Larazade Tomb Raider instant win

As a clever tie-in with this September’s release of the ‘Shadow of the Tomb Raider’ game, Lucozade have temporarily rebranded as Larazade – and are celebrating by giving away goodies ‘from the prize tomb’ every day. Buy a promotional bottle, enter the code online, and you could instantly win a Shadow of the Tomb Raider digital game code, an XBox or even £1000 cash!

How to enter

  • Buy a promotional Larazade bottle or multipack (original, orange, or apple)
  • Select your country and register at (or log in if you’re previously entered a Lucozade competition)
  • Peel the Larazade label off and look for the code printed across the middle of the bottle (see example below).
  • Codes are unique, and can only be used once – you can enter one code per day

If you’re the first person to enter after a winning moment, you’ll win a prize and will find out on screen what you’ve won – if no entries are received between one winning moment and the next, the prize will roll over until they are won. All prizes are guaranteed to be won!

The Prizes

  • 40 cash prizes of £1,000
  • 100 Xbox One X’s
  • 200 digital Shadow of the Tomb Raider games

The promotion is open to residents of UK and ROI aged 18 or over (for Northern Ireland and ROI, there’s a no purchase necessary route) and runs until 31st January 2019.

After the main instant win promotion ends, late entries until 30th May 2019 will go into a  prize draw to win two £1,000 cash prizes (one for UK and one for ROI).

EVERY entry automatically gets a a Yellow Shadow Band Resource Pack for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which can be used when the game is released on 14th September. Unfortunately, Lucozade have made the decision to send out losing emails with the subject ‘Congrats! You’ve won a prize’ – so don’t get too excited when you spot that in your inbox!


Although it sounds like a lot of prizes, the promotion is running for a whopping six months, which works out at around two prizes to be won each day. As the promotion started late, and the bottles are now widely available, my tip would be to hold on to some of your codes and enter them in December and January, when the bottles will be much harder to find in shops and less people will be eagerly entering! Try putting your code in late in the evening – it’s only one daily entry per person, and most people will use their code earlier in the day.

If you’re a seasoned comper, you’ll already know that Lucozade bottles are a popular item to womble – check my post Wombling for Wins for tips!

To be honest though – if you like energy drinks, you should try entering the Carabao £1 million cash giveaway which gives you a MUCH better chance of winning a prize!

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5 Responses

  1. Paul Morris says:

    Bit of a farce. The comp website is different on the bottle. I see, doesn’t work.
    Then, when I input the bottle code, it asked for an apparently already registered password?

  2. shona mackie says:

    I can not read any of the codes printed tried emailing them with email addy beside the code entry but does not accept email so do not know what to do

  3. I never even got to download my code be for the took me thanks

  4. Amy M says:

    Just as a warning, we bought a pack of 6 yesterday and the codes were so badly printed we couldn’t make out 2 of them. After contacting them on facebook we were given some additional codes for our inconvenience. Just thought I would pass on the info in case anyone else had an issue! 🙂

    • Di says:

      They’re really hard to read aren’t they? It would be much better to print on the reverse of the label, or under the lids! Or simply in a black ink! Thanks for the tip Amy.

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