National Competition & Survey Entrants Register – is it a scam?

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  1. steven reid says:

    Just a bit more info, this company and it would appear from companies house are linked to directors including Adrain John Williams. among the 63 company appointments he holds is “” and 62 other conies selling and buying everything from Gold to funeral ,plans. unclaimed prize services, why not take a look yourself, you can find and all those scratch card premium rate numbers companies he is part of by going to and searching for company 06742075 this will show you all the people associated with it and from there you will see the web of companies he and others are involved ,mainly operating out of the address Green Heys, Walford Road, Ross-On-Wye, Herefordshire, United Kingdom, HR9 5DB. I would just like to say am telling you this so that with this information you can confirm to yourself like have that these companies and the individuals are nothing more than honest hardworking law abiding citizens of the uk

  2. Ellie says:

    Thanks for this, however I’ve tried the online form but it won’t work?

    • Di says:

      I get an error with their contact form too. I’ll give them a ring and ask them to sort it, or I’ll contact the ICO.

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