Meet the compers: Opeyemi Adediran

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  1. Abuchi Ugwuoke says:

    Cabal boss!

  2. Abiodun Lawal Tiamiyu says:

    …Kudos bro!!!…But sadly,you never accepted the challenge to contest with me on the chessboard!!!…

  3. Elizabeth Helen says:

    Go for that power of imagination thing

  4. Diane Wood says:

    Very interesting to read about our hobby in a different continent. Well done for getting into the hotseat on WWTBAM and good luck in your quest to participate in the new gameshow, Opeyemi!

  5. Chukwuemeka Ekenaka says:

    The Boss.

  6. Well done Opeyemi! This is the first time I’ve read about comping outside of the UK and USA. Interesting read.

    • Ope Adediran says:

      Thanks Ma’am. Glad you’re able to read about the African flavour of comping 🙂

  7. nwachi henry says:

    Top stuff bro..One of the most renowned ‘cabal’ bosses I’ve met since I started online contests in April 2013.

  8. Osarumwense Igbinosun says:

    Ope is one of the most intelligent people I have met on Facebook! Good luck in future #CabalFeasts

  9. Sammieston says:

    Quite inspiring… I think Opeyemi is naturally gifted and a genius aside from studing maps and having interest in general knowledge. Cheers as fedoras are doffed for you Ope!

  10. Tundex Wahab says:

    cabal jagaban i see you !! the only ceo ever on social network .. i hail once again 😀

  11. Ope Adediran says:

    Thank you for this opportunity Di.

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