LitterLotto – Bin it to Win it!

Have you heard about LitterLotto®? It’s a neat little app to encourage us to pick up litter – and if you’re lucky, you might be rewarded with a huge cash prize!

Lots of compers are already dedicated to picking up litter of course – especially when it has an on-pack promotion from the compers shopping list. You’ll spot us in the wild, wombling for Doritos bags, Diet Coke bottles, or Cadbury wrappers, so this should be an easy campaign for us to get involved with!

LitterLotto is used across the world, with different countries offering their own cash prizes and exclusive prize draws to reward users. In the UK, when you bin a piece of litter there’s a chance of you winning a £1,000 cash prize in the monthly draw – but you can also win ‘coins’ which can be used to get entries into other ongoing draws with prizes like games consoles and £250 Amazon vouchers.

LitterLotto has lots of exciting app developments lined up for the future, so it’s definitely one to watch!

How to enter the LitterLotto

  • Download the LitterLotto app at (my referral link) – it’s available for Apple and Android devices
  • Register on the app with your contact details and password
  • On the LitterLotto app tap the camera button to take a photo of yourself putting litter into a bin. The photo MUST include your hand (or a litter picking stick) putting the litter into the bin. See example photo below (you must take this photo in the app – you can’t upload a photo you’ve already taken)
  • Confirm that you’re using a public litter bin – LitterLotto is using this information to create a map of bin locations, so it’s easy for users to find their local bin!
  • Click to submit now – or you can Save for later, this can be helpful if you want to save your mobile data while out and about, then use free wi-fi to submit a batch of entries at once.
  • You’ll get a £1,000 prize draw entry for every photo you upload, plus the chance to win an instant prize – you can enter as many different photos as you like, but each one must be a different piece of litter
  • Photos will be verified by LitterLotto before the £1,000 prize is confirmed – they will receive an in-app notification and an email. Cash prizes will be paid into the winner’s bank account.

You only need to be 13 to use the LitterLotto app – but jackpot prizes must be claimed by an adult aged 18 or older.

What exactly is classed as ‘litter’?

The prize draw rules go into quite a bit of detail about what constitutes a valid photo entry. You must be in the photo putting litter into a bin (ie. you can’t take a photo of someone else binning the litter).

Litter is defined as the packaging of goods that are designed to be consumed on-the-go (ie: out of the home) and will usually be manufactured from paper, cardboard, plastic, glass or wood – eg. snack packaging, takeaway cutlery and trays, bottles, etc. Cigarette butts count, and are probably the most commonly littered items! Food peelings, dog waste or items thrown out in the home (shampoo bottles etc) will not count as litter.

If you’ve been litter picking with a bag, you can upload a photo of the litter going into the bag, but you must also share a photo of the bag being disposed of in a bin! LitterLotto are currently working with local Councils to verify local litterpickers on the app, in order to award bulk entries when they submit a photo of a full bag of litter.

All photos are verified before prizes are awarded.

What are the prizes?

The weekly jackpot prize draw is currently for £1,000 – and although the £5 instant win cash prizes have stopped (due to high adminstrative costs involved with fulfilment), you can win LitterLotto ‘coins’ instantly, and can redeem these in the Offers section of the app to enter prize draws or to plant a tree!

The bonus prize draws featured in the Offers ‘Spend your coins’ section (tap the piggy bank icon to see this) currently include the chance to win a £250 Amazon gift card and an XBox.

I hope this will encourage you to pick up litter locally – and please let me know if you’re lucky enough to win a prize!

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4 Responses

  1. Kazzy Minton says:

    I was so lucky to have FOUR instant wins all £5 each during March … £20 for binning litter is pretty great although I was picking up like crazy in the hope of the big prize (but sadly that wasn’t me) … what a great comp though … litter drives me crazy in our beautiful little rural village and summer it gets really bad with tourism and so I will definitely be a regular user of this app x

  2. Kazzy says:

    Won an instant £5 popping my third bit of litter into bin … chuffed! What a great idea x

  3. Kate says:

    Keep in mind Ts and C’s on this one. Not all rubbish meets criteria of litter (it’s mostly focused on packaging of food and drink that’s typically eaten outside of home) e.g dog poop bags or other compostable waste like banana skins don’t count.

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