Meet the Compers: Chris Buso 

Meet the Compers is back, and for my first interview in the 2022 series I’m chatting to Chris Buso. Chris is a fairly new recruit to comping, and has had some fantastic successes already. His organisational skills are excellent, and he does a brilliant job of keeping the radio competition information up to date in my Lucky Learners Facebook group!

Meet the Compers - Chris Buso

Thanks so much for joining me for a SuperLucky Q&A Chris!

Thanks for having me. I’m looking forward to the first Meet the Compers interview of the year.

How did you first get into comping?

I started a few years ago briefly in 2017, as I made it a New Year’s resolution to start entering some competitions. I wasn’t as organised as I am now, as I spent too much time typing up what I had entered each day, and I was just going on to the search sites, aimlessly scrolling through their lists. Prizefinder and MSE were my go to sites at the time. I did look on your Superlucky site and got a few tips, but didn’t carry on with it. During this period, I did have mild success, with my biggest prizes being a £200 cheque from Take a break, and a Fitbit Charge from a video I made for a local gym competition. After about 6 months though, I gave up comping, and didn’t revisit it until during lockdown in 2020. 

Chris Buso Fitbit win

Winning a FitBit in 2017

In August 2020, I joined the Lucky Learners Facebook group, and really started looking at all the advice within the group. It took me about a week until I got my first win, which was a pack of Top Trumps cards from the NY bagel competition. Even though it was a small win, it got me excited to enter more competitions and venture into this amazing hobby.  

What do your friends and family think when you took up comping as a hobby? 

They love the fact that I’ve taken this up as a hobby, especially if I can win something that I can share with them as well. I used vouchers to surprise my Mum with a trip to London for her 60th last year. I’ve given vouchers to my brother to share with his family, and I’m taking some of my friends on a staycation later this year. My biggest fan though is my Grandma, who is the first person I call when I have had an email, text or call for a big win. She is so thrilled for me when I tell her, and she gives me the encouragement to keep at it. I think she expects me to say that I’ve won a car the next time I call her, but that one is extremely wishful thinking! 

Chris with his biggest fan – Grandma!

What are your favourite competition websites, forums or resources? 

The Lucky Learners Facebook group is definitely my go to resource for any information on recommended competitions, or ones with a great chance of winning something. I look through MSE and Latest Deals every now and again, and search for a few local comps on Google. I tend to enter more competitions on Instagram rather than Facebook, as there seems to be more creative ones on there. Google is my best friend at the minute though in terms of organising everything. I create quite a few spreadsheets, which are helping me with purchase necessary promotions, and I’m currently sorting out all of my bookmarks, as well as inputting information into my calendar. I have recently subscribed to Compers News, and I’ve been entering some of the competitions there. I have started to use their forums a bit as well, as you can get information in there for upcoming promotions that are not found elsewhere for a good few weeks until after the promotion has started. 

Do you think being a male comper gives you any form of advantage or disadvantage? 

I think that being a male comper is still a bit of a niche area, but there’s a wide variety of competitions out there, giving everyone a fair advantage. Companies are starting to catch on to the fact though that male compers are becoming more involved. This in turn is allowing them to cater their competitions to this market, which possibly could be an advantage. It still doesn’t stop anyone from entering these amazing competitions though. 

Which prizes are top of your wishlist at the moment? 

The new KitKat £10,000 road trip is one that’s at the top of my wishlist at the moment, as it presents an amazing opportunity to have a trip of a lifetime. Buying an abundance of KitKats is not at the top of my list though, however tempting they may be. I’d also love to win a red carpet experience, or festival tickets. There are a few local events coming up in the next few months so I’ll keep my eyes open for any that may crop up. 

You’re a fan of on-air radio competitions – I know a lot of compers are too nervous to try these! Can you share any tips on overcoming the nerves?

I’m still nervous when I enter these on-air competitions, but my advice would be to have a laugh with it if you get chosen. The presenters will put you at ease, and just treat it as though you are on a phone call with one of your friends. If you want to find out how the on-air games work, listen to the show on catch up and see what type of questions are asked. This could put you at ease if you know how the format works before you text or call in. A lot of Lucky Learners have followed my advice, or seen messages in the thread at the right time to win fantastic prizes. One of my friends is even taking me on an all inclusive holiday to Turkey that they won through the radio, which I’m so grateful for. 

A selection of gadgets won in radio competitions!

What’s your favourite prize, and why was it so special? 

This is such a hard one, but there’s two that stand out for me. The main one would be a trip to Tokyo for when the Olympics were on. This was a purchase necessary promotion with McVities. It was my first big win, and I was in shock when I got the call, not thinking that it was real. I said years ago that I wanted to go to Tokyo in 2020 when the Olympics were on, so to win it was a dream come true. This trip didn’t happen though, due to Covid. McVities were amazing throughout the whole process, and offered a cash alternative instead. This was like winning all over again, and will allow me to visit Japan when I want to, and also help towards a deposit for my first home, or other adventures, whichever is more appealing. 

The second one would be the Mentos Snap, Share Win promotion that was on throughout 2020. I really took this one on board, and came up with creative entries that weren’t necessary, but I had a lot of fun doing them. They gave my friends a laugh, and some people started calling me Mr Mentos because of it! When I got a message through to say that I was one of the 15 grand prize winners, it was amazing. The £1000 BuyaGift voucher allows me to buy experiences for special occasions, such as a driving experience for my Dad and brother, or tickets to a West End show with my Mum. It will be used on more occasions throughout the year, which I’m very much looking forward to. 

Chris Buso Mentos win

Chris won a £1000 voucher with Mentos!

What’s your favourite type of competition? 

With working in retail, I’m a bit of a sucker for purchase necessary promotions, and I’m like a hawk trying to spot them. I try to buy products that I will use, although there are some that I end up with an excess stock of. I’m still getting through Fanta and other soft drinks from last year! 

Competitions that require some effort as well are ones that I enjoy doing. If you can combine this with hobbies that you enjoy already, then that’s an added bonus. I won a couple of pairs of running trainers by entering effort based comps. 

Are there any types of prize promotions you’d like to see more or less of? 

Although I enjoy the purchase necessary promotions, I think that there needs to be more on healthier products. You see them all the time on chocolate, crisps, or fizzy drinks, but it would be nice to see a few on healthier products, or staple food products.

Pizza Express ran a Treasure Hunt style competition last year, giving out clues to find golden dough balls in various UK cities – if you were the first to find it you won a £1,000 Pizza Express voucher. Even though I didn’t win (I was 10 seconds off getting one of those infamous balls!) I think it would be great if more promoters did this type of competition, as it gets people out and about and is a great way to promote a brand in various areas of the country. 

Do you have any comping tips to share? 

All I can say is be patient, and persevere with any competition that you enter. I set reminders so that I know what main ones to enter for a particular day. If there are any others that I come across, that’s just an added bonus. You don’t need to spend hours entering, it’s just being able to fine tune what you want to win. Then spend an hour or so of an evening, or whenever you get a chance to enter these amazing competitions. Also follow the advice that is given by Di, as it is invaluable, and has helped so many others throughout the years. 

Do you have a comping routine? 

I tend to start my Sunday evening / Monday morning early, by collating all of the information for the upcoming on-air radio promotions. Some weeks there are more than others, so it’s a bit tight in terms of getting all this information together in time, but I get there eventually. I’m one of these people that wake up in the middle of the night, so I enter a few dailies before going back to sleep, and I spend an hour or so of an evening looking through Lucky Learners, Instagram or Compers News. I don’t enter as many competitions as when I first started, but I’m happy with my wins. In a typical month, there’s a few small wins and one or two big ones, which I’m forever grateful for. 

I’m looking forward to what 2022 has to offer, and to be able to share many experiences with family and friends after what has been a very difficult two years. 

Thank you so much for interviewing me Di. I wish you a successful comping year for 2022, and thank you so much again for all the advice and tips that you give through the Superlucky site and Facebook group. It’s very much appreciated.   

Chris and his Mum on a surprise birthday trip to London

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions Chris! If you enjoyed this interview please do check out the others here.

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  1. Julia Linsley says:

    Lovely motivating read which makes me feel that I really should get more organised. Good Luck for 2022!

  2. Catherine says:

    Great to know a bit more about you and to read your tips. Thank you so much for organising all the radio comps data, and doing that handy PN video you did.
    Interesting that you are doing more insta comps as you find more effort comps there. I’m the opposite, I am veering away from insta because all the prizes I’m seeing are low value tat. I’m clearly looking in the wrong place! My feeds swamped with stuff I don’t want.
    Also love you treating your nan and mum. Don’t ever stop

  3. Caroline says:

    A great interview, I enjoyed reading and you have spurred me on more than ever to go full speed ahead to enter more

    I am hoping one day soon I might be one if the lucky winners for the radio comps:-)

  4. Georgina Jacobs says:

    Lovely interview, I certainly feel inspired again after having a quiet-ish year! Congratulations on your wins, great prizes!

  5. Kazzy Minton says:

    Awww … love this … you come across as such a warm, lovely, kind bloke, and I love your smiley photos. Also I owe you much thanks as I am someone who has benefitted from all your work on the radio comps postings too when I won £1k cash with Bauer … oh and I especially love that you treat your mum and your grandma <3 <3 <3 Lots of big happy luck to you for 2022 <3

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