Meet the compers: Neill Johnstone

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  1. I love Your humour – the great asides to your boys on our unboxing videos!
    I’ve lived reading more about you and how you’ve evolved. Good Luck in 2019

  2. Hayley Lynch says:

    We need to win Neill a stage He is a natural comedian.

    • Neill Johnstone says:

      You’re too kind! Although with my kids in tow, I feel more like a ringmaster on the brink!

  3. Laura Walker says:

    Neill my new Instagram tagging friend! I did wonder about the mustard and the love muscle well erm…goes off to drag my mind from the gutter

  4. Sharon says:

    Have only recently discovered Neill and think he’s hilarious – reminds me a bit of Harry Hill (no offence to Neill I hope). I definitely see him going places in the future (and not just with comp win holidays) We need more compers like him to keep things light-hearted and fun! Go Neill!

    • Neill Johnstone says:

      Thank you for the kind words! I’ll let you in on a little showbiz secret: Harry Hill gets hairstyling tips from my YouTube channel 😀

  5. Davina says:

    A kind, generous & hilarious comping pal to have

  6. Sheila Reeves (CakeReev) says:

    Great interview, enjoy Neils blog and his posts on FB- although I hadn’t come across the Human Centipede story, now need to explain to my husband why I’m sniggering :))

  7. Nikki Hunter-Pike says:

    I knew an interview with Neill would be the most entertaining meet the comper yet! I’m surprised no pictures of him in his crocs and socks made it into the article though ( I challenge him to use a picture of them in a creative entry!) – my favourite sentence of this entire post though has to be

    ‘the only time an entry mechanic has required anyone to have their mouth digitally stitched onto a complete stranger’s anus’

    Actually crying!

    • Technically, my comment that the mouth-anus mechanic is unique is based on suspicion rather than hard facts. If anyone can provide evidence to disprove my assertion then I will happily retract my statement.

  8. Chris Hunt says:

    I also enjoy Neil’s blog and take on things. Its so refreshing (and unusual) to find a male Comper to follow. He has a great, dry humour and I like it that he wins lots of small prizes that he seems completely unimpressed with.

    • Neill Johnstone says:

      Oh my! Do I really look unimpressed?! I must try harder to look chipper – I love all my wins like I do my own children, if not more so, as they don’t wake me up at 3AM to tell me the covers have fallen off their bed and they’ve lost their teddy.

      • Diane Wood says:

        Lol, you see, for me, it’s not Harry Hill you remind me of but Jack Dee and so it totally fits

  9. Absolutely brilliant – i adore neill’s blog (and actually came across it via a comp but have kept reading it ever since). Such words of wisdom there too – comping in moderation is a lesson I learnt the hard way also. I’m so so glad that the mustard and wasabi have finally been explained. I thought it was some joke that everyone else understood except for me so have always been afraid to ask!

    • Neill Johnstone says:

      Truthfully, I was always afraid that someone would ask about the mustard & wasabi and I’d have to explain myself!

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