Müllerlight Fashion Treasure Hunt

I love a good treasure hunt, and these days they’re few and far between so I was really excited to see one pop up over the weekend on my Facebook Newsfeed. Details were on the Müllerlight Fashion Treasure Hunt Facebook Page, on the Info Tab – they are having four Treasure Hunt Days, to win 32 fabulous prizes – 8 each of an Alexander McQueen scarf (worth £220), a Gucci Tote bag (worth £565), Chloe sunglasses (worth £245) and a Versace bracelet (worth £280). Seriously nice prizes if you like your designer fashion but can’t afford to do your shopping in Selfridges or Harvey Nicks!

The first Treasure Hunt Day was today, and earlier this morning Müller updated their Info tab with the details of today’s eight locations and the prize – Alexander McQueen skull scarves. Nottingham was one of them, so I excitedly strolled into the city centre so I could be there ready to check out their clues when they were posted on Facebook at 11am. Bang on time, Müller updated their page – with possibly the easiest Treasure Hunt clues I’ve ever seen – the EXACT location of the scarf in each city! I was just round the corner from the Lions at Nottingham Town Hall and immediately spotted a chap in a bright red Müller jacket… I told him the magic phrase – “Eat Happily Ever After”. And was told to come back in 5 minutes because the other rep was fetching a coffee! He said they thought they’d be there all day long…. “not with me on the case”, I laughed! I’ve always fancied owning one of these scarves, so I’m super chuffed.

Of today’s eight prize scarves, just six went to happy new owners – the ones in Bristol and Liverpool weren’t claimed by 4pm, what a shame! The remaining Treasure Hunts are taking place on Friday 28 January, Saturday 12 February and Wednesday 23 February, and each day they will be at 8 of the following 15 locations: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, London, Southampton, Brighton, Plymouth, Nottingham and Leicester. If it works as it did today, the prize details and locations will be posted up in the morning and then at 11am the exact location will be revealed – bookmark the Info tab page on your mobile phone’s browser to be prepared!

The good news is that it’s only one prize per person, so you won’t be competing against my lightning fast buggy-pushing technique for any of the other prizes…. good luck, and let me know if you win!
For further details see the Terms and Conditions here.

4 Responses

  1. emmaand3 says:

    what a shame I dont live in any of those cities!

  2. KTBennett says:

    wow i cant wait i am on the case for plymouth this will be fun thanks for letting me know fingers crossed i win always wanted a designer handbag

  3. gidders1 says:

    Oooh think I might give this one a go 🙂

  4. ladyluck13 says:

    well done! gonna get my running shoes on for the leicester one.

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