Meet the Compers: Greig Spencer

In the latest edition of Meet The Compers, I’m chatting to Greig Spencer. Greig is a busy comper, devoting hours each day to the pursuit of prizes online, and you might also spot him in my Lucky Learners Facebook group!

Thanks so much for joining me on SuperLucky for a Q&A Greig!

First of all, tell me how you discovered comping?

About twenty years ago I saw a prize advertised on the forecourt of a local BP garage. It was an entry form competition and the prize was a VIP trip to London with travel, spending money and 2 posh meals. I won – and from that moment, I was hooked on comping!

Do you have a comping routine?

I’ll do the closing soon comps on The PrizeFinder and Loquax, then do some Twitter, Facebook and Instagram comps. Then I’ll check my email and notifications for winning messages.

I can spend anywhere between 3-7 hours a day comping, and in a good week I can enter between 500-800 comps across websites, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But it really depends on what shifts I’m working and if we have plans for my days off – on average I win around 20-30 prizes a month. 

Last year you won a whopping £13,000 cash in the Planet Rock Legends competition – proving that it really is worth doing those free online entries! What was it like to receive that winning phone call?

I was so shocked – I literally couldn’t believe it. I was shaking – and the best bit was that I was talking to Andy Crane, who I used to watch on CBBC when I was a kid! The money helped us to buy our dream car, and we still have some left to spend on our dream holiday – when Covid-19 lets us, of course.

Greig’s new car – funded by his Planet Rock winnings!

There’s a much larger percentage of female compers than male – do you find it an advantage or disadvantage to be a male comper?

I would say there are more and more male-oriented competitions appearing these days, so I don’t think I’m at a disadvantage.

What’s the best ‘money can’t buy’ prize you’ve won?

Meeting Ant and Dec was brilliant. We got to stay over in London, see ‘Saturday night takeaway’ and meet the lads for a few drinks after the show – it was such a memorable experience and something I’d love to do again! It was just a simple Twitter Retweet comp with less than 200 entries.

What would be your dream prize?

It would have to be any of the fab ITV competitions where large amounts of cash and holidays are involved. My perfect holiday destination would probably be Route 66 in USA  – or Australia. These are the holidays I’ve dreamed of going on!

What does your partner think of your comping hobby?

My partner doesn’t really get involved with entering competitions, but he’s very understanding of the amount of time I spend doing it. He won’t mind if I tell him I can’t watch the next episode of a Netflix series until I’ve finished my comping! And he does enjoy telling his work colleagues about all my wins… the afternoon tea prizes have been particularly enjoyable!

Have you ever been on a TV gameshow – and if not, which one would you love to appear on?

I’ve not been on a game show yet, but I’d love to go on Tipping Point as that’s my mum’s favourite.

What’s your favourite – and least favourite type of competition?

My favourite competitions are easy to enter, so probably Twitter retweet ones. My best Twitter prize was a holiday up to the value of £3000 from Thomas Cook, but they went under before we could use it which was a shame. I also won an iPad on Twitter a few years ago too.

I’d love to see more postcard entry comps as I actually love writing them out, but I really don’t like the paid-for house raffles. 

Greig on his prize Harry Potter Studio Tour

Is there anything about competitions or promoters that frustrates you?

I get annoyed with promoters who don’t send out prizes and you have to chase them up! The longest I’ve waited is probably over 4 months. I’m waiting on a few prizes at the moment, but I took your advice a few years ago, and keep a spreadsheet to tell me what I’ve won, who from and when I won. I mark it off once I have received the prize and this helps me track who to chase up!

Finally, what advice would you give to a new comper?

Put as much time and effort into it as you can – you might not win straight away, but keep trying and don’t give up! 

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions Greig! If you enjoyed this interview please do check out the others here


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  1. Andy Collier says:

    Great article! So good to hear about Greig! He’s an inspiration

  2. Catherine Cook says:

    I see Greigs name in Lucky Learners quite often too. Its really good to hear about his comping successes, but wow, 7 hours! Impressive

  3. Denise Jones says:

    I often see Greig’s name as a winner and wondered how much time he spends comping. That is a lot of hours, but obviously pays off. Great to read real life stories

  4. Vicky Mill says:

    Great interview. I love reading these 🙂

  5. helena denton says:

    great Greig fab fab prizes well done .
    Also Di great unboxing this month good haul of prizes

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