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McVities have just launched a big new promotion to celebrate us being able to get back together with our loved ones! “Win a share of £1 million to help celebrate getting back together” is a rather confusing purchase necessary, text entry, creative effort and instant win, all rolled into one – so in this post I want to explain the format to help you understand what you need to do and what your chance of winning one of the £1,000 prizes is!

First of all, I should explain that this promotion is a dreaded algorithmic instant win – but don’t let that put you off! An algorithmic instant win promotion will advertise a huge prize fund (in the case of this particular McVities promotion, it’s a whopping £1 million of cash prizes!) but only a small percentage of those prizes will usually be awarded. This is because an algorithmic promotion usually involves unique codes printed onto packaging, and less than 5% of consumers will actually bother to enter the codes into the instant win promotion. As a result, less than 5% of advertised prizes will be won. If every code on every promotional pack was entered online every prize would be won – but this doesn’t happen! Some promotions do state the chance of winning in the T&Cs, and that figure is usually between 1000-to-1 and 2000-to-1.

A 1-in-200 chance of winning £1,000

For this McVities promotion, there are no unique codes printed onto biscuit wrappers! You do need to make a purchase though, and keep hold of your receipt as a photo of it will be required to validate a £1,000 win. The good news is that McVities have told us that the odds of winning £1,000 are an excellent 200-1, so that means if they get 200,000 entries they will award a thousand £1,000 cash prizes. However, there’s a lot of work to be done in order to submit an entry, and I doubt they’ll get anything near that number of entries. However, you can enter up to 3 times – and with a 1-in-200 chance of winning it’s still a very generous promotion and a lot of cash will be given away!

How to enter the McVities £1 million promotion

  • Buy any McVities product in store or online, and keep hold of your receipt (T&Cs state you should purchase from ‘participating stores’ but there’s no stores specified – personally I would play it safe by purchasing from a major supermarket unless you see the promotion advertised in your local shop). There is no promotional packaging – you just need to buy a regular McVities product.
  • Text TOGETHER to 88802 (this text is standard rate, usually about 10p)
  • You’ll receive a text message back with your unique link to enter the promotion
  • Click the link (or type the address into a web browser), and complete your name and email address
  • Either upload a video (30 seconds or less) or write between 100 and 250 words to explain who you miss, and explain how the £1,000 prize would help you get together with them. Then submit your entry.
  • You’ll find out immediately if you’ve won £1,000! If you have, your entry will be checked to see it complies with the T&Cs, and you’ll receive a text message with a unique claim link – using this link you’ll have to upload a photo of your receipt, and complete your bank details.


  • When you get your entry link you don’t need to enter straight away, you can click it and enter any time before 30 June 2021.
  • The quality of your entry makes no difference to your chance of winning – McVities are just trying to gather marketing material they can use in their ‘Together’ campaign, and you may be contacted if they want to use your entry on their social media channels.
  • A hundred words is longer than you think, so use a Word Count website to check your word count as you type. It’s fine to adapt the text of your first entry slightly for your second and third entries!
  • Your time of entry doesn’t matter at all for this promotion – with each entry you have exactly the same 1-in-200 chance of being successful (imagine it being like spinning a wheel with 199 ‘lose’ segments and 1 ‘win’ segment!)
  • As you can only enter three times in total, encourage your family and friends to enter too (but note that you can only win one prize per household)
  • T&Cs state that entrants must enter using their legal name.
  • If you live in Northern Ireland, you can apply by post for up to three free entries – send your name, postal address and mobile number in an envelope to 7118N McVitie’s ‘Chance to Win Share of £1m’ NPN, PO Box 906, Chilton, Aylesbury, HP22 9HR. You can send one entry a day, up to three entries maximum.

Check out all the information, FAQs and T&Cs at – and please let me know in the comments if you get lucky and win £1000. I would expect quite a few SuperLucky readers to be successful!

28 Responses

  1. John Ettery says:

    Congrats Mellissa, the comping fairy certainly smiled on you. I’ve entered 9 times yes 9!! using me and my family’s phones and not won a bean. Ho hum, have to keep plugging away at some others, have you seen the Trebor one?

  2. Kate M Jones says:

    I won yesterday 4/5

  3. John Ettery says:

    They appear to be individual, each time I’ve entered, the link has been slightly different, eg some characters changed

  4. Veronica says:

    Hi I never received the entry link- does anyone have a copy or are they individual?

  5. John Ettery says:

    Hello Di
    Please may I ask, on the Mcvities comp, can my wife enter with her own story, or will they know it’s from the same household and computer
    I’ve made my three attempts but didn’t get lucky .

  6. Sultana says:

    Newbie mistake! I read this blog and have been searching for promotional packs for a week. Glad I came back and checked again. Will be buying my biscuits and entertaining soon.

  7. John Ettery says:

    Thanks Di, really appreciate such a prompt response. What would we do without you? Not advertised on packs, not seen it in any of my “comping Forums” so wouldn’t know about it, but for you.


  8. John Ettery says:

    Oh congratulations Dan !!

  9. John Ettery says:

    Hi Di
    Please may I ask, do we need to buy a flashed pack, we love Hob Knobs in our house, but have not seen a flashed pack anywhere

  10. Dan says:

    Hi Di, entered this morning after your email and i’ve been selected as a £1000 winner!! Thanks a lot

    You have been selected as a £1,000 winner. We will now review your submission and verify your entry.

    Once your entry is verified, we will contact you by text within 7 days, where you will have a link to claim your prize.”

  11. Janice Wood says:

    I have my receipt from tescos, but it doesn’t say Mcvities, for Mcvities penguins just F/coated bisc, do you think this will count or should I buy something else. Thank you

  12. Anii says:

    Hi Di…I only do online shopping, is a scan of receipt acceptable?

    • Di says:

      Yes, the T&Cs say “Visit any participating store either in person or via their website and purchase any pack of McVitie’s products within the Promotional Period”

  13. Melissa says:

    Do you think we will need to buy 3 packets or will just one packet do?

    • Di says:

      Just buy one packet and get one receipt – you only need to upload it if you actually win.

      • Melissa Day says:

        I’ve just won, bought my packet of Jaffa cakes from Sainbury’s just in case it needed to be a supermarket (17.4). I counted my words so I’m hoping I did over a 100 words lol.

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