Meet the compers: Emma Gough

Here’s the final interview of my 2020 Meet The Compers series – I hope you’ve enjoyed these little insights into the lives of compers!

Emma Gough has been comping for ten years and is a regular contributor in my Lucky Learners Facebook group. Emma joined me on the Comping Panel at SuperLucky LIVE in October, sharing some brilliant tips on Twitter comping. Check out Emma’s fun unboxing videos – usually featuring her super cute daughter Georgia! – on her YouTube channel

So Emma, how and when did you discover comping?

Back in 2009 – over 10 years ago now! –  my brother told me about his friend who was winning all sorts of competitions. I thought why not give it a go, so I asked him to find out more and ask how he was doing it! He introduced me to the Money Saving Expert competitions forum. Back then I would just enter easy form filling comps, skipping past all the effort ones… that is until I discovered you in 2015 Di! I signed up to your blog mailing list and bought your Super Lucky Secrets book – and from that moment on I’ve had the biggest success in comping.

Which websites, forums or resources do you use for comping?

I mainly use Competition Database and MSE. I also check into Lucky Learners and other Facebook groups regularly.

Do you have a routine when you comp?

Yes, I’m very much a creature of habit, so I do listing sites first, check my Instagram and Twitter tags and then look for my own comps if I have time. Really I know I should switch that around and look for my own comps first! On average I spend between 2 and 4 hours a day comping.

Do you have a winning comp entry that you’re particularly proud of?

Definitely the Heart FM Faces for Florida entry, which is also my favourite competition prize -it was so special because I got to take all seven of us. We went to Disney World Florida, something that we would never have been able to afford to do.

How enthusiastic are your daughters about comping – do you have any tips on getting the family involved?

My littlest one, Georgia is quite enthusiastic but only when bribed with sweets! It depends on the prize really, if I think it’s worth it, they do too and will give it their best shot. With regards to getting the older children involved, I find it’s best to sit down and discuss your ideas. Take their ideas on board too, and work out something they all feel comfortable and confident doing.

What’s the most disappointing package you’ve opened in your unboxing… and did it make the final cut of the video?

It was a white oversized coat. It did make the unboxing video, but it was about two sizes too small for me and it looked ridiculous! It looked very much like a doctor’s jacket, and I gave it away to someone much smaller in the end!

Which prizes are top of your wishlist at the moment?

I’d really like a Nintendo Switch – not for Ant or the kids, but for me! I like the look of the game “Ring Fit” plus I could link up and play games with my comping buddy Nikki Hunter-Pike. I’d also love to win a family holiday and a big TV!

What’s the most unusual prize you’ve won?

That would probably be my special pants from Heart FM’s ‘Liar Liar pants on fire’ phone in competition!

Are there any types of prize promotions you’d like to see more or less of?

I love instant win promotions or purchase necessary comps where you have to take a photo – like Walkers Snap & Share, and Pringles Take a Bite and Stack’n’ Share promos. I’d like to see an end to tag a squillion friends comps on Instagram and Facebook, they are so boring and take so long to do!

Is there anything about competitions (or promoters!) that frustrates you?

It’s frustrating when promoters change terms and conditions and extend closing dates because they’ve not had many entries. Also when they don’t follow their own T’s & C’s, for example when they don’t ask for a till receipt for a purchase necessary competition.

What are your top tips for Twitter comping?

Do regular searches daily for your wishlist, use Tweetdeck – check out my comping buddy Nikki’s top tips for this. Chat regularly to others on Twitter, tweet about things you’re interested in – not just competitions! Change your profile photo, cover photo and update your pinned tweet often. Appeal to companies by making them laugh with your tweet or including a heartfelt or funny photograph or GIF. Make sure you follow the T’s & C’s and include any hashtags required. Create lists of your favourite compers or companies. Switch on notifications for your favourite compers and/or companies and use the add to bookmarks function to save comps to enter later!

Do you get to meet up with many compers in real life?

Yes I do, I met some lovely compers and we’ve got a nice little group of us now. We try and enter for experience prizes where they give away a hotel stay, spa day or theatre trip, or a group break for you and your friends. Thanks to them I’ve had a trip to Edinburgh, meals out and a London theatre trip. They’re a great bunch of like minded girls to hang out with too!

Do you have any funny stories related to comping?

I think we all know about me dressing up in salad leaves! As embarrassing and funny as this photo is, it’s won me some fantastic prizes. A brand new Samsung phone, £500 and a Fitbit are top of the list of wins this photo has generated for me.

Ah, that salad photo never fails to make me laugh! Thanks so much for sharing your stories and tips Emma – best of luck for 2020!

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  1. Bernie Pilling says:

    Thanks Emma, I always love to hear about people who have won trips to Disney, it must be so “magical & special” to share such an amazing prize with your family! Xx

  2. sonya ritchie says:

    brilliant emma xx

  3. emma pearce says:

    I love Emma’s unboxing so nice to hear more about her, you have a lovely family x

  4. Julia Linsley says:

    Great Interview love your unboxings always inspiring !

  5. Rebecca Beesley says:

    oh that’s brilliant! That salad photo!!!

  6. Ann Sandover says:

    I feel like I know Emma because I watch her unboxing videos too. What a great inspiration she is and seems so nice and she obviously works hard at her comping. Good Luck to her!

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