Meet the compers: Steve Middleton

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  1. Leila Benhamida says:

    Great interview. I was lucky enough to win a couple of trips and many exciting prizes. I was one of the 20 winners for the Olympic 2012 also. We were wearing red Eurostar tshirt. Next I will love to win a car.

  2. Marie Evans says:

    Loved reading this i to remember those good old days when it seemed easier to win then.Great interview.Thinking about what he said about checking out the products on the shelves,I bet i must of looked like a bonkers woman going through things to try & find those instant wins but i was never a winner,Hubby used to walk in front Embarrassed lol.

  3. jeremy stern says:

    Some good insight. Whilst he is right that many promoters or their agencies do not know what they are doing when it comes to running good and fair promotions, asking for more legislation is not the answer. It will simply put brands off running any form of activity, good or bad. Just look at how few promotions are run in Portugal or Italy that has onerous restrictions ( and winners have to pay tax on the value of their prizes !!) But I do agree that the ASA needs to be tougher in enforcing the rules that we have, and have more sanctions available to deal with naughty people !

    • Good point Jeremy – if UK rules & regs do gets stricter, we’ll see a lot less brands bothering with prize draws and competitions. And I still speak to a lot of PR agencies who have never heard of the CAP Code – there’s still a lot of educating to be done there by both CAP and the ASA!

  4. toadfinder says:

    Great interview, and am curious following the security story – is it actually ok to pick up discarded neck collars then? Have often wondered…when I find one I end up buying the product anyway just so I have a receipt!

    • I honestly don’t know – if it’s nowhere near where it should be, then I can’t see the harm – but whether it’s illegal, I have no idea! As you say – usually you DO need a receipt to go with your collar!

  5. rebecca beesley says:

    this is hilarious – it has really made me laugh about the ‘campers’ news and the pepperami story! And how tidy is his desk! my comping desk is a huge mess. x

  6. Lisette Davidson says:

    Why oh why oh why oh why didn’t you do this years ago, Di?! What a super little interview, and lovely to hear the benefit of Smid’s many years comping. Great interview, both of you! xx

  7. Caroline Cordery says:

    What is the advantage of Compers News magazine over what you can find on the internet? Not being facetious, genuine question!

  8. Alison Roome says:

    Thanks Di for this interview, Steve’s reminiscing, reminds me of my Grandad who would send me out in the 80s looking for discarded sweet / chocolate wrappers etc as he would be in the middle of one of the “collection comps”. He won some great prizes and it was always fun when you found a wrapper he needed. Though he did also send me out looking for discarded cigarette packs too, those were the days, lol! Will look at the compers news subscription too.

  9. Emma Fox says:

    Thanks for the interesting interview Steve and Di – loved the story about being stopped by security in the supermarket!! I also wonder what I might look like on CCTV. A few weeks ago, I was in a big Tesco super store and removed all the Blitz kitchen rolls to get to the back of the shelf to find any remaining ones with the on packet promotion on – found four!!! Worth the strange looks 🙂

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