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  1. Susan Peart says:

    A family holiday to Tenerife saved me lots of money, all inclusive, it was amazing. A years supply of chocolate was one of my fave wins, able to share and give as presents. Not necessities but amazing treats I would not normally be able to afford 🙂

  2. darren longthorne says:

    great advice di and thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Jackie Allum says:

    I’ve often thought though, where prize draws are concerned, the stranger or more unique your name the more chance you have. Must be lots of “Smith’s” entering but you never see many win. I’ve noticed it more and more on Facebook that it’s always the ones with more unique names win more. When I used my partners surname I hardly won. Went back to using my surname and I won more.

    • Natalie Crossan says:

      Having said that, I see a lot of “Amy Coopers-Mummy Johnsons” (Fake name by the way! Be really spooky if that girl exists AND is a comper) winning! I think Di Coke is a brilliant name for comping by the way. Have you ever won with coca cola before Di? x

  4. Debbie Skerten says:

    I love your blog. It’s always so helpful and friendly. Many thanks Di x

  5. emmasfabulous says:

    Lovely interview Di, well done! I won £7000 which we spent on getting married in Florida. Then 2 years later I won a trip back to Florida on the radio, but as you said, it’s expensive, so sadly I had to sell the laptop I’d just won to pay for the spending money. I do focus a lot on local/days out comps, so far this year I’ve had a trip to see Grumpy Old Ladies at the theatre, local Hotel breakfast/spa day, Sea Life for my son’s birthday, Grand Designs, EA Country Fair & cinema tickets. I’ve got Alton Towers & Dinosaur Park tickets ready for the holidays. I paid for Max’s new ‘space’ room with an amazon voucher plus won the rocket lamp to go with it. After a while it starts sinking in to aim for what you need rather than just anything.

    The timing of certain wins really can make a difference in your life. Once we had just moved and didn’t even have a Christmas tree and I lost my job. I won Kingfisher vouchers and bought a tree from B&Q & our daughter’s pressies from Woolworths. They really did save us that year. The following year we were back on our feet when I was made redundant. I was resorting to charity shops when I won £750 M&S vouchers. We lived like Kings! They were both from letters to magazines. I really think it’s good to work on your ‘forte’ as you do with blogs, pics and vids, I get quite a few letters published. I’ve had hair tongs & a DAB radio this year from star letters plus you’ll often see me grinning at you from Pick Me Up etc, dishing out advice! I follow the mags’ facebook pages & respond to their questions, the cheques add up and cover stamps etc.

    • Magazine letters is an excellent tip! I have it on my list of ‘to do’ blog posts – every so often I have a flurry of sending in photos and have bagged a few vouchers and bottles of wine from getting them printed! In many cases you already have the photo from a creative competition entry, so you can just whizz it off with a funny story to a women’s magazine too!

      I won £1000 of Kingfisher vouchers once too – SO handy!

      • emmasfabulous says:

        Yes it’s great to reuse them, the FB pages help too because obviously they want xmas photos from September etc. Yes I do love vouchers, not had a big win on them for a while. And I miss Woolies! Charlotte was about 6, that was a magical, Sylvanian Christmas!

      • Natalie Crossan says:

        When I was about 13 I sent off a picture of myself (it was my passport photo!) to a magazine for a skin advice page and they printed it, answered my question and sent me £50. £50 at 13 was huge 🙂 I think that’s when I got the urge to comp hehe x

  6. Alexandra Blue says:

    If you have the time, it’s well worth doing the surveys that say you can win cash for taking part – a few years ago I won £3,000 from doing a Harris poll that I filled in while feeding my baby daughter (she’s now 10 so this is a while back but they do still run the same draws).

    • Great tip Alexandra! I’ve won vouchers by completing surveys from Mum websites that specifically look for parents of children in a certain age group!

  7. Tracey Ashburn says:

    I won with Key103 a couple of weeks ago, Rattan garden furniture, Canon Camera, Tent + 4 Sleeping bags picnic hamper and festival survival kits plus a Weber BBQ. Totals about £1500 in prizes. I didnt realise it was a daily entry one as i only entered the once via an email i got from them. I couldnt of been happier as i had been after garden furniture for a while and a new bbq as ours was on its last legs and as for a camera i had been trying for one of the small ones but this is an amazing one. The lovely PR company arranged for quick delivery within a few days of winning. When i got the phone call i was in shock i never ever dreamed of getting a call like that, you enter in hope of winning but to get that call was an amazing feeling.

    • I love winning telephone calls – I always get excited when I see ‘Number witheld’ on my phone, even though these days it’s often a spam call about PPI or that imaginary traffic accident I had!

  8. City Coastal Lifestyle says:

    Not a big cash prize but I won a bottle of wine the other day on JP Chenet Spot the Boule, it’s a start 🙂

  9. Natalie Crossan says:

    I started comping last June and I think between June and December I won around 10K’s worth of prizes and so far this year, I’m up to 10K again. In the last week alone I’ve won over 40 competitions including a luxury 2 night hotel stay (with unlimited use of the jacuzzi… yes please!) as well as cash, amazon vouchers, bundles of beauty products etc etc etc. I seem to get better at this every month… the longer I have been comping, the more successful I’m becoming.. It’s a slow climb towards my dream holiday, a trip to the USA but I really do feel like it’s achievable now 🙂 x

    • You’re very positive Natalie, and that’s a great first step towards winning your dream prizes! I hope you have passports sorted for you and your daughter for your US trip – just after I got Ryland’s first passport, we won a trip to Barcelona! 😉

      • Natalie Crossan says:

        Sadly not! My passport expired 3 months after my last trip in 2007. Bridie has no passport yet! Who was the Barcelona win with? 🙂 x

        • Julia Plant says:

          Natalie Crossan I think you need to give us some tips too! 40 in one week?! Do you search out low entry, creative comps or is it about commitment? Great article again Di. I never have time for google searching for comps or searching out low entry. Perhaps that would be a better use of my time (I do love a creative comp tho and it is definitely where I have most luck) x

          • Julia Plant says:

            Plus I really enjoy seeing all the other entries and the winning one with creative comps – so much fun and such interesting ideas

          • Julia Plant says:

            Thanks Natalie. You are doing great! I love hearing other compers stories. I’ve had 5 parcels today ranging in value from a bottle opener to a kindle fire. I love my hobby!

          • Natalie Crossan says:

            Hi Julia. Bit of a mix of everything. I like to do everything I find on TPF & Loquax (I know people use MSE too but I find it’s just a bit repetitive!) just to “get them out of the way” as they tend to be the most known about comps but you never know! I spend a lot of time searching out low entry and then occasionally enter creative comps, it’s the one thing I need to really improve on, the creative comps. I find however, entering a mix of everything, low entry/high entry/ones with daily entries etc etc etc really helps. For example, I’ve won lots of comps lately where there were a handful of entrants but I also won a Twitter comp that had over 4,000 entries for a Smart TV 🙂 I am a firm believer in, the more you enter – the more you’ll win! I’ve just had an email to say I’ve won a voucher for some chips (not a huge prize!) and also a hamper full of crisps 🙂 Practice makes perfect though and I’m always looking to improve. Comping is a fantastic hobby as you can never ever enter everything so there’s always something fun to do 🙂

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