June wins – and a prize trip to Glastonbury!

So we’re halfway through 2022, and what a year it’s been for comping so far! I’ve hit £10,000 of prizes already and am so grateful for all the wonderful things I’ve won already. 

Although I spent 2021 eating endless blocks of Worthy Farm cheddar from the Co-op hoping to win Glastonbury tickets, I had to suddenly stop entering at the start of 2022 as my husband Rob was planning a 50th birthday party in Brighton that weekend! However, a couple of months ago Rob decided to move the party to 2 July – meaning Glasto weekend was now free! So a new comping challenge was set – to win a pair of tickets…

Last month my friend Donna contacted me to say she’d nominated me to win Glasto tickets in a prize draw on the Guardian website (thanks Donna!). There were ten pairs to be won, and you had to nominate a friend to win! I called upon the Lucky Learners, and hundreds of them were kind enough to nominate me.

A week later, my friend Claire tagged me in a tweet from EE advertising their new comp – you had to recreate Glastonbury at home as a ‘duet’ on TikTok, and get over a hundred likes – the five best entries would win a pair of tickets! I got to work, planning my costume changes, props and timing – and my husband Rob filmed it for me. It’s the first time I’ve recorded a ‘live’ TikTok and I was nervous to see if it had worked as it’s so fiddly. We were really pleased with it… and waited till the following week to see if there was any news!

Watch my TikTok entry here (or see it in the full YouTube unboxing video embedded below!)

On 9 May I was super excited to receive a DM on TikTok to say I was a provisional winner of the EE competition, and needed to send over my ID. Not long afterwards I received an email from The Guardian too, telling me that I’d won a pair of tickets thanks to my friend Danielle’s nomination. I couldn’t believe it! Unfortunately the tickets weren’t transferable to friends, so once I had confirmation from EE that I’d won, I asked the Guardian to re-draw another winner.

I was lucky to have the support of my Facebook friends to get enough nominations – and also the hundred TikTok likes – to win the Glasto tickets, so a huge thank you – I’m so grateful and we had the most fantastic time there with Ryland.

This month’s prize unboxing video is below!

June prize list

  • Glastonbury tickets – EE TikTok competition
  • Glastonbury tickets – The Guardian prize draw (nominate a friend – won by Danielle!) – I turned these down as they’re sadly not transferable!
  • Limited Edition Caramel Twirl – Cadbury Twitter giveaway
  • Waterproof phone pouch – RNLI & HM coastguard web prize draw
  • Selfie light Coca-Cola app/Sprite instant win
  • Year’s supply of bubblemint gumExtra instant win (enter daily until 17.7)
  • WD-40 t-shirt – DIY photo competition
  • Euro 22 Flagbearer Experience & £350 – Tesco & Pepsi/Doritos Text to Win
  • Rakuten voucher – Haagen Dazs & ASDA purchase necessary prize draw
  • £5 cashLitterlotto instant win
  • Burger, fries & drink – Fatco Brighton Instagram prize draw
  • Pizza Hut pizza – Pizza Hut Twitter comp (thanks Natalie!)
  • £25 Uber Eats voucher 7 Up Moments instant win (enter daily until 17.9)
  • Wildflower seedballs – BirdsEye purchase prize draw

Rob loved the WD-40 shirt so much he wore it at Glasto!

If you enjoy reading about people’s comping success, then please join us in the Lucky Learners Facebook group where group members share their wonderful weekly and monthly wins – you can also watch a playlist of prize unboxing videos on YouTube!

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Have a great July!

10 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    Wow! What an inspiration you are to us Di, looks like your family had a fabulous time – well done, I love to read all about your wins every month as it inspires me to keep trying – so thank you!

  2. michelle says:


  3. anthony says:

    nice win .. great video ! congrats . you put in the effort and reaped the rewards ! lucky it wasn’t random picked winners like most comps lol

    • Di says:

      Yes – it’s still annoying that they added the ‘100 likes’ to reach judging stage though, if so much effort is involved then really they should be judging every single entry. I can’t believe that in the past promoters would be judging 10,000 tiebreakers!

  4. Jeanette says:

    Hi Di, nice wins as always. Glastonbury, WOW!!!! I won some nice stuff myself, such as perfume samples, a travel voucher with the abomix page worth 100€ and my biggest win this month is a book via the website vorteil aktuell Gretas Erbe – Die Winzerin (Gretas Inheritance – The winemaker) it came with 6 different bottles of wine from Rhineland Palatine. I already finished the redwine bottle called Hakuna Matata. Best of luck for July.

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