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  1. Katty says:

    Thanks for sharing article on Introducing

  2. Emma Jones says:

    Update – I figured it out now 🙂 Being a comper involves learning new things every day which can only be a good thing

  3. Emma Jones says:

    Hi Di – I’ve joined and shared a competition as EmmaGJ – it’s from Jet2 holidays and expires on Sunday. I wanted to add the picture but can’t seem to go back and edit. I noted your comment about the the three dots. Feel a bit silly because I can’t seem to see where this function is. Otherwise it was really easy to do and I’ve been enjoying using the site. I like the way the detailed information is at the front end so you can make a quick decision about whether it’s worth entering.

  4. Jo Marie says:

    Ive just joined up and flowed LatestDeals on FB too, great site! My username is corradojc and I’ve just posted a competition from Heart radio to win a £500 John Lewis voucher. Ends tonight so be quick!
    Really like the site it’s simple and easy to use. Is an App going to be available? It would make it easier to use on the go.

  5. claire s says:

    My username is clairesen on latestdeals. It’s a really simple and clutter free interesting site – thanks for telling me about it. It’s definitely a site I’ll be using regularly from now on! Yay!

  6. Audra Bland says:

    My user name is audrabland thanks so much for telling us about this fantastic site! I’ve already found a awesome deal-£33 for a tassimo from Amazon! Wanted one for ages!! I’ve posted a competition too-was so easy! It’s fab to be in with a chance to win a m&s hamper! It’s always been a dream prize for me,for Christmas! 🙂

  7. Jemma Amanda says:

    My username is “JemmaAmanda” as I used Facebook to sign up! Pretty easy to use although photo didn’t automatically appear and couldn’t work out how to add a photo as it is a gif on the fb comp post so used a screen shot, hope that’s ok. Maybe some more prompts would be helpful like how many prizes ? Is it judged or random winner? Xxxx

  8. Tess Max-Dav says:

    Done x my user name is forcompsonly quite like the website layout easy to navigate x

  9. Gill Mitchell says:

    All done, my username is gill81uk. I love the picture and how nice and clear the post is once it is published.

  10. Wanda Wilson says:

    Wanderr Shared my first comp on Lastest Deals would love a chance to win a M&S hamper

  11. Marianne Daniels says:

    152mdaniels. Shared a competition–found the process a bit wieldy but I’m always curious about your recommendations. Couldn’t see a FB or Instragram option when listing competition type? Might be something for them to consider.

  12. Ailsa Sheldon says:

    ailsasheldon. Competition shared! And now I have more comeptitions to enter!

  13. Helen McIver says:

    HopefulHelen. Ive posted my first competition. I hope it was all OK, this site could get addictive.

  14. Francesca Plowman says:

    My username is Frannyp … it looks good so far it’s very easy to navigate will definitely be using it in the future

  15. Margaret Riordan says:

    Mariordan55 thanks for another comping site and more opportunities to win, Di

  16. Lynne OConnor says:

    Spanglisher. Posted a comp but couldn’t be sure it hadn’t been listed before. Did a search but only found 3 similar prizes so not convinced I did it right

  17. Hazel Newlands says:

    hazelnewlands. Apart from no option to state it is a pintrest competition (had to put other) much easier than it sounded for a non-techy person. Apart from that, great site. Fingers crossed x

  18. Theresa Louise Cooke says:

    theresacooke. Easy to join and navigate although it was harder using my phone to share. Took awhile to find share button.
    Good layout. I like it.

  19. Amy Deller says:

    My username is AmyD. Posted a competition – was easy to use but would be handy if there was an option to select multiple ways of entering a comp ie, not just one! The competition I shared could be entered via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter but could only select one!

  20. Jane H Shaw says:

    Username janeshaw711 an easy site to navigate very user friendly. Posted a comp, good luck to all. Thanks

  21. Jane H Shaw says:

    Username janeshaw711 a great site with some good deals as well. Thanks

  22. Cristín Williams says:

    Thanks for this Di! My username is cristino1985, it was very easy to upload a competition however it might be helpful if when you upload your URL if it could check nobody has uploaded the same competition so the site doesn’t become overloaded with the same comps multiple times? I don’t know if this is possible for them.

  23. JanComps says:

    Hi Di, my username is JanComps, I absolutely love how easy this website is for fellow compers like me! Good luck to everyone entering! xx

  24. emma louise gough says:

    Hi Di, I’ve joined and shared a competition – it was very easy to use – my username is egough78. I love the fact you can easily add comments to any of the competitions, but I can’t seem to find anywhere where you can amend what you’ve done. I wanted to add a picture to my comp listing but it won’t let me do it now I’ve posted it.

  25. Debbie creasey says:

    Hi Di I have entered my username is choccydeb64, good luck everyone 🙂 x

  26. Anne Johnston says:

    This looks like a great site, Di! I shared a competition which was really easy to do but it could be entered a max of 3 times and there wasn’t an option for that in the drop down.

    My username is anneofscotland

  27. Heather Haigh says:

    My user name is hdh74. I spy my comp – so I think I’ve done it right. The only thing is my comp ends tonight and it hasn’t appeared in ending soonest search so I’m not sure why that would be. I can see some good deals on there. I’ve just had a thought – if we post a comp that ends before the closing date of this one will you be able to find it? I’m guessing not, so off to find another to share.

  28. Derek Wilson says:

    I can see the amount of competitions being posted on their site is increasing, which is great! Love the layout too, it’s very easy on the eye. Have posted a comp – my username is delboy98 – thank you 🙂

  29. sima halimi says:

    username simahalimi liked and shared x M&S hamper

  30. nelliebligh says:

    So glad I found this site to join! It’ll be so useful to me now I’ve retired and have to watch the pennies! Have posted a comp to win chocolatey treats to celebrate National Chocolate Week!

  31. Jayne Sullivan says:

    An interesting site. I find that the site is very similar to


  32. Jayne Sullivan says:

    Competition has been posted. My username is jayne72

  33. Jolene Yule says:

    Sorry forgot to add my username it’s joyule2

  34. Jolene Yule says:

    Very easy to use and great deals too

  35. Peter Ogg says:

    New to me. Love competitions and happy to share a few

  36. LES FROST says:


  37. Melanie stanbridge says:

    Just entered your hamper competition,

  38. The website looks nice & user-friendly, so should attract people who find MSE (for example) a bit intimidating.

    My user name is @themustard – had a brain blip and forgot my usual (mustardy) social media handle… I presume I can change it when I get a sec!

  39. ms Susan dodd says:

    Very easy to use website

  40. My username is @themustard … But I’ve just realised that’s not what I meant to type – doh! I’ll fix that another day!

    It’s nice to see comps living next door to freebies, especially is such as user-friendly looking environment. It’s less intimidating than MSE, for example, so should be great for the more forum-shy folks

    • Sheila Reeves says:

      I did the same Neill, but choose carefully for your next name as you can only change it once!

  41. Jacqueline Lyon says:

    Just posted a comp on LatestDeals

  42. Suzie Wilder says:

    I’m wilder1977′ really liked this site! It’s easy to share stuff and post links. Only problem, the image of the comp didn’t automatically appear.

  43. Sheila Reeves @CakeReev says:

    Just shared a comp on there, am @CakeReev ( ) one thing I’m not so keen on is I clicked through from my entry to see if it worked, went back and it now says (on Latest Deals) that I’ve entered, but I haven’t yet – may be a problem if I want to look at something, do a bit of research, then go back to Latest Deals and I might miss a comp

  44. @no1michelle on twitter and michy08 for latestdeals

  45. lucy rigley says:

    I”m LucyR on there – sharing bargains already!

    I do like the site and find it easy to use, but I feel a few bits could be improved – it could be quicker to post- for example, if there wasn’t the animation coming up saying “What would you like to share?’, then I would be waiting around less. I also feel like there could be a tag line or introduction – there is nothing saying how the site differs from other similar ones.

    In terms of content, I do think it’s nice to see more toys etc rather than tech, like other sites seem to concentrate on.

    • Yes, I agree – I did mention to the team about the animated sentence/question, because we’re so short on time that it would be good to get it done as quickly as possible!

  46. Alvina says:

    Username alvinaboyd loving the site

  47. Thanks Di I have joined and shared a competition, my username is FrugalMrsW. I like that photo’s are included alongside the offers makes it easier to decide what to click on.

  48. Gaynorfay Spanswick says:

    Haven’t looked at everything but I do like what I’ve seen so far and I think it’s a fantastic idea and so much easier to find what your looking for.The instructions are very clear and easy to follow ,love it .Thank you. My user name is Fay Spanswick .

  49. Rachael Scott says:

    Love the section on shopping deals on the website, shared a competition as rachscott03

  50. Lynn Hughes says:

    My user name is Lynnxxx and I think it is a good website and very useful.

  51. jade rice says:

    love the website ill be addin a few sharing is caring as they say my username is jade7714 😀

  52. ✰★ღ Kayleigh ✰★ღ says:

    I love the website, already use it but didn’t realise you could share competitions. I have shared some as kayleigh39 😉

  53. Kathy Waterson says:

    @barton285 what a lovely idea and lovely website, easy to see everything too.

  54. Siobhan Parker says:

    My username is @afrugalmonth – what a great idea this site is! So good to see things recommended by real people rather than stuff that’s being promoted by the companies themselves.

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