Mother’s Day competitions 2019

The first few months of the year seems to be the busiest by far for creative and photo comps, what with Valentine’s Day, Pancake Day, World Book Day and Easter too. One of the favourite days for brands, Mother’s Day, is on 31st March this year and you can expect to be writing soppy Facebook comments, posting retro photos on Instagram and tweeting your mother’s best advice!

As usual, make sure you have an album on your phone with suitable photos – your mum back in the 50s or 60s, you with your mum, you with your own children, etc. If you have time, it’s a cute idea to recreate funny childhood photographs with your mum!

I always keep a note of the entries I’ve used for Mothers Day comps in my Evernote app – poems, tweets, etc. so I can recycle them. Brands don’t have much originality and will often ask the same questions for their comps, so get your answers ready to copy and paste – an accompanying photo often helps!

  • what’s your favourite memory of mum?
  • what’s the best advice your mum has given you?
  • what dish does your mum cook best?
  • what do you love most about being a mum?

This year I’m lucky enough to be spending Mother’s Day with both my Mum and mother-in-law, so I’ll be sure to get some good photos!

I’ve added a few of the creative or purchase-necessary Mother’s Day comps I’ve already spotted to the linky list below, and will add more as they pop up. Don’t forget to check the social media accounts of your local shopping centres, salons and restaurants – they usually run Mother’s Day comps too. Good luck!

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