McDonald’s Winning Sips

Winning Sips is back! The McDonald’s instant win promotion starts on 13 March and ends on 25 April 2024, and you have the chance to win prizes when buying a medium or large soft drink at McDonald’s. There are thousands of cash prizes (including a £10,000 every week), limited-edition merchandise – and of course, millions of free food and drink items. There are extra chances to win prizes when you enter your label codes on the McDonald’s app.

Here’s everything you need to know about McDonald’s Winning Sips

Winning Sips Labels

Winning Sips labels (or ‘game pieces’) on products are either an instant win, or a code to play the app game on the McDonald’s app.

Which products are labels on?

You’ll get one peel-to-win label when you buy a medium or large drink from this list:

  • Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar
  • Diet Coke®
  • Sprite® Zero
  • Coca-Cola® Classic
  • Fanta® Orange
  • Oasis®
  • Chocolate Milkshake
  • Strawberry Milkshake
  • Banana Milkshake
  • Vanilla Milkshake
  • IRN-BRU® (Scotland only)
McDonald's Winning Sips promotion

How do I win a prize?

This year there are two ways to win prizes in the Winning Sips promotion: Label instant win and App Game instant win. There’s also the Bonus Sip game to earn 1500 rewards points.

If you get an instant win on your label, you can claim the cash prizes online, and claim the food & drink prizes in the app or in a McDonald’s. If you don’t get an instant win, download the McDonalds app for iOS or Android, and enter your code on the app game for more chances to win.

Instant win

If your game label has a winning message on it, you’re an instant winner! Here’s what you can win:

  • 100 x £100 Cash
  • 500 x £50 Cash
  • 6,600 x £20 Cash
  • 72,300 x £10 Cash
  • 230,500 x £5 Cash
  • 1,627,076 x Sausage & Egg McMuffin®
  • 1,220,307 x Hash Brown
  • 610,153 x Porridge
  • 1,830,460 x Big Mac®
  • 2,440,614 x 6 Chicken McNuggets®
  • 2,033,845 x Cheeseburger
  • 813,538 x McPlant®
  • 1,016,922 x Fruit Bag
  • 1,830,460 x McFlurry®
  • 1,830,460 x Apple Pie
  • 1,627,076 x Sugar Donut
  • 1,118,615x A Regular McCafé® Hot Drink
  • 1,728,768 x Medium Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar
  • 610,153 x Medium Milkshake

If you win a cash prize you will need to register your claim at the web address on the label.

To redeem your prize food or drink code, either scan at a till or machine in McDonald’s, or add to your McDonald’s app by scanning the code or type it in. If you don’t want to use your offer immediately, store it in your Offers on the app (if you do this, you can no longer redeem the physical label in a McDonald’s). You can only use one code per transaction, and codes must be used by 30 April 2024.

App Game

Add your game label code to your Winning Sips wallet in the McDonald’s app and you’ll be rewarded with an entry for the app game, where you can try for an instant cash prize. You can enter a maximum of 8 codes in the app every 24 hours.

Winning moment Cash Prizes

Each minute there is a single ‘winning moment’ which is only 0.3 of a second long! If you enter during that exact moment, you will win a prize from the list below. If nobody enters during that moment, the prize is not awarded.

  • 661 x £200 Cash
  • 1,286 x £100 Cash
  • 2,606 x £50 Cash
  • 6,498 x £20 Cash
  • 12,996 x £10 Cash
  • 25,993 x £5 Cash

If you don’t hit the winning moment, you will be assigned one of four outcomes:

  • Cash prize – you win a prize from this list:
    • 900 x £10 Cash
    • 4,200 x £5 Cash
    • 5 x £10,000 cash
  • Food & Drink prize – you win a prize from this list:
    • 90,000 x Hash Brown
    • 45,000 x Porridge
    • 135,000 x Big Mac®
    • 180,000 x 6 Chicken McNuggets®
    • 150,000 x Cheeseburger
    • 75,000 x Fruit Bag
    • 60,000 x McPlant®
    • 135,000 x McFlurry®
    • 255,000 x Apple Pie
    • 82,500 x A Regular McCafé® Hot Drink
    • 127,500 x Medium Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar
    • 45,000 x Medium Milkshake
  • Merchandise prize – you win a prize from this list:
    • 5 x All Points East festival ticket pair
    • 1 x Boardmasters festival ticket pair
    • 1 x Truck festival ticket pair
    • 1 x Y Not festival ticket pair
    • 1 x Kendal Calling festival ticket pair
    • 15,000 x McDonald’s branded Cooler Bag
    • 20,000 x McDonald’s branded Drinks Sling
    • 10,000 x Pair of McDonald’s branded Socks
    • 25,000 x Coca-Cola® Glass

Bonus Sip

Enter 7 game-piece codes (excluding the codes on Instant Win Peels) in the McDonald’s app and you will receive 1500 Rewards points via the Bonus Sip game. You can earn a maximum of 3 Bonus Sip entries per account. You might get lucky ‘wombling‘ unwanted labels from tables!

Good luck! Check out the full rules here – you must be 18 and a UK resident to take part.

Keep hold of your label (game piece) until the claim verification process is complete and you have received your prize.

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