McDonald’s Monopoly 2019

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  1. Martin Smith says:

    Won phone with one year contract , how do I put in the code, can’t find it anywhere

  2. Bec margison says:

    how do I claim my free kindle books

  3. Rosemary says:

    Hi I’v got a ticket saying £10€ red letter day what is this prize

    • Di says:

      It’s a £10 discount if you buy a gift voucher or experience for yourself from the Red Letter Days website Rosemary – for example a spa day, or afternoon tea.

    • Ivo says:

      Got the same one if you go on you get £10 available activities I would of just preferred a nice cup of coffee rlly lol

  4. Elizabeth Glover says:

    I bought a chicken legend shaker salad and 1/4 pound cheeseburger but no stickers what’s going on

    • Christine Smith says:

      Did the salad have to be part of a meal with one of the qualifying menu items – I don’t think a cheeseburger gets any tokens? However I have played Monopoly for a good many years and in my experience they start to run out of the stickers as you get close to the end of the game

  5. Terrie Chilvers says:

    Remember reading about something you could do with your spare stickers… is that still a thing? Thanks!

    • Di says:

      Last year you could exchange them for a NOW TV pass, but they’re not doing anything similar in 2019 unfortunately!

  6. Shri says:

    Mine does not work, it keeps on saying invalid despite it expiring in May. I have lots of stickers, please help 🙂

  7. Dani says:

    Can I win 100k if I got got more then two

    • Di says:

      You can only win if you have a rare sticker (as listed above) – everyone probably has ten Park Lane stickers! You need a Mayfair.

  8. kate says:

    i won a holiday but i dont know if i could go anywhere. is there a specific place i have to go

  9. Paula says:

    I won 50% off a phone case but I don’t know what to do with it or where I get the phone case from .

  10. How do I get my Kindle book plz.

  11. Pat mulcahy says:

    Hello my name is pat I live in Ireland just won a kindle books prize do not have a kindle have a tablet can I still claim it and if so how

  12. Tru says:

    Well I just had a thirty minute drive thinking we’d won an instant win PS4 game station.
    When we got to McDonald’s we tried entering the code to win but the code had letters,we also tried scanning the ticket with no luck.
    I then went to the till and left feeling very embarrassed as the very unhelpful guy on the till said that the only instant win prizes were food
    Left feeling really hacked off at a wasted journey with a very disappointed son.

    • Di says:

      You can win a PS4 console instantly on the labels, is that what you have? You don’t claim it in store though – you enter the code and complete your details online.

  13. Jason says:

    Online game is utterly pointless. I entered my ***-****-*** code and I won. I was not informed of what I had won, as it states in the rules, nor was I provided with an online claim form, as it states in the rules. I emailed support and apart from acknowledging receipt they’ve blanked me, 19 days and counting. And I’ve asked around, I’m not alone in this, 3 others just in the town I live in.
    As if that’s not poor enough I’ve learned of somebody who got a full set of reds and in trying to claim her PS4 from McDonalds they gave her the run around so badly that after 4 days she just gave up. Seriously people, don’t bother, this is just a scam to get us to go in and buy more grub.

  14. Janet Liza Jones says:

    Hi I have 2 Park lanes blue £100k cash on them what do I do with them? Are they worth anything never played have no idea how to find out thanks

    • Di says:

      You need a set of both dark blue labels to win – so you need to find a Mayfair – and there’s only 4 in existence. There’s probably about 4 billion Park Lanes unfortunately!

  15. Paul says:

    Hi Di
    Just had a instant win, retro photo magnets. All the site’s i have tried either require a 10 digit or 12 digit code, however this is a 11 digit code, can you help please.

    • Nicola Edwards says:

      I have the same issue. An 11 digit code and no idea what to do with it!!!!

    • Teri Sargent says:

      You have to go on there website and put the code in the discount bit before you pay.. hope this helps

    • Penelope Monty says:

      SAME i called mcdonalds and they said to try again which was silly as it is 11 digits and its supposed to be 12

  16. Julie says:

    Hi wanted to ask when u got the 12 digit code can u play with that as well or not ?

  17. jeff says:

    how do i claim my now tv pass because the code is 4x4x4

  18. David says:

    I’ve got 3 matching : fleet st ,vine st,bow st,what do you win?

  19. nnoort says:

    hi so Ive gotten an instant win food sticker I was wondering if I would get sticker from it or not

    • Di says:

      It depends which product you’ve won! If it’s on the list above you will get stickers – but if it’s free small fries, apple pie, ice cream cone, etc – you won’t!

  20. Monica Hynes says:

    I won a kindle book prize but the website to claim my prize does not exist. where can I claim my kindle book?

  21. Skaiste says:

    Hi I won a Retro photo magnets but the code is 11 numbers. Im not sure where and how to clame this prize

  22. helena says:

    I win a kindle book but I can not collected because the code has 12 digits and is writen claim at and this website dosen´t exist. What I should do?

  23. Ryan says:

    I have two winners stickers on £50 off sky mobile plan+ phone offer how can I claim the £100 off

  24. Maryam Akram says:

    I have a 12 digit code on both of my double stickers, there not food prizes and when I go on the mcdonalds website it only comes up with a 10 digit code. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to claim my prize.

    • Erin Oakins says:

      You need to look at the far side of each strip of stickers there should be a code that looks like: ***-****-***. But just with numbers and letters.

  25. Kayleigh says:

    I won 3 kindle ebooks but when I choose them it’s charging me over £4 for each book and asking for my card details why is this?

  26. Roy Byrd says:

    I have won once entering the code online, think I won £5. Won instant wins in the past.

  27. Nelly says:

    What to do with that 12 digit code? First time playing and not sure about how to keep these stamps. Are they any good?

    • Di says:

      Which type of label are you talking about? If it’s a property you don’t need to keep more than one of a kind, and you don’t need the code (if you get a rare label it will give details on the label of how to claim your prize). If it’s a food instant win you can enter the 12 digit code on your McDonald’s app or on a self serve machine to claim your freebie. The label for the online game has a ten (not 12) digit code to enter online for the instant win comp.

  28. Terri says:

    Heyyyy I was just wondering how do you claim for the prize when you got the full set of property?

  29. Katherine Jones says:

    I have won a PS4 how do I redeem it please?
    The rules online are really confusing


  30. Anna says:

    @Di. Thanks for ur response, but my concern is that d code has got 12 letters and it doesn’t have any instructions on it. Thanks.

  31. Anna says:

    @Di. Thanks for the comments. My tickets are Mayfair. Any luck?

  32. Anna says:

    The code that i have on my 100k Mayfair + Park Lane are 12 numbers. I am new and really don’t know how to go about it. Moreso, I have 3 of the 100k Mayfair + Park Lane. Pls adviceon the next step.

    • Di says:

      You can’t do anything with your Park Lane labels unless you get a Mayfair (and unfortunately that’s probably a 1 – in 50 million chance or similar!). You can use the codes on the ‘will you win online’ labels to try and win instant prizes though!

    • Abigail OBIOHA says:

      I know how to redeem it just text me on

  33. Christine Smith says:

    We are playing this, as usual. With my first code entry I ‘won’ £10. Really happy at first, never won a cash prize before. BUT you had to choose the branch where you purchased the item from a list and my branch was not on the list – despite showing as my nearest outlet when I do a location search and being printed on the receipt I had in front of me. I dithered for a while then chose the nearest branch that was on the list but the session had timed out so I guess I lost out.

    It was my fault that I lost the prize – but it bothered me that I tried to contact McD’s and they have just blanked me.

    Just to add to my joy, today I ‘won’ some sort of fridge magnet/frame but when I went to the site the very first thing I noticed is that they charge £4 p&p.

    • Di says:

      How frustrating! I would definitely try contacting them again as that’s quite a problem if not all branches are showing.

      • Christine Smith says:

        Well, I never sorted this out but won another £10 this morning so reasonably happy. Thank you for all your help, Di. As I said previously I also won a set of the fridge magnets but didn’t bother claiming – don’t really want to pay £4 postage for a ‘prize’ especially via a massive company like McDonalds

  34. Francesca jones says:

    Great info Di – I’ve been fending off the kids request for a trip to Maccy D’s because they had to wait for the Monopoly to start! Lol!
    Fingers crossed we get some good results with wombling too.

  35. Richard Sant says:

    It’s absolute rubbish you have to do captcha every time

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