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  1. Diane says:

    I have a wishlist with three items on it – a washing machine, fridge freezer and pet beds, but I don’t know how to find these comps on mse- I’ve given up trying. Some advice would really be appreciated.

    • Di says:

      Your best bet is to think of the brands who make/sell these items Caroline – and make sure you follow them (and get notifications) on all their social media channels – eg. Hoover, Indesit, Zanussi, Currys,, Pets at Home, Fetch!

  2. Elke Breslein says:

    I have found also a nice simple mind app for Android : SimpleMind Free – I think is is like the other app for iOS SimpleMind +.

  3. Laura Corrall says:

    I’ve never made a wishlist. I’ve been comping 4 yrs. I’ve made on on a Spreadsheet so I can cross off if I’ve entered for it, and if I am lucky enough to win, My list includes.
    A soup maker.
    GHD Curling wand
    Paulton Park tickets
    Sundown/ Latitude / Whitenoise Festival Tickets

    Hopefully this will make me more focused on the things I really want to win in 2018 rather than just going ‘oooh I like that’ to everything on MSE.

  4. Janette Pryor says:

    I’ve never made a wish list but I know what’s going to start my first: one:
    Weekend away (with rail tickets or enough cash for travel costs), Elomi Lingerie, A shower with enclosure, 4G ‘phone, Theatre Tickets, Restaurant Vouchers, Tickets for The Flying Scotsman and Orient Express. Facial and Manicure vouchers. That’s a good top 10 for me to start with, time to start researching and entering.

  5. sonseyface says:

    I’m still trying for my cooker and I will win one. I wanted a fridge freezer this year and I got it, but I really believed I would. I’d love to win a emozioni necklace, a Super Lucky Di book, a stick blender, bike and a four slice toaster. Vouchers are always good. I really only enter competitons to replace the things I need…anything I win over that is a bonus.

  6. Julie Feathers says:

    I have just started doing mine, but it is just in a note book, would love a cruise, of Holiday, a dyson Fan, actifry and what everyone would love, some cash, also and IPhone 6 It is a start anyway

  7. Diane Wood says:

    Wow, I don’t know how you time to fiddle about with all these things! My Wishlist is in my head and I use the time walking my dog to plan and plot what I’m going to do with a) comping, b) my day and c) my life in general! The only problem is, I have a dreadful short-term memory but hey, it’s great when I remember things again, it’s just as exciting as the first time! My wishlist this year is short, overnight trips e.g. New York, music events, theatre, spas and other events I don’t even know about, the last one being the most exciting!

  8. My wishlist is on Pinterest and I have great fun compiling it!

  9. Mandy Wootton says:

    I’ve just started a wish list on pintrest, I already photograph any thing I am lucky enough to win and have a separate folder on my computer for them, I also write everything down in a book which I love to read when i’m having a lean spell. I love your book and website, thank you for all the help and great tips. Prosperous New Year to all x

    • Janette Pryor says:

      I like the idea of keeping a note of wins and am going to start doing this tonight, 5 small prizes so far this year which I’d probably forget but will prove its not been such a lean spell, thanks for the idea and good luck

  10. Frances Heaton says:

    Although I’ve been comping for several years, have never thought of making a wish list before. However, I can see how it would focus the mind and possibly help you to achieve more success with comping.
    I already have a spreadsheet where I list my wins, and take photos of the prize when it arrives. Taking your advice, I will use an app on my mini ipad and create a wish list for this year. Although it would be great to win prizes such as the cash and cars offered by the ITV competitions, my list will also include things such as supermarket and national garden centre vouchers, vouchers for local restaurants, and books.
    Hope everyone has a great year, wishing everyone good luck.

  11. rosierowe says:

    I have a couple of short breaks on my list (UK based) for us and our best friends, a new PC or laptop, Coldplay tickets for SIL, baby stuff for the new grandson, supermarket vouchers and a Makeover for me! I shall probably use Pinterest – although I do lose track of time when I’m on it – and give Simple Mind a try.
    I’ve just got back into Wamo, but I need to read your tutorial again as I have no idea how to make lists and add friends!!
    Good luck for 2016 and a Happy New Year!

  12. Lidiya Joseph says:

    I badly need to win a laptop this year as mine is falling apart, would also love to win Holidays .

  13. Nodamochiiee says:

    Great article Di. I’ve just downloaded WAMO and will be using it a lot more for.more wins! Top of the wish list would definitely be a high powered food processor (unsure of brand atm) I want to make my own nut butters!!

  14. Melissa. says:

    The very top of my list would be a Macbook and an iphone 6. Except I have no idea where to find legit comps with these. I see a lot of spam while doing google and twitter searches.

    • A Macbook is a difficult one – I’ve wanted to win one for years but resorted to trading in other prize gadgets (iPad, PC) to get mine! iPhones are more common, consider adding words like ‘photo’, ‘purchase’ or ‘creative’ to your searches to try and cancel out the spam ones!

  15. Fab idea, never used Wamo might give that a go. Really love the idea of making a visual list on pinterest!!!

  16. Laura Walker says:

    Trying to save money this year so I would love to win treats, clothes, cinema vouchers, meals, make up. I am going to try my best to win a cottage holiday

  17. Rachel Bustin says:

    Happy New Year!

    Well my wish list consists of:
    – an Ipad for my husband
    -a kindle fire for me!
    – love2shop vouchers
    – baby bits and bobs as my first is due in 3 weeks!

    I also love to win books, body/perfume bits for my family for Christmas. I have already won my mother in law a beautiful necklace for next Christmas. It saves so much money collecting bits and bobs throughout the year for the family!

    Rachel xx

  18. emmasfabulous says:

    Happy New Year Di 🙂 I’ll have to look at wamo – be nice to use it for something other than just the comps! I do a Pinterest list so I’m just tweaking mine a little. Family holiday at the top but mainly things for home, a washing machine (hopeful after getting dishwasher and fridge freezer) actifry (elusive!) and a nice red sofa! For my loved ones still trying for a PS4 for Sean (managed X-Box) and I’d like to make a really good start on next year’s presents for the kids. I also do well for tickets so looking forward to some nice days out to come. All the best for 2016 x

  19. Kate Rushton says:

    My 2016 wish list is a Pinterest board –

    I can’t stop adding to it!

    Happy New Year Di!

  20. Rachael Simmons says:

    My 2016 wish-list includes the following:
    Xbox One
    Washing Machine
    Theatre Tickets
    Trip to Prague
    Go Ape vouchers
    Electric Toothbrush

  21. Jo Heath says:

    Fantastic ideas. I used traditional list, both but use mind maps when teaching so will definitely use Simple Minds! Thank you! My wishlist for next year still contains an annual Merlin Pass, a Fridge-freezer and a HP printer preferably with the Ink subscription! Aim high it is all a bonus!

  22. Cristín Williams says:

    Such a great idea, I am definitely going to do to this to focus my comping more.

  23. Adeline M says:

    I would love to win an iPad Pro and good luck for 2016 everyone!

  24. Jackie Dawson says:

    Top of my wish list will be a new laptop for next year, also would love to win some shopping vouchers x

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