McDonalds Monopoly Wiiiin 2018

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  1. Laura McGreevy says:

    Hi Di and followers,
    Can anyone tell me what the 12 digit code on the side of the McDonalds property stickers is for?
    I have quite a few extras (plus free food stickers) that I want to sell on ebay today.
    I noticed other people selling them have blacked out this 12 digit number…presumably so people cannot pinch the number and use it (?)
    This is not the same number you could use on the instant win online game, which has finished now.
    Any advice greatly appreciated…the sooner the better as the food vouchers have an expiry date of May 15th.
    Thanks! 🙂

    • Di says:

      I think it’s just a unique identifying code for that sticker – probably so that people won’t be able to fake the winning stickers!

      • Laura McGreevy says:

        Thanks for clarifying that, Di!
        I had to abandon selling them on ebay as it contravened some lottery law…although plenty of people are still selling them, but I did not think it was worth risking my 3000+ positive feedback over it!

  2. hannah khan says:

    I really want Mayfair there is only three left and I want to hqve one. I have park lane I just need Mayfair

  3. Mark C says:

    Yeah great Won a Personalised Phone Case, but only available if you have a iPhone or Samsung…….not all of us sheep!!!!!

  4. oh nooo! my kids will be nagging to go to McD’s all the time again. My boys learnt about wombling last year and started to hover around tables and look round the car parks. A few years ago we definitely had more of the food wins than we did in recent years despite eating there more often lately – i wonder if they award less of them these days?

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