1 entry out of about 25 possible as I didn’t have the other accounts. Sometimes they have mandatory actions (usually answer a question), make sure you do these ones to be entered. The only other thing I would say is to check the terms and conditions at the bottom of the box as Gleam/Rafflecopter are worldwide platforms so some competitions might be US only etc, and also to make sure you only click on entries you actually have done (eg don’t accidentally say you are following a Twitter account when you aren’t), as it voids all of your entries! Good luck!

  188. Nika says:

    Hi! I’m not UK resident, so I will be very glad if you know some international competitions.
    Thank you! 🙂

  189. Naomi says:

    Hi di can you please put what comps are from facebook and twitte next to the link like you used to please as i dont use either 🙂

    • Di says:

      Of course! Although I think all comps listed are web ones right now (unless Sudocrem requires a Facebook login, I’m not sure?)

  190. Nicki Simpson says:

    Won the Dorset spin to win 1st prize this morning so thanks di x

  191. katrhyn says:

    I won a BBQ Hamper with regina blitz… thanks!! 🙂

  192. Sarah Louise Gray says:

    hi, the glamour link just keeps saying page not found? x

  193. Carly Norman says:

    Hi Di, new soap and glory link isnt working. Leads to fb but says content not found

  194. KATE SABIN-BURNS says:

    Can you add battery force, DOB Lotto and Free Crisps/Free Chocolate?

  195. Michaela Smith says:

    I have been playing the Yeo Valley fruit machine for years and finally jumped for joy a little while ago when to my delight it stopped on 3 lemons only for it to scramble them after a temporary pause! I immediately sent Yeo Valley a message to tell them what had happened! I have just received a response telling me that I must have experienced a blip and it is working fine now! Any probs in future I can contact them again! I am really disappointed with Yeo Valleys response as the machine stopped on 3 lemons and paused which to me is a win! As I said I having been playing for years so I know how the machine works and it clearly stopped on a winning line. So a hard cheese response from Yeo valley on the matter! I am so disappointed 🙁

  196. Kathryn Hipkin says:

    I think that Battery Force one might be finished, I can’t find it today

  197. judyparslow says:

    looks like three barrels sudoku has finished

  198. Linda says:

    ACE UK on facebook have a new daily game

  199. Marsha Richardson says:

    Hi Di. Just downloaded the Blippar app and your link to the Juiceburst pic is broken. I’ll try and google one now but thought you might want to know!

  200. Sandra Oliver says:

    Hi Di, Ive just bookmarked this page because I love the daily entry competitions. I won a T-Shirt on the Jennings site a little while ago, it great quality and fits my husband a treat..Also I like the October giveaways on Emerald Street and enter as often as I can.Going in search of Twitter comps now and onto Prize finder to see if I can find some creative comps.Thanks for the Blogg it really is fab.This hobby is such fun.

  201. Di says:

    That’s a great one, I saw something on Twitter about it! It does say on the app you MUST keep your promotional packaging though, so I can’t include it on this list of free to enter comps. I would suggest buying a single can/bottle and then only entering when you’ve got one!

  202. Eileen McC says:

    Di, another birthday lottery to add

  203. sarah gray says:

    Wychwood keeps saying you can only enter once in 24 hours, but I havent had a go yet and three times its said the same. any one else having the same issue?

  204. Loraine Barker says:

    Hi I’m new at comping I started March and have won three small prizes. I can’t tell you how great the feeling was. I’m getting bit boggled with the different ways to enter gleam etc. Also I’m wondering if anybody can keep entering the same prize but on different competition sites. I’ve been worried to do this for fear of getting disqualified. Must admit I enjoy doing the comps especially the cars cash etc . I have done a lot of My Offers but doesn’t seem too popular a site re.spam with other compers . Could anyone advice me on my query of entering the same comps on different sites . Good Luck all you fellow compers

  205. George Alex Henderson says:

    Hi everyone I am new to the comping world but I intend to make a very big impact, just hoping someone anyone can give me one or two pointers, I have Di’s book it is really excellent, I am about halfway through, some of the techy stuff is going to take a bit of doing in time, and some of it is really excellent straightforward, like DI says make a wishlist and don’t enter comps for things you don’t want, and watch out for myoffers and other who spam you and so on,I could not agree more, basically I am after as many cash prize, cars, tvs, laptops and that kind of thing, not interested in footspas, days out, please can anyone signpost me to anywhere with those comps, going through Di’s list I am sure I will find some in time thank you any advie would be appreciated, George.

  206. sarah gray says:

    Thanks for letting me know about lucky phone. I joined late in March and I just won!! £42.77 coming my way. And yesterday, I won a magnet on find shorn the sheep. feeling lucky xx

  207. Elaine Whittle says:

    Hi Di,
    I love working through the instant wins listed every day, especially the Three barrels Suduko.
    I had an email yesterday from Battery Force to say a pack of batteries was on the way 🙂 so thank you for the listings

  208. Mr John Reynolds says:

    Hi Di,I have been on the site simply prizes which is just great.I have also
    been on the site prize finder,I just can’t seem to get on with it have you
    any suggestions for me please to make it easier.

    • Ah, Prizefinder is probably the easiest of all the competition sites to use John! Have you registered with them so you can use the competition tracker?

      Personally, I stick to entering for prizes from my wishlist and I will search on Prizefinder or MoneySavingExpert just for those prizes (or only do the Prizefinder categories you like – eg. vouchers) to make it more manageable.

  209. Mr John Reynolds says:

    Hi all,what a great site there is so much to pick from…I love to see the unboxing just great…Got to go I think that was the postman.

  210. Aoao says:

    Thanks Di…. dailies are my new mission so this helps loads!

  211. Julie Fisher says:

    Thanks. Great list, much appreciated.

  212. ann scally says:

    This is great, Thanks Di x

  213. Jackie Allum says:

    Love this Di! Thanks x

  214. Julie Savage says:

    Bookmarked – this is brilliant – thank you

  215. Andrea Plumpton says:

    bookmarked! brilliant list….no sifting through rafflecopters and spammy “quiz” sites and such like ….LOVE IT 🙂

  216. Louise says:

    This has earned you a place on the home screen of my IPad – a great honour. Seriously, thanks for this. X

  217. This is a great post Di, thanks x

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