Judged vs Random: which is best?

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  1. Sophie Lily says:

    I prefer judged but I’m s but disheartens at the moment as I came across as comp from one of my favourite shops offering a 2000k gift card win them. You had to design a room. I was really excited and spent ages, whoever had the most votes won. Unfortunelty I quickly cottoned on that users were using private browsing to vote for themselves thousands of times 🙁

  2. John Ettery says:

    It has to be judged, otherwise there is no point in asking people to be “creative” and the lack of creative comps around makes it even more annoying, if you go to the effort of writing a tiebreaker, take a picture, write a short story, etc only to find the effort you have put in, has made absolutely no difference to the selection of the winner.

  3. Chris says:

    I prefer Judged but only if the judging is fair. IE -the entry complies with the criteria ( and amazingly they do not quite often). Also quite a few are down to the personal opinion of someone – e.g. captions and photos etc.
    With random draws, I may be cynical but I suspect some are not random at all. I wonder what system they used to choose the winner.
    We cannot sure that any winner has been chosen fairly but we have to trust the organisers.
    I once entered a Pinterest contest and the winner was the only one that did not comply with the rules. (they did not name their board correctly). When I queried it they said, Oh we don’t bother with things like that. !! BTW the company was Trouva.

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