McDonald’s Monopoly Double Peel 2022

McDonald’s Monopoly is back! Starting on 7 September with labels available until 18 October 2022, there are millions of prizes to be won when you collect Monopoly Double Peel labels with purchases at McDonald’s. This year, as well as the usual property collection and instant win labels, there’s a new ‘Digital Peel’ game on the McDonald’s app with lots more prizes up for grabs instantly and in prize draws.

Here’s everything you need to know about McDonald’s Monopoly Double Peel 2022!

Monopoly Game Piece Labels

For 2022, the labels are all doubles (no triples!) – the label will either be 2 Property Game Pieces, or 1 Property and 1 Instant Win.

Which products are labels on?

Labels don’t come with every product at McDonald’s. Here are the products you need to buy:

  • Chicken & Bacon Salad or Chicken Salad
  • Chicken Selects® (3 or 5 Pieces)
  • McPlant™
  • Big Tasty® with or without Bacon
  • Any Big Flavour Wrap
  • Chicken Legend® (Mayo, BBQ or Spicy)
  • Spicy Chicken McNuggets® (6 or 9 Pieces) or Spicy Chicken McNuggets® Sharebox®
  • Medium or Large Carbonated Soft Drink
  • Any item from the McCafé® Iced range
  • Medium or Large Fries
  • Mozzarella Dippers or Mozzarella Dippers Cheese Sharebox®
  • Mars® or Twix® McFlurry®
  • Any other Side (meaning a Side Salad, Veg Bag or Fruit Bag) when sold as part of a Medium or Large Meal (not being a Salad Meal) served after 11am
  • Any other Drink when sold as part of a Medium or Large Meal served after 11am

Download the McDonald’s app to play

This year in order to claim most prizes you’ll need to either register on the McDonald’s app, or at However, the McDCollect web address does not exist, and if you’re using a computer rather than a mobile device, you’ll be redirected to the McDonald’s home page. If you go to on your mobile it allows you to register and then sign in to add your codes. I recommend you download the McDonalds app for iOS or Android, and use that instead!

There are three ways to win prizes in Monopoly: Instant Win, Digital Peel and collecting a Property set.

Instant win

If your game label has a winning message on it, you’re an instant winner!

The instant win prizes include millions of food or drink prizes – this year you can’t redeem a physical game piece label at McDonald’s and must add it as an offer to your McDonald’s app.

To redeem your prize food or drink code, tap Scan your FREE food code on the app Home page, then use your device to scan the code or type it in. If you don’t want to use your offer immediately, choose Save to offers.

Or you might win a discount code to use at AO, TUI, Skullcandy, BuyaGift, isawitfirst, Go Ape, Zavvi and other retailers.

Or you might be lucky enough to win a prize instantly from this fantastic selection:

  • 100 x £1000 cash
  • 1,000 x McDonald’s Gold Card (A Meal Per Week For A Year)
  • 1,000 x £200 cash
  • 1,000 x McDonalds bean bag
  • 300 x £100 One4all Gift Card
  • 4,000 x Paramount+ annual subscription
  • 200 x £80 Go Ape voucher
  • 1,500 x Prezzybox £50 Voucher
  • 9,000 x isawitfirst £30 voucher
  • 800 x GLOSSYBOX Beauty Box
  • 1,200 x Hype Backpack
  • 15,000 x Personalised Wrappz Phone Case 
  • 10,000 x choice of licensed t-shirt from Zavvi
  • 5,000 x McDonald’s reuseable water bottle
  • 15,000 x pair of cinema tickets

Digital Peel

Add your game label to your Monopoly wallet in the app, or online, and you’ll be rewarded with an entry for the Digital Peel game. To save your label code, open the app and tap Play Now on the Double Peel banner. Although you’ll be able to scan in codes from labels until 15 November, you can only play the Digital Peel until 18 October 2022.

You will receive one of 4 results:

  • Cash Peel – you win a prize from this list:
    • 1,204 x £100 Cash
    • 2,408 x £50 Cash
    • 5,979 x £20 Cash
    • 26,324 x £10 Cash
    • 83,665 x £5 Cash
  • Community Chest Peel – you win either a free food or drink item, a McDonald’s discount – or a prize from this list:
    • 1,600 x £50 JD Sports E-Gift Card*
    • 10,000 x The Athletic 3-Month Subscription
    • 15,000 x £10 CEX e-voucher
    • 10,000 x McDonald’s Cotton Tote Bag
    • 10,000 x McDonald’s Cotton Socks
    • 500,000 x Photobox Personalised Photo Magnets
    • 1,000,000 x £10 skullCandy Digital voucher
    • 1,000,000 x Readly 3-Month digital subscription
    • 1,000,000 x The Athletic 1-Month Subscription
    • 500,000 x Paramount+ 1-Month Subscription
  • Prize Draws Peel – you can choose to enter a prize draw for any of these prizes (prize draws will take place on 25 October and all prizes will be won)
    • 1 x £100k Cash
    • 1 x MINI Electric Car
    • 5 x £2k Holiday with TUI
    • 10 x £1,000 spend on Home Entertainment at
    • 10 x See Tickets £250 Events voucher
    • 5 x Nintendo Switch from Zavvi
    • 200 x BuyAGift Experience Day
    • 150 x Skullcandy Grind True Wireless Earbuds
    • 20,000 x McDonald’s Medium Extra Value Meal
  • Property Peel: a property piece which will be added to your game wallet

McDonalds may also issue occasional Complimentary Digital Peel codes in the app.

The Cash Peel and Community Chest prizes are a winning moments format. There are two winning moments each minute, each one is just a tenth of a second long. In order to win a Cash Peel prize you must enter at that exact moment! If nobody enters, the prize is not awarded. However, if a specific winning moment is a Community Chest Peel, the entrant who is the first to enter at or after the winning moment will win the prize (*this does not apply to the JD Sports vouchers – if there are no entries during that winning moment, the prize will not be awarded).

You do not need to play the Digital Peel game when you input your code into the app – you might want to save it and enter at a different time, although T&Cs state that the prize distribution is adjusted to take account of anticipated rates of game-play at different times of the day!

Property labels

If you collect a full set of properties (ranging from 2 to 4 depending on the set) you can claim a prize. The set can be a combination of labels and digital ‘property peels’. The list below shows how many rare game pieces exist, and what you win if you collect a set. These ‘rare’ labels are usually the same properties every year. Rare labels will have details of how to claim your prize printed on them. You must keep hold of all physical labels even after banking them, as winners may be required to post them to McDonalds for verification.

You are only eligible to win a prize if you have one of the properties on the list below!

  • Old Kent Rd – McDonald’s meal (2,000,000 labels & 400,000 digital property peels available)
  • Euston Rd – SkullCandy Wireless Earbuds (1,500 labels & 150 property peels)
  • Northumberland Ave – Buyagift experience day (2,000 labels & 200 property peels)
  • Marlborough St – Nintendo Switch from Zavvi (500 labels & 5 property peels)
  • Liverpool St Station –  £250 See Tickets voucher (500 labels & 10 property peels)
  • Strand – £1,000 to spend at AO on electricals (100 labels & 10 property peels)
  • Coventry St – £2k TUI holiday (75 labels & 5 property peels)
  • Bond St – MINI Electric Car (20 labels & 1 property peel)
  • Mayfair – £100,000 cash (4 labels & 1 property peel)


  • If you’re a fan of wombling, keep an eye out for unwanted game labels on tables in the restaurants – lots of people peel to see if they’ve got an instant win, then discard them when they haven’t, and some people don’t even peel them off the cups.
  • Look out for McDonald’s vouchers in newspapers and on the back of bus tickets to get cheaper products.
  • Complete the online survey using the code on a McDonald’s receipt to get a free burger and fries on your next visit

Good luck! Check out the full rules here – you must be 18 and a UK resident to take part, and the promotion runs until 18 October 2022

If you enjoy instant wins, check out my list of FREE online instant wins at

16 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Now double peel is finished , when we choose prizes like electric car or 100k. Cash what about this , they do some random lottery between all people or what ?

  2. James says:

    What’s stopping you redeeming the food prizes on the app AND in the restaurant?

    • Di says:

      You can’t use the labels to redeem a prize this year, you have to scan the code into your app so it can only be used once.

  3. Nige says:

    Disappointing they are reverting back to old packaging so no game pieces, so early into the promotion.

    • Di says:

      That’s surprising to hear! Do you think it’s been way more popular than they thought – have you tried asking in the restaurant about missing labels?

      • Nige says:


        Maybe packaging is under-ordered. Would expect towards end but not near beginning.

        Some will give you a sticker off their roll, others will just say have none left.

  4. Amanda Holloway says:

    App still seems slow so maybe not a good time to enter 10pm! But I won a £10 CEX voucher so am happy with that.

  5. Paul Morris says:

    What happens to unclaimed prizes?
    Are all prizes won?

  6. Sarah R says:

    Update: I finally managed to bank the codes & won a medium meal 😀

    • Di says:

      I think the app was overloaded with entries today and it froze for a lot of people! It seems to have calmed down now, I’ve had a couple of discount vouchers and a McMuffin so far!

  7. Sarah R says:

    Hi Di I did a bit of wombling & got a digital peel (was too embarrassed to collect the others lying around!).But when I try inputting the codes it takes me back to the homepage..I don’t know if there’s an issue or if the codes have already been used.& when I try to scan them nothing happens.

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