KitKat Win a Break from Bills

Have you spotted the latest promotional KitKats in the shops?

The Win a Break from Bills KitKat promotion starts on 1 February 2021 – there’s two parts to the promotion, both with cash prizes – the ‘Willy Wonka’ style £10,000 instant win, and the online £50 hourly prize draws.

The prizes

  • If you’re one of the 8 lucky people to find a winning insert inside your KitKat packaging, you’ve won £10,000 cash (€10,000 for ROI). Call the number on the insert to claim your prize before 14 January 2022. It will be supplied as a cheque.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t win £10,000 instantly though – there’s still a £50/€50 cash prize to be won online every hour between 9am – 7pm every day, from 1 February until 28 March 2021. That’s 560 x £50 prizes in total! Plus, if you buy your KitKats from Tesco, your £50 win will be doubled to £100 cash! These £50 and £100 prizes will be awarded via BACS transfers.
  • If you miss the main promotional period, there are also three late entry draws, each with ten £50/€50 cash winners – closing dates are 30 June, 30 September and 31 December 2021.

How to enter the hourly prize draws

  • Buy a promotional ‘Take a Break from Bills’ KitKat product – it’s on individual bars as well as multipacks (don’t forget, buy at Tesco for the chance to double your prize cash to £100!)
  • Enter your details, select the retailer you purchased at, then enter the full barcode number from your pack at – you must enter between 9am – 7pm
  • Hourly cash prize winners will be informed by email. They will need to visit a link, and upload a copy of their ID, plus a photo of their packaging and their receipt in order to claim the prize.
  • Each person can enter twice a day and you can only one £50/£100 prize per household (address).

Unusually, to enter this KitKat promotion you only need a barcode number, making it harder to win than the unique code promotions, as people will be able to enter multiple times using the same barcode number. A barcode number is unique to a product type – so a KitKat Chunky Peanut Butter bar will have exactly the same barcode no matter which shop you buy it in.

But be careful – T&Cs do state ‘If the winner has entered multiple times, the Promoter reserved the right to request receipt proof of all of the entries.’ so keep packaging and all receipts for your entries!

The promotion is open to UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), Isle of Man, Channel Island and Republic of Ireland residents aged 18+. There’s a No Purchase Necessary route for Northern Ireland residents, details of which are in the T&Cs.

Read the full terms and conditions at (the Tesco specific T&Cs are here).

Email if you have any problems entering.

37 Responses

  1. Anja says:

    Do you need a passport or driving licence to be able to claim a prize?

    • Di says:

      You do need a photo of your ID – I’m not sure if a birth certificate would be enough?

      • Anja says:

        I’ve had an email saying my £50 win has been validated, so the photo of my birth certificate must have worked!

        Thanks for the tip!

  2. Christine Purcell says:

    Hi. Ive entered my barcode a week or so again and got my receipt but I was wondering if that is my only entry or does it carry over every day until the end of the comp. Thanks in advance.

    • Di says:

      You’re only entered into one hourly draw, so you will need to enter again! You can risk entering it again (up to a maximum of twice a day) – however if you do win you MAY be asked to provide a receipt for every hourly draw you’ve entered!

  3. Barbara Waller says:

    Perhaps I’m stupid but I can’t find the form

  4. Enenu Okwori says:

    For the £10,000 win, would the amount or mark or whatever be written on the chocolate bar itself, or inside the packaging? how can you tell? I am asking because i have just been eating the chocolates without checking, thinking the codes or marks or ‘winner’ shoudl be inside the packaging?

    • Di says:

      There’s a voucher inside the packaging which lets you know that you’ve won. You’ll need this voucher to claim the prize! I’m not sure if there’s anything imprinted onto the chocolate bars this time round.

  5. VioletDuncan says:

    HAve entered many times, but
    I have noticed that the barc odes are the same?? WHY??

    • Di says:

      A barcode represents a certain product – eg. a 4 pack of 4 finger Kitkats has a different barcode to an 8 pack of 2 finger KitKats. The packaging is the same for every one of these items, so of course the barcode is the same. For previous promotions, KitKat have printed unique codes inside the wrappers, which makes it impossible for people to buy one product and enter multiple times. Hopefully they’ll go back to unique codes for the next promotion rather than asking for barcodes.

  6. Steph Armstrong says:

    Hi, I bought a Kitkat pack at Tesco on 18th Jan 21 before the promotional period – it was marked ‘Win a break from bills’ – I have entered using this and have won £100 so need to send them my details. Does it still count? Thanks

    • Di says:

      Yes, as long as you kept the receipt, and your receipt is dated before your entry online that’s fine! The packs were in the shops for at least a month before it started.

  7. Sue says:

    I’ve had a winning email for £50. You have to upload photo of I.D, proof of address, proof of purchase & the wrapper showing barcode used to enter. Payment will be by BACS or cheque. Thanks Di.

  8. Achai says:

    Idk what is going on but
    I have a kitkat and it have code idk what is it pls if u see this can u respond

  9. Mrs Rita M Loring says:

    Completed form from top downwards, as soon as County entered it disappears.
    Tried filling in County first same result, as soon as cursor moves to another box County disappears.
    Tried all ways I can think of – it is impossible to complete form.

  10. Mrs Rita M Loring says:

    Same problem as another person in responses. Unable to enter as after inserting my County it disappears from screen

    • Di says:

      Are you completing the rest of the form first, and the county last? Are you able to select a different county?

  11. Unable to complete entry as not recognising my county

  12. Andy says:

    Have they got a problem with the website, while trying to enter I am getting ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key under the re-captcha?

  13. Henry says:

    Is the £10,000 a bit of wrapper on top of the chocolate or is it engraved in the chocolate or something?

    • Di says:

      The graphic on the packaging suggests that £10,000 is etched into the lucky bars Henry – but I’ve not seen that confirmed anywhere! the winning bars also have a paper/card insert with details of how to claim your prize

  14. David Wright says:

    tried to enter I was asked to enter my
    Debit card details was this correct, I ,m worried in case I,be made a mistake

  15. Joy Scott says:

    I entered this today but there was no place to put the barcode. it only asked for the unique code. I’m confused now.

    • Di says:

      It doesn’t open for entries until February! I think you must have clicked on the previous competition, which is in the late entry draw stages. That one had unique codes printed inside the wrappers!

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