Mentos Me & You competition

Mentos launched their Snap Share Win photo competition in 2020, and it was a great success – in fact I think at least five of the top prizes went to SuperLucky readers and most of the regular entrants won a daily prize of a Mentos box too!

Well the good news is that there’s a new version of the promotion for 2021 – Yes to Fresh – with lots more prizes to be won! This time, daily winners are chosen at random but the monthly winners are judged on merit. You can enter with a photo or video on social media, or simply upload at

What are the prizes?

  • Daily prizes – 6 packs of Mentos in a gift box (1 box for you and 1 for your friend, including unique flavour Mentos!)
  • Monthly prizes – BuyAGift vouchers varying between a minimum value of £100 and a maximum value of £1000

How to enter the Mentos Me & You competition

  • Buy Mentos sweets or mints – make sure your roll or multipack features the Me & You branding
  • Take a photo or video of yourself with the Mentos product
  • Share your entry in one of four ways:
    • Share your photo on Instagram and tag @mentosuk – use the hashtag #MentosMeAndYou
    • Upload to the Mentos UK Facebook page (you can post it straight to the page or in the comments of a promo post) – use the hashtag #MentosMeAndYou

Your entry will be uploaded to the main gallery on the Mentos website.

All entries posted before midnight each day will go into the daily draw to win the Mentos gift boxes. Winning entrants will be contacted via social media within 7 days of the draw. Final closing date is 31 January 2022.

In order to win the bigger monthly prizes (examples include an aerobatic flying experience, cliff camping stay or Bear Grylls Dive and Challenge) Mentos say that you must do something special with your entry, and something FRESH to impress the judges. The text ‘if you think your friend deserves a unique gift, vote for them and tell us via social media why they must win!’ on the How to Enter page also suggests that voting in the gallery may influence the judge’s decision, although this isn’t mentioned in the T&Cs. Remember that the prize is actually a BuyAGift voucher – so if you win, you won’t actually be forced into camping on the side of a cliff!

The terms and conditions say there’s a maximum of one prize per person, per day, but there’s no mention of a limit on entries per day!

Have fun taking your selfies and videos – let me know if you win!

11 Responses

  1. Lyn Shephard says:

    I’m trying to enter this with a photo on the website but nothing happens when I press submit?? ☹️ I don’t have social media to enter it that way. Is anyone else having a problem?

    • Di says:

      I’ve just tried and the submit button isn’t working for me – nothing happens. I did successfully upload a photo this way a few days ago though, so maybe it’s just temporary.

  2. Ruth Roberts says:

    Just won one of their daily prizes !! Thank you for posting. Will I still be entered into the weekly and monthly? Thanks

    • Di says:

      I think all daily winners are entered into the main draws, but its worth doing a few more daily entries too!

  3. Melanie Walker says:

    Has the end date been extended on ths mentos comp says January 2021?

  4. Jean Cass says:

    Just had a message to say I’m a winner of the Mentos daily prize. What great news- every prize matters! A little happiness to share with everyone and thanks for the posting Di! I wonder how you can win the Monthly prize?

  5. Chris says:

    There’s nothing in the ts and cs stating that the photo has to be a different one each time, so presumably we can just use the same one each day?

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