My November prizes

Merry Christmas! Well, sort of. It always feels like Christmas is here when those Advent comps begin! This month’s Prize Unboxing video is our twentieth, and the longest yet (mainly because Ryland wanted to describe each prize in great detail!)

Watch the video then scroll down to see what we won…

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If you’d like to know a bit more about the prizes featured, here’s the list…

Spoiler alert!

Prizes featured in the November unboxing:


  • £5 Welcome Break voucher – won by Ry in their CIN colouring competition


  • £100 of WHSmith stationery & toys – won by Ry in the Xmas wrapper video competition

  • Ideal Home Show tickets – from Homeowners Alliance prize draw
  • YOU cleaning products – from their Facebook page Halloween pumpkin competition


How did you get on last month? Tell me about your own November wins in the comments – and please share a link to your own unboxing video if you have one, I’ll add it to the ‘More Prize Unboxing’ playlist on YouTube!

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  1. rebecca beesley says:

    I’ve just finished my job today as work/life balance was crazy – so am keen to find time for comping again. This year have virtually nothing ready for xmas whereas for past few years have not needed to buy hardly anything at all for the kids as i stored up the wins. Have a fab december!

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