McVities Sweeter Together text promotion

It seems like only yesterday that McVitie’s were giving away Family Day Out vouchers in their festive Merry Biscuits promotion… and yet, here they are with a brand new one! Sweeter Together is a text promotion, with prizes ranging from family holidays to money off vouchers – and all you need to do is purchase ANY McVitie’s product and send a text message!

How to enter

  • Buy any McVitie’s product  – and keep the receipt somewhere safe! (there are no special flashed packets for this promotion)
  • Text sweetertogether to 66644 (standard text rate – this may be included in your text allowance)
  • You will receive a text message back saying if you’ve won a prize
  • If you’ve won, you’ll receive a message with a web link – click this and complete a form with your name, date of birth, email and phone number to claim your prize.

You can enter only once per mobile number per day, and the promotion ends on 9th May 2018.

The prizes

  • 5 x Dream Family Holidays
  • 20 x Weekend Breaks for 2 people
  • 500 x Family Days Out Vouchers
  • 1,500 x pairs of Cinema tickets
  • 200,000 x 50p off McVitie’s Nibbles vouchers

If you win a 50p off McVitie’s Nibbles voucher you’ll need to complete the claim form online, and then print it off using the coupon software (you may need to download and install this if you’ve not printed coupons before). Nibbles cost about £1 – check to see the cheapest place to buy.

The promotion is open to residents of the UK, IOM or the Channel Islands, aged 18 or older. Northern Ireland residents can enter via a ‘No Purchase Necessary’ route (see FAQs). Full promotion T&Cs are here and you can contact with any questions.

Prize winners may be asked to provide proof of purchase, so keep your receipt safe! T&Cs state ‘Please retain your original itemised till receipt for each entry as you may be asked to provide it in order to claim your prize’ – although if you do win a big prize, I think it’s likely they will only ask to see one receipt, rather than one for every one of your daily entries. I’ll let you know if I find out!

About winning moments

‘Sweeter Together’ is a winning moments promotion, where the first entry received after a winning moment will win a prize. There are a LOT of winning moments in this competition – approximately one every 30 seconds! – so there’s a high chance of bagging a prize.

If there are no entries between one winning moment and the next, the prize will ‘roll over’ and be won by the next entrant. The real prizes – holidays, days out and cinema tickets – will take priority over the voucher prizes in this ‘queue’ of unclaimed prizes, so hopefully the promotion will have enough entries so all of these are awarded!

Find out more about this promotion at – good luck!

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9 Responses

  1. Daphne Monk says:

    50p nibbles voucher for me

  2. David Graham says:

    “The real prizes – holidays, days out and cinema tickets – will take priority over the voucher prizes in this ‘queue’ of unclaimed prizes, so hopefully the promotion will have enough entries so all of these are awarded!”
    Where did you see this? I’ve been entering most days and now have lots of biscuits and money off vouchers but no ‘proper’ prizes. I may be missing it but I can’t see anything in the terms or faq about real prizes taking priority. Have they changed the terms?

    • Di says:

      I asked the agency who are in charge of the promotion when I wrote this post, and they confirmed that McVities want to give away the main prizes so they take priority over the vouchers. However, I do agree that I would expect to see more winners by now!

      • David Graham says:

        Thanks Di – good to know it’s not just me who was expecting to see a few more winners. Won’t be me though – no space in the cupboard for any more!

        • Di says:

          Funnily enough I’ve just texted my first entry for over a week, and finally won a family day out voucher!

          • David Graham says:

            Congrats! Still just coupons for me (now filling my locker at work with Jaffa cakes!).

          • David Graham says:

            Finally won cinema tickets. Picked up a few packs of mini hobnob cream type things Asda had on offer yesterday.

  3. Amanda says:

    After reading this, I entered the Mcvities competition and i’ve just won cinema tickets which is my very first competition prize. Thank You Di

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