Love to Ride – get on your bike and win prizes!

Regular SuperLucky readers may know that I love cycling – although that wasn’t always the case! I only learnt to ride a bike properly during the lockdown, and the lessons with my local Council made a huge difference to my confidence. Now I love going out for a ride on my own along the seafront or at Brighton velodrome, or I’ll take my son Ry to the local BMX track and mountain bike trails!

I joined the Cyclescheme community Love to Ride years ago when Brighton introduced its hire bikes, and it’s a great way to win prizes just by logging your rides. There are regular challenges like National Cycle to Work Day, plus the Cycle September challenge, with prizes to be won. If you already use Strava or Map My Ride you can link these to Love to Ride and it will automatically log your rides, or you can manually add them to the website.

Register with Love to Ride here (this is my referral link, thank you for clicking!)

Earning Love to Ride points

On the Love to Ride website, you earn points for every day and mile you ride, plus bonus points if you encourage someone else to take part. You can ride with your workplace, as an individual, or with a club/group and can check progress on the Leaderboards. More points means more prize draw entries and more chances to win!

How to log a ride

  • Sync to a mobile app – connect Strava or Map My Ride and it will sync your rides automatically with Love to Ride. Connect mobile apps here.
  • Manually log your ride by choosing Add a Ride on your profile page.

The Love to Ride site also has some excellent tips on cycling. If you have any questions about the website or challenges, ask in the comments – or get in touch with them directly at

I hope this encourages you to get on your bike – or on a rental bike! – and get involved.

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