My debut appearance on This Morning

I remember watching This Morning back in the early 90s, in my student digs with my best friend JoJo! We had a broken TV we’d found in our cellar and half of the picture was always purple…

So I must say, I was pretty excited when ITV called last week having seen my feature in Best magazine, and invited me on the show! I was hoping to be in the studio with Eamonn and Ruth but the plans changed last minute to a Skype call. Unfortunately the sound wasn’t great – I’ll have to put a little clip-on microphone on my prize wishlist!

Here’s the video of my interview if you missed it… 

There’s always such a lot of last-minute preparation that goes into a short segment like this. Multiple research phone calls and video interviews – and I spent most of yesterday afternoon rushing around taking photos and videos of prizes I have at home. I even had to go through old unboxing videos to send clips – none of which were used in the show!

I was told the questions Eamonn and Ruth would ask me in advance, but they threw a few unexpected curveballs too. And of course Eamonn couldn’t resist poking fun at my name (yes of course it’s real!)

I didn’t get the chance to mention SuperLucky or my Lucky Learners group though – never mind, maybe they’ll invite me back to the studio in future to do a special feature! 

New compers – where to start

If you saw me on This Morning and are new to comping, these are some of the most helpful links to get started:

Good luck – tweet or DM me @superluckydi with any questions!

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  1. KelleyP says:

    Congratulations on your TV appearance Di, shame about the sound at times but you were brilliant, you came across as very bubbly and enthusiastic. The question about whether it was an addiction or not was interesting, as I have friends who say I’m addicted with my comping but I just counter that with reminding them of what I have won and how they’ve benefited from it too. Also, they don’t have the patience to enter competitions, so I don’t think they understand that there is actually a science to it and positive thinking helps. I’ve recently taken up Golf and I’m now entering Golf competitions and I’m positive I will win something Golf related soon, I’ll let you know.

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