Meet the compers: Keena Anderson

Welcome to the second installment of my latest ‘Meet the Compers’ series of Q&As! Keena was recently interviewed for the article How to be lucky in lockdown on the This is Money website – she started comping around five years ago, and particularly enjoys entering on-pack and purchase necessary promotions.  

Thanks so much for joining me on SuperLucky for a comping chat Keena!

Meet the compers: Keena Anderson

Keena, how did you first get into comping?

In about 2015 a friend of mine told me all about a colleague of hers, who was a comper. My friend knew I didn’t have a hobby, and that I was a fan of scratchcards, so she suggested I might enjoy comping!

Which websites, forums or resources do you use for comping?

I only really use the Lucky Learners group, SuperLucky, Twitter and Instagram. I started off using The Prizefinder and similar sites, but found them too confusing and time consuming. I was entering things for the sake of it, and not because myself or a family member would find the prize useful.

Do you have a daily comping routine?

In all honesty I only dedicate around 20-30 minutes a day to comping, if that! I do some every day comps like clockwork. In the morning I check Lucky Learners to see if there’s anything new that I may have missed, or any products I need to buy to enter comps. Throughout the day I will be on Facebook and Twitter,  and if I come across any easy ones I will enter there and then. I rarely do any keyword searches to find comps though. 

What’s your favourite prize, and why was it so special?

Oh there are so many, but that would have to be the PS4 I won for my children with the Pepsi Max app. My children had wanted one for a while and I was determined to win it for their Christmas present, so I decided to put out some good comping karma. I had won tickets to Legoland that I was unable to use, so I passed them on to a friend. I told her that it was only right I should win the PS4 in return, and we laughed – but a week later I did win the PS4!

My kids had been entering daily on their iPads, and I remember asking my son to do his entry and he said he was too tired. I told him ‘Don’t worry leave it here and I’ll do it and bring it up for you’. I then did the scan and I won a PS4 (the lesson was don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today!) Watching both boys light up at Christmas because they had such a fab present and knowing it only cost me £1 to buy the Pepsi was the best! 

Keena also went on to win another TWO PlayStations – plus headphones and footballs – in the Walkers Snap & Share competition!

Do your children get involved with entering comps too?

Yes my children get involved in comps, my eldest son has keen eye for them when we are out shopping now. We have tried a few of the Heart Family Challenges together – but no win yet!

Which prizes are top of your wishlist at the moment?

Oh, at the moment it has to be cash (lots of it!), a Smart TV and vouchers that can be used for shopping and experiences.

What are your top comping tips?

  • Enter for what you want to win
  • Try to get in early for on-pack instant win promotions – if you see an on-pack promo before it opens, buy it as soon as you can. Try and get it before it is available in loads of shops and everyone else is entering!
  • Set goals (and believe you can achieve!)
  • Enter standard rate text competitions – that 10p or 12p could go a long way!

What’s the best ‘money can’t buy’ prize you’ve won – and the most unusual?

The best unique prize would probably be my personalised Ted Baker cabin case – I won it with a simple retweet and comment, although I don’t usually win much on Twitter. As for unusual prizes, recently I won some Beeswax sandwich wraps. I honestly don’t remember entering for them but they will come in handy!

What do your friends think of your hobby – were they surprised to see you in the newspaper?

My friends think my hobby is fab, especially if they can benefit from it of course. I like to share my knowledge with those interested, and have had a fair few friends win prizes as a result. They were probably as surprised as I was that I was in the newspaper – but were all very supportive.

What type of comps do you like and dislike?

I love an instant win as it’s quite thrilling – so I’d like to see more of those please! And less of the comps where all prizes are not guaranteed to be won and have a tiny chance of a win. I hate comps and promoters that don’t stick to their own rules and do things like changing the closing date.

Do you have a winning entry you’re particularly proud of?

I think the Christmas video entry that my ex-colleagues and I did for a Heart comp that won us £3,000 is fab! It was done all in one take and was such a laugh, we were so pleased when we won. If my old colleagues remember one thing about me, it would be that they all won a prize through me telling them about comping!

If you could win a competition to meet a celebrity, who would you choose?

I would choose Stormzy, because he’s an inspirational young man and a role model for not only my own children, but so many others around the world. Funnily enough I won tickets to his concert a few years ago – I took my children and we were able to meet him and even had a picture taken with him as we knew some people close to Stormzy at the time! I would like to sit and talk to him though, and let my children hear him speak on how he achieved greatness.

Finally, what are your tips for being organised?

  • For a daily entry competition, have a reminder in your phone until the closing date.
  • Take photos of receipts as soon as you buy the product, and have a receipts folder in your pics on your phone
  • Keep hold of product packaging if required!
  • Put recurring codes in notes on your phone, i.e. batch codes and barcodes, so you can just copy and paste them onto websites
  • Use Fillr or autofill to enter your name and address details
  • Make sure you know the opening and closing dates

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions Keena – you’ve offered some great advice here! If you enjoyed this interview please do check out the others here

4 Responses

  1. Rebecca Beesley says:

    How amazing about meeting Stormzy – what a memory to cherish! Love your comping karma story – definitely has happened to me too when I’ve given away prizes to others or given to charity and then had a good win soon after. Hope 2021 is an amazing year for you X

  2. Julia Linsley says:

    Lovely Interview ! I love seeing your boys smiles with those wins !
    Such a Lovely lady! Lots of Luck to you

  3. KelleyP says:

    The Christmas video really made me smile, I’m glad your friends and family are supportive too. Stay safe and lucky in these strange times.

  4. KL Jones says:

    Very impressive Keena. I loved the PS story. Sending you good comping karma for this years Christmas wins too!

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