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Last year Lucozade launched the brilliant Made to Move app, offering prizes to people who register at least 5,000 steps a day. For 2018 they’ve upgraded the app to add lots more features and challenges, and once again the codes on promotional bottles will earn you extra entries into the daily and weekly prize draws!

Yes, to win prizes you’re going to have to drag yourself away from that screen and get exercising! There are prizes to be won every single day until 31s December 2018, including FitBits and annual gym memberships – plus some incredible weekly prizes including trips to San Francisco, Dubai and Florence.

How it works

  • For every 5,000 steps you take, you get one entry into the daily prize draw (max ten entries per day)
  • Do more than 5,000 steps on three or more days in a week, and you get one entry into the weekly draw (max one entry per week)
  • Enter the code from a promotional 500ml Lucozade Sport bottle to get a bonus daily draw entry (you can only do this if you’ve reached 5,000 steps in a day)
  • NEW FOR 2018! If you successfully complete a weekend challenge (eg. walk 18,000 steps), you’ll be entered to win a special prize.
  • NEW FOR 2018! Set your own personal challenge on the app (set this at between 3,000 & 50,000 steps per day) – if you achieve this you get another daily draw entry

How to use the app

You will need to track your activity on a mobile device, using either:

  • Apple Health app
  • Google Fit app
  • a FitBit

Then, you’ll need to download the Lucozade Made to Move App:

  • Click to download from the AppStore
  • Click to download from Google Play

Open up the app and register your details. In order for the app to track your activity, you will need to synchronise it with either a FitBit, Apple Health or Google Fit. You may need to close apps and open them again for them to sync properly – and keep checking for app updates. You might want to try deleting and reinstalling if problems persist. If you have a Google account, make sure you use the same email address to register with the Google Fit app and the Made To Move app.

The Made to Move app will update your daily step count using the linked device or app. Dependent on your device, you may be able to track cycling and swimming in addition to your step count for walking and running. Cycling 17.25 miles, or swimming 0.75 miles is the equivalent of 5,000 steps – any combination of walking, swimming and cycling can be used to reach the 5,000 steps.

On your Dashboard you can see how many steps you’ve completed that day, plus any bonus entries you’ve earned. Tap to change from Today to Weekly to see if you’ve achieved the target on three days of that week – 3 green bars that have crossed the 5k line!

If, like me, you have trouble getting your steps to sync on an iPhone, make sure you’re regularly closing and opening the app – it should say ‘Data synchronised’ at the bottom of the screen, although your progress bar on the Weekly tab might take 24 hours or longer to turn green!

The Rewards tab shows your Entries in the prize draws – scroll down for previous weeks. Tap Prizes to see what you can win and which prizes you’ve already won (they will show in colour). You can only win one of each prize. The Badges tab shows badges you’re earned (just for fun!)

Tap Challenges at the bottom of the screen to view current and upcoming prize challenges. Tap to view each challenge, and then tap to join it. You can’t win a prize in a challenge unless you opt in, and complete it! At the top of the screen you’ll see progress on your personal goal challenge too (remember, each day you complete this is another entry into the daily draw)

Redeem bottle codes

Promotional bottles of Lucozade Sport have a unique code printed on the bottom of the bottle (not the wrapper!) – use it by tapping Redeem on the app and entering the code. This code will stay in your virtual fridge until you’ve walked your 5000 steps, when it will be used for your bonus entry.

n prizes with the Lucozade Made to Move app

The Prizes

100 prize winners are chosen at random every day, and awarded one of these prizes:

  • 57 x Fitbit Charge 2
  • 2800 x Lucozade Sport drink bottles
  • 2900 x Lucozade Sport 500ml

Each weekly draw closes on a Sunday and has a single prize – check T&Cs for full prize details.

Winner notification

Winners are informed by email. Follow the instructions in the email to claim your prize within 28 days. There’s no limit to the number of daily prizes you can win during the promotion – although you can only win one prize each day. You can only win one weekly prize across the whole promotion.

Full terms and conditions are on the Made to Move app or on the Lucozade website.

What do you reckon – will you be making the effort to walk your 5,000 steps each day to enter this competition? Let me know in the comments how you’re getting on!

44 Responses

  1. Kurt Stephens says:

    I received an email telling me I had won a Fitbit,replied immediately over two weeks later nothing,I have tried emailing,phoning and Facebook no luck,have to say absolutely diabolical service

  2. Phill says:

    Anyone who has won but not received their prizes.
    Go on Facebook, lucozade Sport page and send them a message, explain that you have won and not received your prizes, send a screenshot of your email showing you have won. I’ve had to do it twice, for 2 separate prizes and within a week then I received the prizes I had won.

    • Di says:

      Thanks so much for sharing this info Phill! I’ve not won on the app this year (yet!) so haven’t had to chase any prizes!

  3. Phill says:

    Hi, I had the same issue as you, I didn’t receive any of my prizes, 100 cash and pair of tough mudder trainers, eventually I tried contacting them through their Facebook page on messenger, they responded within 24hrs, and confirmed that I had won, and I got my prizes within a week then,
    So look on Facebook for lucozade Sport page and send them a message, ask why you have not received your prizes and screenshot your emails stating you had won.

  4. Floyd says:

    Does anyone know if the goals players pass is just entry for one person or for the whole pitch hire?

    I won it and it says ‘player entry’ but I am unsure whether it is just free entry for me or for me and my mates etc?

  5. Katharine Taylor says:

    The app konked on me last night and so didn’t synchronise the 14,000(!) steps from my Fitbit…grrrrr…doesn’t look like there’s a way to do it for the day before either so Monday will look like I’ve been on my bum all day. Bugger! I recommend that folk double check the app is still running before they go to bed so they can do a reboot before the end of the day and not lose any steps 🙂 Kx

  6. Josh Morgan says:

    I have won a Fitbit and 1L bottle but they haven’t sent to me either. Been 2 months since claimed and they haven’t responded or answering calls. I am taking this to legal authorities. Expect some obstacles lucozade unless you send me my prizes ASAP!!!

    • Perry Norgate says:

      I won some shoes but it is impossible to claim them as there are never any ‘agents’ available on the phone number given, no matter what time of day I call. They do not respond to messages left and all emails are returned undelivered. Feels like a con

    • Phill says:

      Hi, I had the same issue as you, I didn’t receive any of my prizes, 100 cash and pair of tough mudder trainers, eventually I tried contacting them through their Facebook page on messenger, they responded within 24hrs, and confirmed that I had won, and I got my prizes within a week then,
      So look on Facebook for lucozade Sport page and send them a message, ask why you have not received your prizes and screenshot your emails stating you had won.

  7. NickH says:

    I won a pair of tickets to Tough Mudder last week, but its only for the events for 2017 of which there is now just a choice of 2 and both of them are within in the next 4 weeks. Not only that, if you try and book the voucher code it just lets you book one ticket. Excitement winning a prize I really wanted, but turned to disappointment to discover there is no choice of any dates left and the prize awarded isn’t what it says it is. No response from Lucozade in over a week. Its been a fun promotion but doesn’t seem to have been well run at all. Would have been nice to feel that the prizes for the extended version aren’t just left over ones that weren’t claimed from the previous round and some thought and care had gone into this. They appear to be giving Tough Mudder prizes away until October, but there is no event after mid September that would be a valid prize and no real choice or time to prep for it.

    • Aytul Huseyin says:

      Did Lucozade get back to you in regards to this as ive got the same problem. Won tickets yesterday but no dates available.

      • NickH says:

        They did – best way to contact them is through the made to move Facebook page private message – they responded quite quickly

  8. Jodie says:

    This has been extended until 1st October with new weekly prizes and (sadly) less daily prizes. I’m surprised they have extended it, given how poorly it has been run! Still waiting for the water bottle I won in May!!

  9. Fiona says:

    I too won a water bottle but haven’t received it, no answer to my emails either. Seems like Lucozade haven’t managed this comp very well!

    • Phill says:

      Contact them on Facebook messenger, it’s easier, go on lucozade Sport Facebook page and send them a message, they will respond within 2 days, this worked for me and a few other people I know

  10. Sharon says:

    I won a fitbit as well but not received it and it’s been 28 days now. Disappointed.

  11. Consumer Care says:

    Sorry to hear this Hannah. The link on the winners email should take you to the Lucozade Sport website and ask you to login. Not to worry, I’ve made a note on our system that you’d like to receive the 1L bottle. This will be sent out to you on Monday. Once again, apologies for the inconvenience we have caused you.

    • Hannah Formaston says:

      This problem was supposed to have been fixed weeks ago, there was no link in the email it was just an image, when someone finally got back to me they said they would log it in the system that I wanted one and it would be sent out, but not revieved yet again!!

    • Jennifer Neil says:

      I haven’t even been sent an email for registering? I’ve sent an email to the customer care email address to ask what’s going on? Five out my correct email on the app. But nothing as of yet

  12. Hannah Formaston says:

    Although I say link. You can click on terms and conditions but there isn’t a link for the claim box

  13. THE NAMES BOB says:

    Had about 3 entries every day haven’t even won a common prize

  14. Ailsa Sheldon says:

    I won a fitbit!! Thank you so much xx Took me ages to get it to work but really happy.

  15. Dawn Facey says:

    Really unhappy I have had 2 wins now a water bottle and a goals prize but no winnow email to claim. They have the correct email address as I received the 1 day pass for pure gym on signing up with them. I’ve sent lucozade a message but I’ve not reviewed any reply over a week later. Also I had a promotional bottle of lucozade with only half a code so I messaged them about this too and they have not responded about that either.

    • Did you manage to sort this Dawn? I’ve heard a few people say they’ve had problems with the lack of emails.

      • Dawn Facey says:

        No not had anything sorted as yet, very unhappy with lucozade sport.

        • Consumer Care says:

          Hi Dawn, sorry to hear that you’ve not received your winning emails to claim your prizes. We’ve resent these to you today. Regarding your code issue, we sent you an email on 19th May with some replacement codes. Perhaps this has gone to your spam folder. Please let us know if you’ve not received it. Many thanks.

          • Dawn Facey says:

            Hi I did not receive any of the emails you have sent or resent to me regarding claiming my prizes. I have looked in my spam folder also and it was not there. I do not understand it as I received the email that you get upon registration with made to move do you must have the correct email address.

          • Hannah Formaston says:

            I have also won the goals and the lucozade bottle but have not received a winners email. I have checked all inboxes and spam and they are no where

          • Dawn Facey says:

            It’s a pain isn’t it, I have been having this discussion with lucozade now for over 3 weeks and nothing is sorted. They have the correct email as I had the free 1 day pure gym pass come by email so it’s not the fact that the email is wrong.

          • Hannah Formaston says:

            Yes I have the correct email to as I got the pass when I signed up and have also double checked it in my profile

          • Consumer Care says:

            Hi Hannah, sorry that you’ve not received your winners email. We have resent these to you today. Please let us know if you still experience problems. Many thanks

          • Hannah Formaston says:

            Thanks, I have received the goals email but still have no email for the 1L bottle?

          • Consumer Care says:

            We’ve just resent the 1L bottle email to you again.

          • Consumer Care says:

            Hi Dawn, we’ve fixed the email issue, and we’ve resent your winner emails to you today. Please let us know if you still experience problems. Many thanks

          • Mel says:

            Hi i just brought a lucozade sport bottle and the code is not working

  16. Tracey Licence says:

    I have entered it the last 3 days, as I usually do 8000 steps every day so easy for me to enter a lot , not found any promotional bottles yet, looked in waitrose and sainsburys, also I tried to contact consumercare email shown on app and it got returned back saying address unknown, I copied and pasted it so I would make sure it was correct x

  17. Amanda Coffman says:

    I have having such problems with this app. I have tried to download and when it asks do you have a fitbit and i click yes – it comes up with an error message. Then if I close app and reopen the screen is blue, if I swipe from left a menu appears but I cannot access it. I have tried reinstalling but having no joy at all. I have emailed Lucozade but no response as yet. If anyone has had the same problems and has since been successful opening the app, could they please let me know what to do. Thanks 🙂

    • Vanessa F says:

      I’m glad to hear it’s not just me, I can’t get it to work at all! It’s annoying because I do usually between 5000-10000 steps a day at work.

  18. Corina Wharmby says:

    This is the motivation I need to get me moving now i’ve joined Slimming world too. Let’s hope we can all win. Thank you Di.

  19. Lynne Norris says:

    Yes, I need to get off my fat bum! lol

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